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Xenoblade Developer Working On Nintendo 3DS Game

Monolith Soft, the developer behind the fantastic Xenoblade Chronicles, is currently recruiting staff for a brand new Nintendo 3DS game. The developer is looking for effect designers, motion designers and 3DCG designers. We already know that Monolith Soft is hard at work developing a game for Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console.

22 thoughts on “Xenoblade Developer Working On Nintendo 3DS Game”

    1. My thoughts exactly! Although I´d rather see Baten Kaitos 3 as a Wii U title, I´ll be very happy if it does come at all!

  1. Ive never played Xenoblade Chronicles, or anything else by this developer afik, but this is welcome news.

    The art style of their games looks really cool, so im interested to see what they can bring to the 3DS.

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  3. Hopefully it doesn’t take a massive petition and screaming from the fans to actually get it released outside of japan.

  4. Sweet! I will probably get both Wii U and 3DS games if they come to the U.S. I’m a huge RPG fanatic that can’t go too long without playing one.

  5. I hope this game is good because Xenoblade Chronicles was pretty disappointing.

    “Go kill 3 of this monster” “Go find 3 of this item”

    All the quests are the same stuff and just plain boring. The storyline’s not that good either, with some of the worse characters I’ve ever seen, like Reyn.

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