Bowser And Dr. Eggman Featuring In New Disney Movie?

Scans which have surfaced from the latest Disney animated movie Wreck-It Ralph show that Bowser, Dr. Eggman and Zangief will make a special appearance in the film. The film is apparently about a video game villain who unleashes a powerful enemy from a first-person shooter. Who else would you like to see animated and featured in the film?

Tip: Skyler


      1. Wait wait wait,
        A Disney movie with Disney characters.
        And Nintendo characters.
        And Sega characters.
        *tries to imagine this for a moment*
        Yep, that’d be freaking awesome. >:D

      1. You can clearly see by his name and his comment that Bowser Bowser Flipnote is a massive bowser fan. :)

    1. True.


      Really more like spaceships is next.

      1. You typed Zangief there or did you just retype it?

    1. Hey hey hey! Do you guys think that might be Dr. Wiley next to Bowser? It doesn’t look exactly like him…but kinda.

      1. *Looks at your name

        Why does everyone love Call Of Duty?! Seriously! What’s so big about it?

      2. Well, I watched My Little Pony and I played CoD. I can say which is the most overrated.

      3. Your name states that you buzz around like a skimpy little fly into others businesses. Get out of here.

      4. Oh, please.
        The only CoD good enough not to be called overrated/mediocre is Black Ops.

      5. Because Black Ops has the most broken mechanics of any other shooter? Yeah, it’s overrated and mediocre, too. Don’t even argue that it’s fair for guns to have a pretty much ‘random chance’ of killing. It’s definitely not fair for handicaps to go toward the people getting kill streaks, either. Handicaps are meant to help people who are having trouble last I checked.

  1. I would personally love to see some real bad ass bad guys in it too! Like Sephiroph. Or for fun how about LeChuck from Monkey Island.

  2. No surprise, I remember Pixar using a cameo of totoro in Toy Story 3, so everything is possible, I hope this film to be good, at least we’ll have Brave which looks awesome

    Also, will they add ganondorf also??

  3. And also, I was forgetting, we can see a SUPER NES in Toy Story 2, so it is not a surprise at all, both companies have teamed in the past to show their products

  4. Well its a Disney movie so there’s no hope of any truly brutal bad guys, just bumbling idiots that get beaten by the good guy in EVERY version of the game. That aside it would be cool to see someone like the little girl from F.E.A.R.

  5. I think they should have ALBERT WESKER FROM RESIDENT EVIL
    that’s a good villain to show the kiddies

  6. I think it’ll be similar to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, where they just had lots of cartoons, like warner and disney etc. I’m guessin some may play a big role, others may just make an appearance…couldn’t guess who though…

  7. Mario should be in it. So should Sonic,the Doctor,a Dalek and the Top Gear trio. And Michael Mcintyre. And Miranda Hart. And Ant and Dec. And Harry Potter. And some cheese,preferably wensleydale.

  8. This movie is more than just unleashing a virus, Ralph is considered a bad guy, but all he did was wreck stuff to get his home back, and from that he goes on a journey, from battling viruses, to kart racing in a CandyLand like world, to save the rest of the arcade games. In this scene he is in a meeting where villains are talking about the bad stuff that they have done. Its kinda like an AA meeting.

    1. You mean in the labcoat with the tie…yeah…that looks just like Link…

      Looks kinda like Dr. Wiley of Megaman fame, not a perfect look, but way more so than Link. Lol

    2. I did some research, and this is apparently a scene within a support group for villains (The main character Ralph is a villain who wants to become a good guy), so it can’t be Link.

  9. Why are these called “scans”…are they from a magazine, or photos taken from the preview they showed at the recent Disney Expo…?

    1. bro you’re mixing up your stereotypes
      Sony – Nintendo wannabe
      Microsoft – No innovation just CoD
      Nintendo – Kids only
      none of these are true (i actually like CoD MW3)
      they’re just tools for the trolls

  10. I think I will watch this movie only because Bowser and Eggman plus others are going to be in this movie, and since my sister and my little brother watches Disney, they’re going to be like “OMG BOWSER IS IN THIS MOVIE!”

  11. This is actually interesting now that I think about it. A dream coming true when you were in the 3rd, 4th grade? I expect Mario and Sonic will help defeat this movie’s villain and maybe more characters like Megaman.


  12. Zant, majora, ghirahim. those most epic/weird of link’s adversaryies. too bad thats doc wily instead of link, cuz link would make a great counselor. he’s really good at listening, to the point where he doesn’t get a word in edgewise! it’s be cool to see a leviathan like hidden in the environment or something. from metroid prime. i’m gonna watch for that when i see this. and i will see it cuz a)i’m a pixar fan there i said it dont judge bitches b) it has bowser c) i gosta watch for other nintendo cameos and d) it appears to be about a dream come true. Admitbthat you’d love to go inside a video game.

  13. Wow, they’re really going all out on the licensing, aren’t they?
    I’m not interested in the film (even if Sue Sylvester voices a Master Chief ripoff) but I’m happy to live and let live, so long as Bowser sounds like Bowser, and not like whatever the hell he was supposed to be in the Super Show. Or Sunshine. Yeah, I said it! That’s not Bowser’s voice!
    … Hell with it, I’m gonna watch that film for this scene alone.

    1. It would be funny if all Bowser does is growl and no one in the movie has any idea what he is saying and call him on it. Of coarse, there would be subtitles so the audience knows what he says.

  14. yay. this is the first time in a while that a SEGA character has been in a movie. hence, sonic ova. but from DISNEY?! big surprise. now if you will excuse me, i’m going to go into my bedromm and freak out wearing only underwear. jk. X3

  15. I know right! I hate those retarded voices too. They should use a deeper voice for Bowser. Like the voice of him from New Super Mario Bros Wii, or something close to that. I hope his voice sounds cool though. I’m only gonna see that movie because of Bowser and Dr. Eggman. Even though they all are failures of villains…..except for Zangief, he’s not even a villain.

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