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Here’s The Official Box-Art For Assassins Creed 3

Ubisoft has finally unveiled the official box-art for the highly anticipated Assassins Creed 3 via its Assassins Creed Facebook page. Assassins Creed is officially coming to the Wii U sometime later this year, although the release date has yet to be confirmed.

32 thoughts on “Here’s The Official Box-Art For Assassins Creed 3”

  1. I’m getting pretty psyched for this game. I played the first one, loved it but thought it was very repetitive and needed more assassination targets. But I skipped the next 3 because they were all essentially the same thing.

    This will be the game that I get back into AC with.

    1. I would have at least played 2. 2 is the pinnacle of the series. or check out brother hood, similar gameplay and new multiplayer. The combat system, weapons, story; everything gets an upgrade from the first one. The first one is EXTREMELY repetitive, though I loved it.

    1. :( First is getting so boring now, just stop it or we will post bad replys (I dont post bad but the majority of people will)

  2. FUCK YEAH ‘MERICA… and things like these make the ending of call of duty the “best ending in videogame history”

  3. This will be cool! A game set during the American Revolution… you can’t deny that’s just plain epic O_O

  4. I’m not going to lie this looks awesome…in going to have to get this game I haven’t played one since the first game.

  5. very dramatic and a good location, fits in well with what Ezio said towards the end of Assassins Creed 2 when you find all the codex pages “There are lands here that dont even exist!” (or something similar to that). Although as an Englishman id have loved to see the game in Victorian Britain, wouldve made for some interesting characters and personalities for sure.

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