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Respected Japanese Newspaper Says Developers Are Jumping Ship From Vita To Nintendo 3DS

Respected Japanese newspaper The Nikkei is claiming that major developers who were in the process of developing games for the PlayStation Vita are cancelling all projects and are concentrating their focus on the Nintendo 3DS. Sony has come out to say that this isn’t true, “and that many, many” third-party developers are working on titles for the system in the foreseeable future.

“Major Japanese companies are canceling all projects intended for Vita and are changing development to the 3DS.”


    1. cool! if this is true that means that i will finally be able to play some games that were on the psp or vita. on the Nintendo 3ds.
      ultimate marvel vs capcom?!?!?!?!

      1. Just for the characters, because – fuck this – en español. Solo por los jugadores, porque ahí tienes el Street Fighters IV 3D, y es el mismo gameplay una y otra vez. Al igual que todos los juegos de “x” vs Capcom.

        Con suerte saldrá un Mortal Kombat :O, ya salió Tekken y Dead or Alive =O Así que a esperar con ganas que el Vita pierda fuerzas ahorita mientras tanto y el 3DS siga subiendo. Por cierto, Resident Evil: Revelations… es BRUTAL, que bueno ese juego jajaj

      2. NO, NO ESPANOL I WANNA UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR SAYING!! :'( please, please speak english

      3. I’m from Mexico so I can understand perfectly xD Así es que un caparazón azul para tiiiiiiiiii JAJAJA More games developed for 3DS will be awesome but I think this is not a very plausible statement…
        I think Vita’s development will continue for a while…. even the PSP Go survived more

      4. Hahahaa. Yo soy de México también. Parece como si estos posts fueron solamente español :P

    2. je ne peux pas croire que les gens sont heurex nintendo gagner oh mon dieu, si nintendo gagne le jou est mort. le dos â shovelware occasionel et de l’entreprise d’intimidation. Nintendo fait la merda kiddy.

      1. i actually understood most of that, heres what i have to say, get the fuck out troll!!

      2. This is definitely the worst french I’ve ever read in my life…

        *Je ne peux pas croire que des gens soient heureux que Nintendo l’emporte, oh mon dieu. Si Nintendo l’emporte, le jeux-vidéo est mort. ???. Nintendo fait de la merde pour enfants.
        = I can’t believe people are happy when Nintendo win, oh my god, if Nintendo win, video game is dead. ???. Nintendo does shit for kids.

        You’re a useless troll.

  1. I wanted to get a Vita just because I have the cash and want to try it, but there is nothing backing it up enough to merit a purchase. I feel like the thing will die in a matter of months.

    1. … which may very well be because of the fact that the only additions to the PSVita the crappy touch-pad and a second stick are… That won’t ever live up to a good 3D racing experience or any game that uses a proper touchscreen.

      1. And what were the additions to the 3DS ?
        3D… One single analog-pad… Slightly better, still not good graphics. I mean, even the screens got smaller.
        And uh, how can you tell that the touch-pad of the PS Vita is crappy ? I doubt you tried it, since it’s not even out yet…
        I’m not hating on Nintendo or something, I bought a 3DS myself on day 1 and I do like it a lot, but the Vita does have the potential of being a very good handheld, it’s just like that. The Vita offers more addtions than the 3DS does, so you actually made the 3DS look bad instead of the Vita.
        Anyway, I highly doubt this rumors are true. Just because a person says so it doesn’t have to be true.

      2. This aren’t rumors this are FACTS. I have the Vita and the touch pad IS crappy. Also graphics on the 3DS are better than the graphics you get on the Wii so shut the fuck up Sonyfag.

      3. Also 3DS offers 2 slide pads and 4 shoulder buttons. It also has Pokemon so Vita wouldn’t stand a chance.

      4. I’ve tried it.. And it feels very good to hold :) I love the circle pad + alot :3

      5. Better than the Wii’s graphics ? I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your 3DS until now, but it definitely does not have better graphics than the Wii. Even if… I don’t know what it would have to do with the this, the Vita offers better graphics than the Wii as well.
        If I would be a so-called “Sonyfag” I wouldn’t have bought the 3DS.
        The 3DS does not offer 2 slide-pads. It offers one. The circle-pad pro (or w.e. it’s called) does offer one as well. So, TOGETHER they offer two. The 3DS has only a single one integrated, you have to pay for the 2nd one. Same goes for the shoulder buttons. Meaning, the 3DS offers one slide-pad, not two.
        Sure, Pokemon is a great game but a single game does not make a whole gaming system better than another one. A single game can not determine which system is better. Plus, the Vita will have some pretty awesome exclusives as well, some of them are announced already, some are to be expected.
        If you’re a troll… well, then you’re doing it wrong. If you’re not, I just made you learn some things. Both systems are great, but IMO the Vita is just more powerful.

    1. Oh Tanpri nintendo p’ap janm fè anyen men tou de rehase sony ak nintendo ka souse dick. ou se yon defisi masisi

      1. Google Translation: Oh Please Nintendo will do anything but both Sony and Nintendo rehase can suck Dick. you are a loser gay

    2. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sony, but imo they should stick to home consoles. When it comes to handhelds Nintendo will always be king :)

      1. die enigste rede waarom hulle die koning is omdat hulle verkoop hulle skopware oorgemelk franchise brandarm ek haat mense wat hou van maatskappye die verlangsaming af vordering

      2. Google Translation: the only reason they are king because they sold their wares kick oorgemelk franchise I hate poor people who likes companies slowing down progress

      3. I understand you want to make commentaries understandable for everyone, that’s nice from you. However I recommend you not to translate trolls comments, what’s the point? =S =P
        You already know it’s worthless to feed them with replies. Greetings from Mexico, I read your comments often ;)

      4. Thanks, I translated because…………… well I really don’t know why, I just did it, lol

      5. I prefer the non english rants. I’m a dumbass american who can only speak english so I dont/cant read them. Im sure they are just as dumb as non google translate using trolls.

      1. Ofcourse i do. The comment of I wonder who told the truth was written by my annoying nephew. But he is gone.

      2. Tutto questo dimostra che è un troll sickr polarizzazione gay con piû accounts cazzo perdente.

      3. Google Translation: All this shows that polarization is a troll sickr gay fucking loser with multiple accounts.

    1. Whilst I’m not the kind that gets behind every piece of news that is positive for nintendo, and disagrees with anything negative, I see no reason for a newspaper like Nikkei to fabricate this, and wouldn’t doubt their sources…

    1. wow sickr your a fucking loser. grow up. i have more respect for david right about know. mike right you are annoying more than trolls. posting flame wars. nptice every post die but than a flame one and all your accounts pop out. get a life and girlfreand faggot. david may be a theif but hes more proffesional than you.

      1. He also has a psVita account on twitter. A company actually said that devs are doing this. He didn’t post that it should die and say something childish like 3DS>Vita. Just posted what a news source said. Chill out!

    1. Because it offers nothing new. If you have a high-end smartphone, which is hot in America and other countries, then you have no need for a Vita.

      Obviously people don’t see enough reason to fork out 250 – 300 PLUS memory card, PLUS game cash, for a new gaming system.

      3DS tried the $250 waters, and they were sinking. (not to mention the shittiest software launch in history, given the economy) 3DS put out some amazing software, dropped the price and started kicking ass.

      1. Cmon… You compare the vita to a smartphone? Vita is not that bad -___-‘ Smartphones are the worst thing that has ever happened to the world of gaming… You CAN’T honestly mean that vita is that bad :S

      1. Please stop translating the troll comment. >:(
        Anyway, it’s more likely for Apple to fall in Nintendo’s hands, IMO. Mu ha ha.

      2. have any of you thought that he might be the anonymouse guy he is just translating it to troll

      1. Video Nintendo habet filii qui amant ludere cum purgamentum tech i odio populus tardi profectus sicut nintendo.

      2. Google Translation: I see Nintendo has children who love to play with tech garbage i hate people like the slow progress of Nintendo.

    1. That’s unlikely. The 3DS has been selling well in the US, and Sony’s handhelds do best in Japan, where it has been bombing horribly.

      If anything, things could get worse following its rest-of-the-world launch.

      1. He didn’t even say that the sales will get better soon -__-”/.
        He said that devs will wait UNTIL the sales in the U.S. will get better.

  2. As much as I love Nintendo and the 3DS, this is a misleading post. The way the author wrote this up, it sounds as if the article in the link deals EXCLUSIVELY with developers canceling Vita projects. Upon reading it, it’s obvious that Sony, like Microsoft or Nintendo would, is dealing with damage control caused by rumors such as that. Any untrue rumor, no matter what platform it’s about, can be extremely ugly for the final product.

    So let’s just wait and see in the long term, instead of cutting Sony short just yet. Obviously, if the rumor’s true then that’s a devastating blow for Sony. However, I recall hearing similar rumors about Wii U (which aren’t true, because dev’s love making games for it) and 3DS which turned out to be bulls*** in the long run. There will always be rumors, and chances are this is just that–a rumor.

    1. For anyone who says otherwise… how many developers were developing for Wii leading up to and past launch? Then count how many developers were making retail games for Wii the last year or two. The numbers are dramatically different, aren’t they?

      Even IF this is true, developers would be retarded to give up on the Vita this early.

      1. If you took in consideration that Sony’s handhelds only do well IN JAPAN (where the Vita is practically dead) you would see that this article makes A LOT of sense.

  3. There’d be an inherent irony in developers deserting Sony for Nintendo. Roles reversed from the mid 90s…

  4. I wish the vita the best of luck but it doesn’t look good. But then again it’ll probably do good here in America vita games seem westerny.

    1. I wonder why Sony didn’t launch the Vita here first. Like you said, the games are more “westerny” lol.

    1. Google Translation: If this happens, and as lame nintendo mario party 69, before I ■ p transitions to the ■ ■ ■ it m

      1. The site is called “My Nintendo News”. If this is true it’s good news for Nintendo, plain and simple.

    1. Why do people post questions asking sickr why he posts stuff that is related to Nintendo? This is MyNintendoNews and you must be new here.

      1. I did the translating hours ago, I just decided to do it. I don’t think there was any concrete reason for it lol.

    1. i only speak for myself when i say that i have have cancelled my preorder..i feel bad for not supporting sony in tough times, but i got my ass bit by nintendo with the lackluster of games for the 3ds, and the price drop aswell. im not letting that happen to me again.

  5. At least cheap games will be plentiful if the Sony Vita bombs.

    I will wait 12 months until the the Sony Vita price drops, pick one up dirt-cheap, then fill my boots with cheap £10 Sony Vita games through online offers at Amazon, Gamestation etc….

    Whats bad for big companies is good for gamers after cheap games! XD

      1. Exactly… Sony can’t lower their price more. They always make consoles with very high technology… So the price skyrocket. I want to buy vita though, but I want to wait until after Wii U release D:

  6. It seems Nintendo are pulling a sony and bribing 3rd parties.

    Amazing launch for Wii U confirmed!! E3 is going to be epic!

  7. I have a vita. Got it almost 24 hours ago.

    Best gaming experience I’ve had. Screen is beautiful. Touch is there but not overbearing. Audio is very nice. Games are great, picked up mod nation, hot shots, little deviants, Michael Jackson (lol they put the full game up as a demo on the ps store so everyone got it for free yesterday) an super stardust delta.

    If people got over their fanboyism they wouldn’t miss out on such a great experience. Same could be said for the 3DS

    1. I have the Vita as well since launch. IT FUCKING SUCKS! :DDDD No seriously it does fucking suck A LOT. And please don’t go saying its an “AMAZING” experience because its basically a PSP with touch screen (A shitty unresponsive touchscreen)

    2. Did you mature since I’ve commented on this website last? Because you have always been one of the biggest nintendo hating Sony loving fanboys on here….either way I give you a round of applause for finally growing up….and is it really the best gaming experience you have ever had? Better than uncharted or god of war on ps3?

      1. Dude he is saying this in an attempt to convince people that the Vita is “A great gaming experience” which is not (Read mah comment) also he is a Sonyfanboy so his argument is pretty much invalid.

  8. “Pachter says gamers will flock from the Wii to the PS3 this *insert time of year*”

    “Respected Japanese newspaper says DEVELOPERS are flocking from Vita to 3DS”

    Articles about flocking from Nintendo to Sony from Michael “I hate Nintendo” Pachter turn up wrong. So now let’s see if the article about flocking from Sony to Nintendo from the Nikkei turns out to be true.

  9. Behold the Ninendo (Iwata) Fury, SONY !
    You try to mess with one of us, you take a fight from all of us !
    Just die, PSP 2, and never come back again with shitty “Unshirted’ games !

  10. Both Sony AND Nintendo are ripping off consumers because you all know damn well they are going to release a slimmer version of their systems with more battery life.

    1. That’s why consumers have the choice whether to buy their system or not. You can always wait on the redesign or whatever. To be honest, I’m actually looking forward to a possible 3DS redesign with more battery life and the additions of the Circle Pad Pro included in the design.

      1. 3DS getting a redesign wont happen dude. PLUS redesigning it would make the circle pad pro useless and would make the 4 shoulder buttons unavailable.

      2. Yes there will be a redesign of both systems you will see the announcement about a month after Kid Icarus is launched and it will be released in the summer just like they did with the DS and New Super Mario Bros. And no it won’t have a second circle pad.

      3. Actually the Circle pad pro gives Nintendo a reason to put a 2nd circle pad in the 3ds redesign. so when a game is made that uses the the 2nd circle people with the 1st 3ds will still be able to play it if they buy the circle pad pro. but for the extra shoulder buttons nintendo could include them in the redesign, but i doubt they will.

      4. There’s been many redesigns or upgrades of a lot of Sony and Nintendo consoles. Each Playstation had at least one redesign, the PSP has had several redesigns and the DS was almost famed for them to the point where many see it as an issue when selling the 3DS.

        What reason do you think that Nintendo wouldn’t consider at least one redesign somewhere down the line? Surely it’s inevitable?

  11. It’s a Japanese newspaper and the Vita has sold poorly there so my guess this only applys to games we’d probably never see anyways. Most the launch games seem to cater more the west then east anyways. It’s only some rumor so who knows if its true. I’ll Prolly pick up a vita next week ( is that when it launches can’t remember) I mostly cant wait for Wii U wish it launched tomorrow since for now at least I have money lol

    1. Just because its a japanese newspaper doesn’t means that is only games that would come out there. Most of the BIG developers are from japan so…

    1. Remember ye olde glorious days when you only needed one system to get the most of the good days… With news like this those days might come back ^^

  12. I’m doubting this is true. I can’t think of more than three games that have jumped ship from Vita to 3DS. We know that Shin Megami Tensei: Persona will always be on Sony systems as will as Disgaea. Not too mention Capcom will make a Monster Hunter on it most likely. I just hope that we will get some games from the Vita on 3DS such as Bioshock. That would be epic!

  13. This is likely a made-up story. The Vita is a powerful system, capable of things the 3DS is not, and even vice-versa. The 3DS is a great system as well. Considering how much money they lose by abandoning projects, it doesn’t seem realistic. I’m sure that, with better 3DS sales, more developers are more keen to work on it, but I don’t think they’ve abandoned the Vita, especially since it’s not even out in all territories yet. I wish there’d be less hate on the Vita, I played it today and was thoroughly impressed by it. I can’t wait to see what titles come out for it. Both are fascinating devices, and I’m really excited to see what will come for each, and how they’ll utilize each system’s special qualities.

    1. Troll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let us see what we the developers say.

  14. Seriously? I think this is just a simple rumor, but while this rumor can help Nintendo, it can hurt it too, if let’s say this rumor was started by someone who is a part of Nintendo. I hope this is just a rumor… Sony Vita, seems like it has alot of potential… like any console. I mean the 3DS is great (which is the newest system I have), But Vita seems more geared for certain game styles/genres (like people said, Westerny)… and if we don’t have that handheld for those styles/genres… well it would just hurt everything in the Video Game world.

    I love Nintendo and all, but they can’t be the only company in control in the end (which I heard may not happen for them, because my friend think Nintendo is making a bad decision with Wii U, which people aren’t even giving a chance at the moment). All I’m saying is, people need to give the up coming consoles a chance for a while before it fades into obscurity.

    Variety is what makes things great!

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