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Mario, Kid Icarus, Metroid And More Coming To The Virtual Console In March

Nintendo Europe has issued a press release which states that this March is set to be the biggest month ever for Virtual Console as Nintendo announces a bumper crop of classic games set to launch via the Nintendo eShop and Wii Shop Channel. Here’s the full details:

The month of March heralds a wide range of interesting games to download including a chance to replay where it all began for Samus Aran when the original Metroid from the NES becomes available to download on your Nintendo 3DS. Those of you who are looking forward to the upcoming release of Kid Icarus™: Uprising can download the Game Boy title, Kid Icarus™ Of Myths and Monsters allowing Nintendo 3DS owners to become better acquainted with the angelic angel Pit and his action-packed adventures!

Dust off your stethoscope and get ready for some pill arranging action with the classic Game Boy puzzler Dr Mario™, finally arriving to the Nintendo eShop. March will also see the long awaited arrival of the classic SEGA Game Gear line-up including Dragon Crystal™, Shinobi™ and Sonic the Hedgehog™: Triple Trouble.

Wii owners are in for a treat this month when Mega Man X and Mega Man 5 become available on Wii Virtual Console and Super Street Fighter 2 is the first Virtual Console title with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection functionality which allows fans of the legendary fighting franchise to challenge each other online. You will be treated to even more of history’s best 2D fighting and sidescrolling action in Strider and Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge respectively.

The month of Virtual Console will kick off this week with two NES classics in the form of the original Super Mario Bros.™ and Punch-Out!!™,  both available via the Nintendo eShop. Mario and Luigi have been rescuing princesses and battling Bowser for over 25 years and you now have the chance to play the ultimate classic on your Nintendo 3DS.

62 thoughts on “Mario, Kid Icarus, Metroid And More Coming To The Virtual Console In March”

    1. The point of the headline is bring attention to the article so you will click on it for more information. Not to reveal what the article is about, otherwise why open it?

      Just because this isn’t for all regions, doesn’t mean that NoA or Japan won’t have similar announcements or releases (if they aren’t in that region).

        1. How is it poor journalism? The point of the headline is bring your attention to the article, which it clearly did. Newspapers have been doing this since their inception, again if you knew everything in the title, why read it?

          Good journalism captures the potential readers attention to their article to have them read it. The point of journalism is to get everyone to read it, not everyone to skip over it, so it is about “hits” and “reads”.

          If someone doesn’t read it, than it doesn’t interest them and the point of writing the article is nullified. Why put the time into an article that no one will read?

        2. I understand the disappointment when it doesn’t apply to your region, but Sickr covers articles all Nintendo, so it could be Japan only, Europe only, America only, and any combination of 2 or all 3. It’s his job to get all of the fans to read his articles. He typically states which region it applies to within the article (first few sentences). Increasing viewership can have a larger impact on his readers.

          Being in the USA, I see that Europe is getting these games, there is a reasonable chance that most of these games will come stateside. Maybe not March, but maybe they could. Or perhaps in April or May or June or later. So it does apply to me to know which games may be on their way.

            1. Not stating what the news is about in the title just points that the website is not professional at all

              Good journalism is about passing on relevant information quickly, while My Nintendo News puts on whatever title they come up with to bring hits, and then tell you what the news is about

              This is misinformation



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  1. I’m curious, though. Since they were able to make Super Street Fighter 2 into an online game, what’s stopping them from doing the same with something, like, Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green? Couldn’t they do something similar? It saves to the system or SD card. So isn’t in possible to make it so you could transfer your Pokemon from FR or LG to one of the DS Pokemon games in the same way you’d transfer them on a regular DS? Or what about connecting to battle and trade using local wireless, which is a feature FR and LG had?

  2. Sounds awesome! Glad to be in europe. :D Feel bad for other parts of the world though, they should get this too! Maybe they will later on? We’ll see I guess.

  3. We have had all these old games before on DS and Wii…

    How many times do Nintendo want us to buy Super Mario Brothers 3?

    Its getting past a joke now.

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  6. Street Fighter 2 online? Samurai Showdown 4? WTF? Nintendo is on a roll, it seems. I haven’t checked the Virtual Console in a while, but are these already available in the US? If not, I hope we get them as well.

  7. Wow, it’s a shame I still have all of my originals of those games :P However I’m still getting any 3D ports like Kid Icarus that they’re doing, because it adds a whole new element.

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  9. Am I the only one still kind of bummed that if we have Super Mario on our Wii VC, we have to pay to redownload it to the 3DS?

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