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Third New Pokemon Black & White 2 Pokemon Officially Revealed

Nintendo has revealed the third Pokemon that will be appearing in Pokemon Black & White 2 alongside Keldeo, Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. The new Pokemon is Meloetta, the genderless Pokemon, who was spotted on the poster for Pokemon the Movie. Pokemon Black & White 2 is due for release later this year in North America and Europe.

90 thoughts on “Third New Pokemon Black & White 2 Pokemon Officially Revealed”

      1. Ohh. I’m glad you said that because I was like “OMG! They made a third form of Meloetta!” I was really confused but excited. Now I understand, but I’m not excited anymore… :(

        1. I think Nintendo should take fanart into consideration when designing pokemon

          not only will it help thier development time but it will hopefully aviod really really stupid looking pokemon from coming into the games lol

          as much as everyone loves pokemon nobody can deny that there are some seriosuly stupid ones out there that everyone hates to look at

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            TheTrollSlayer fainted. FireTroll wins the battle. *Final fantasy music plays*

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  1. This pokemon will likely be given away in theaters as a promotion for the next pokemon movie (which also features keldeo and kyurem) which means it may be released for all gen 5 games.

    It’s also important to note that keldeo and moletta have spaces in black and whites current pokedex (they’re compatible with current games) while kyurems forms are not. (Think: distortion giratina)

  2. About time they released this Meloetta Pokemon, and Keldeo, I’ve been waiting for the events for Black and White 1, it’s almost like they forgot about them.

  3. There’s fan art that look better than this generation of pokemon. That’s kinda pathetic. Anyways, this pokemon is pretty cool. I have it in my white version.

  4. Oh look, it’s one of those Pokémon whom we haven’t even seen a tiny freakin’ glimpse of yet for Black and White 1.


  5. Umm… Please use a different image. Fanart is absolutely not appropriate for this news. Everyone might be led to think that this is a new form.

  6. Oh gosh the picture surprised me thinking that there was a third version of Meloetta for the new versions… Plus I just looked at Serebii before this… It’s just a fake.

  7. A new legendary? I personally never thought the Pokemon series would last this long. Glad to see it did. It’s still as awesome as it ever was.

  8. This game should be good. Might inspire me to get a pokemon account on the official website so I can participate in tournaments.

  9. This pokemon is technically not new. Meloetta been around since Black and White but there was no way in getting it. Just like there was no way in getting Keldeo and Genesect. Unless you hack…

  10. Awesome! Now lets wait for pokemon black and white 2 gray version! *claps*, sorry folks another four more years or so before a 3d rpg pokeomon game!

  11. I’d like to make a few notes:
    1. Meloetta isn’t new to BW2. It’s an event-only species that exists in in coding of all 5th generation Pokemon games.
    2. Keldeo isn’t new either.
    3. Meloetta and Keldeo (and Genesect) will be event-only in BW2, just like they were in BW.
    4. The distribution will possibly be for BW as well as BW2

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  13. Personally, I hate event pokémon. I don’t hate the pokémon, just the idea of the events. I never was able to get one. Why can’t Game Freak just let us get these pokémon without having to remember to play the game and pick “Mystery gift” between three randomly chosen days?

    1. I love the pokemon events. It makes me feel like I actually have a Exclusive pokemon. I got Arceus on Platinum and Pearl. Definitly made it one of my favorite pokemon.

  14. Sickr is a fucking dumbass. Why would he post a picture of shitty fan-art to show this news? He is just confusing the shit out of people who visit the site. This Pokemon has always existed in Black and White, it is just being officially announced by Nintendo at this point. Meloetta is presented in this article as if it is a new pokemon for Black and White 2, or that it has a new form for Black and White 2. Neither of these is the case.

  15. I find it funny how you all think this is real. This is in no way a real form of Meloetta. It’s a fan drawing a friend of mine drew up. If they’re just now releasing Meloetta to the public, they wouldn’t release a 3rd form for nothing. They have the normal meloetta and its second form and that’s it. No other form. I doubt they will make a 3rd form any time soon. Plus the pokemon company doesn’t use fan stuff.

  16. Hahaha, so much controversy. Just let up guys, I’d like to see Radiance in B/W2 but it’s not definite, and it’s just a fan drawing, maybe whoever posted this like it better than the other two forms? Plus, just look at deviantART, there are a LOT of fan-made Meloetta forms~

  17. I think this could be some sort of moon/night forme that’s showcased in Meloetta’s sparkling recital or something and is not available during day:L of course that would be terrible but ya know it’s only speculation

  18. I came across the picture of a different Meletta the other day, but I couldn’t find anything to back up what i found. This one looked like the Phantom of the Opera was influenced on it, since it had half it’s face with a mask. It had red eyes, and purple measure (as in music measures* for hair, in a pony-tail style, and with red notes on the lines. Her dress was like Meloetta’s origanal form, but the sash across the middle was purple, and the skirt was split down the middle in the front and back, like coat tails. I truly do think and hope that this is a new form of Meloetta. And I couldn’t find any fan art of it, so it just might be a new Meloetta.

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