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Nintendo Grabs Decent Sized Booth For This Years Games Developer Conference

The floor plan for this years Games Developer Conference, which takes place March 5th, has leaked and shows that Nintendo has invested in a sizeable booth. The booth itself is located near the entrance which will ensure that it’s absolute chaos for attendees.

67 thoughts on “Nintendo Grabs Decent Sized Booth For This Years Games Developer Conference”

          1. Why would it be awkward? The show is full of competing companies; that’s the entire idea.

            Besides, Sony and Microsoft have enough money to buy whatever spot they wanted.

            1. Why are you being so argumentative.

              Stop being an asshole. Let the guy post a comment without being an instant jerk.

  1. Nice company surrounding them with Crytek beside them and don’t AMD usually make their graphics cards and processors?

  2. Hope to hear about some progress at least! A developers conference would be all about the new possibilities with Wii U…surely!

      1. Do you see the problem?


        No really we have to wait 5-8 months for the Wii U which is the main problem.

  3. March can’t come fast enough. I don’t think they’ll make any big announcements, just tease us to keep the Wii U fresh in people’s minds for E3.

    But I don’t think it will suffice for them to have the same old tech demos from E3 last year like they did at CES. They’ve got to show something new.

  4. What other shows(Japanese, European,American) do we have before E3 besides GDC?

    So this is March 5th and 3 months later we have E3. Or, if you prefer, four months from today.

      1. Why are you acting (as if you’re) offended? I think he’s damn right, and even if you do like the name (few people I tell you), you still have to admit that it:
        A) Won’t appeal to hardcore gamers
        B) Will be confusion for casual gamers (like moms or something).

        And please: just give a normal reaction next time, because now it just seems as if you’re defending yourself from somebody who wasn’t attacking you.

      1. Nintendo didn’t have an ad miss a big chance to advertise. Im going to get a samsung note and wacth the avengers now.

  5. Didn’t Nintendo just hire a guy from Crytek? Strange how they’re booths are the same size and right next to each other, maybe a joint announcement?

  6. Does anybody remember that Regis said that a few Wii U details would be revealed before E3? I’m hoping for a new announcement. Does that ever happen at these shows?

    1. Well there were a few announcements at the Investors’ conference, but hopefully that’s not everything. Though don’t think GDC have a history of getting big announcements from Nintendo, even when Iwata delivered the keynote last year.

    2. Reggie said announcements would be rolled out through out the year, but iwata said the announcements would happen at E3 (so i dont know what the hell is gonna happen)

    1. Yup, they’re going to announce one of there biggest games at an under the radar convention. Why reveal it at E3 when you could reveal it at GDC. They’ll defiantly going to give a full reveal.

  7. Etecoons and Dachoras

    I’m looking forward to GDC this year, probably moreso than any other previous year. Possible Nintendo news from GDC might be new 3DS games announced/revealed, some sort of Wii U game announcements, as well as Wii U Nintendo Network features detailed in depth.

    Whatever’s announced, it’ll give us more insight into the Wii U, especially since we haven’t really learned anything new since E3 of last year. Only Wii U news we’ve had was from Iwata’s investor meeting in Japan.

    One more month until GDC! Bring it on!

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