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Dead Space 3 Will Use Frostbite 2.0?

Dead Space 3, which is rumoured to be heading to Wii U, will apparently use the gorgeous Frostbite 2 engine that Battlefield 3 ran on. Neither EA or Visceral Games Montreal have confirmed the game’s existence, but we should hopefully hear something at E3 in June.

41 thoughts on “Dead Space 3 Will Use Frostbite 2.0?”

  1. I’ll be surprised if the game don’t come to WiiU. Even Wii got its own version of Dead Space. Extraction was amazing, graphics looked good, and the gameplay were funny with the wii remote, but it was too short. Luck me i have a ps3 to play those 2 games, I really like them.

    1. Both Dead Space games are great. I’m sure it will come to the Wii U, they don’t seem too concerned about what consoles their games are on as long as the console is powerful enough.

  2. One of the main reasons I am buying a Wii U is for horror games, I have imagined develpoers will make amazing use of the controller, don’t let me down Visceral!

  3. Getting this on Wii U or 360. Depends if the online interface for Wii U’s online network is better than Xbox Live’s.

    1. Valves stream or EA,s origin will power online which will be epic.

      Wii U online is going to be free which will leave the 360 in dust.

      Also better graphics on Wii U will leave the 360 in mud dust.

            1. I said the Wii U’s graphics is going to be better then both consoles.

              PS3 & Xbox 360 has the same graphics processer… Xbox has slightly faster loading while PS3 has slightly better graphics processing.

              Not a difference at all really.

              Wii U is going to have better graphics then both consoles and it’s true that the 360 Is going to be in dust.

  4. i know hiw this sounds cool and all, but i really don’t see any way that dead space 3 could be using frostbite 2 unless dice suddenly started developing the game because the engine belongs to dice not viceral :|

    1. nfs: the run, the upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Command & Conquer: Generals 2 all run on frostbite 2. and all of those games arent developed by dice. how can that be? oh yea, EA.

      1. hm they are all co-developed by dice retard. they helped the developers of the previous more recent metal of honor with the multiplayer and used the frostbite engine so ofcourse they’re going to do it again. that doesnt mean that they’re going to just let another studio use there engine without them using/ helping them with a certain aspect of it

  5. well this wasnt really a suprise to me since EA are partners with DICE, and just like need for speed: the run, ran on frostbite 2 (no pun intended) other EA published games might use it.

        1. Did you play BF3 on a TI 83 calculator?

          Anything other than a good PC isn’t good enough for BF3, unfortunately. Hopefully, Dead Space (and the upcoming MoH) will tone down the awesomeness in order to get it running on more machines.

          1. 10 fps was an exaggeration made for humorous effect. I should have known better given this place.

            But even an unsteady 30 fps for an “optimized” XB360 version is really unacceptable at this point. Much better looking games can hold at least a steady 30, usually 60 fps.

            Point being, Dead Space 1 and 2 looked great and had some nice art direction, why channel all that effort into an engine which can’t run properly on current-gen hardware?

            1. thay did not say the game wold be on any system yet but i don’t think this game is going to be on last gen systems like PS3 and Xbox360 may be on PS4 and Xbox3 Wii U this year if possible Frostbite engine 2 was ment for the next gen systems only

  6. The controls are going to be wierd they should just leave it on PC, xbox 360, and PS3 cause remember this game Issac getting ripped apart and scewer enemies with other one’s body parts I dont think it will work

  7. I really hope this game comes to Wii U. Hopefully they will also port the other two as well or release a limited edition trilogy package.

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