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Square Enix Provides A Glimpse At The Kingdom Hearts 3D Box Set

Square Enix has posted the first look at all the goodies Japanese Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to get if they purchase the Kingdom Hearts 3D 10th Anniversary Box set. The special collectors edition box set which retails for ¥15,000 includes Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, along with a protective cover and twelve post cards.


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  1. What a total rip! I don’t know how much those games are in Japan but in America they’re $77 total so I don’t believe that a plastic 3DS case, 12 post cards, and a special case is worth the extra $111 lol

    1. Games are generally more expensive in Japan anyway – so turning the yen into dollars doesn’t acutally give a good idea of how much they will cost when it comes out outside of japan.

      1. i agree. After ahwile it felt like you just played the same levels over and over again. Which you actually did. The boss fights were cool though.
        WOAH i just though how epic would a KH game of nothing but the best boss fights be?

  2. Am I wrong or does that make about 140€ ?
    If so, then… What the fucking hell ?
    Instead of wasting money on that, people could just buy a brand new 3DS + a game when paying 20€ extra.
    That’s some sick price, if you ask me…

    1. it’s a spin-off. Kingdom Hearts 3 maybe still in dev. and there’s no confirmation about its existence.

      The KH series are great even presented as spin-off. The DS games proved it, i’m sure KH3D will be awesome.

  3. Holy Mother of God…………………..I want it……so much….I will but it on eBay if they don’t bring it over to N.A.

  4. I so hope this is released in Australia, I haven’t bought either of the DS games, so it would be perfect for me.

    1. Ironically, I’ve never actually played the Kingdom Hearts games, despite the fact that the wife owns all of them to date (across all the various platforms)!

      However, I am a MASSIVE Final Fantasy fan (particularly when it comes to Final Fantasy VII, as evident from my avatar…) and she reckons the game would be right up my alley…

      Now that I’ve recently upgraded from a Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) to a Nintendo 3DS (my first “DS”), I think I might give the series a shot should a similar package be made available “Down Under”!

      For the record, this is specifically what is stopping the wife from upgrading from a Nintendo DSi XL to a Nintendo 3DS – she refuses to buy one until a “Kingdom Hearts pack” is released (she’s particularly hoping for a Kingdom Hearts-branded Nintendo 3DS)…

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