Atari Promises “Big Announcement”

Atari has taken to Twitter to announce that it’s revealing a “big announcement” tomorrow. The developer and publisher wouldn’t specify what the announcement is for, but let’s hope it’s Nintendo 3DS or possibly Wii U related. What would you like to see from Atari?


    1. I wouldnt mind seeing this, a 4 competitor race would be awesome, i rather see Sega comeback though but atari would do just fine.

    1. The gaming industry seems to be dominated by announcements of announcements lately.

      Takes the surprise out of everything.

    1. yea but then we have to hear from more fanboy idiots, who claim the xbox or playstation is better. blah blah blah thier mouths keep opening but shit keeps coming out.

    1. That’s what I thought! I was arguing with myself for a bit because I wasn’t completely sure if Atari made Pong. How about a Super Mario Pong instead?

  1. Why does it say I’m following Atari when i click Sickr’s link when I’m not actually following Atari on twitter… weird.

    Hope its them getting into the hardware market. Would be awesome to see a 4th console maker, kinda boring with just the big three if I’m honest.

  2. A new console from Atari ( or Sega) seems really unlikely. They’re probably making good money as third party developers and want to stay that way. It’s probably just a game announcement.

  3. What if theyre making their own new video game console?!!!!!!!!!!!!! now that would be extremely shocking and cool.

  4. I can’t imagine a new console, at least not for now. I mean, we’re talking about a CONSOLE, they’d have to have spoken something a few weeks ago. I think it’s going to be a game. Strange that no one here thought of a “Driver 4”: that series is pretty good! =)

  5. C’mon people, think. If it was a new console then there would’ve DEFINITELY been rumors weeks or months before hand.

      1. I thought that was atari’s, but you are right.

        I was looking for atari’s games I liked, but they are drown into smartphone and small games for PSN and LIVE. so, I really don’t know what to expect.

  6. If Atari made a new console that would be shocking all right, It would seem like the old days with Nintendo vs Atari, and it would even it out because Nintendo and Atari are strictly gaming company’s and Sony and Microsoft do stuff outside of gaming.

      1. Yeah but Atari was still competing with Nintendo and Sega 3rd gen, so if Sega came back it would be Nintendo vs Atari vs Sega once again.

      2. The Lynx and Jaguar both competed with Nintendo and Sega o.n some front. Not surprised you don’t remember they where easy to forget.

    1. They don’t exsist in the same way they where they’ve been bought and merged and bankrupt whatever else so many times its simply a name nothing else.

  7. I seriously doubt it’s a new console. It’s probably a new game for 3DS, even more hopefully for Wii U. How about Nintendo buy them. They become a Nintendo second party, giving Nintendo access to their entire catalogue. That’s very unlikely, because Nintendo is launching a new console so all their resources will be focused on that, instead of buying another game company.

    Leave luck to heaven

      1. I’ve been saying that too. I only put it out for Atari because they said it was a big announcement. Long shot guess.

  8. Wonder what time this announcement is. Maybe they’re going to announce that they have an announcement, which isn’t to be confused with this announcement of their announcement. Gonna be like announception

  9. If its something stupid, like Atari 2600 or Jaguar games on eShop, i will….



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