Bioshock Infinite Heading To Wii U?

Nintendo Gamer magazine is under the impression that Bioshock creator Ken Levine is making a game for Wii U. The magazine assumes it’s Bioshock Infinite, which would make a lot of sense given that the game launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year. Levine hasn’t announced anything for Wii U, but let’s hope that he does.


    1. Probably only gonna get it for Wii U, that;s the only system I know I’ll still have next year.

      1. I think it;s good, didn’t get to finish the first. I would’ve liked to.

    1. The first game is amazing, the second is a shameless cash-in on the success of the first.

      Play the first, skip the second, and wait for Infinite.

      1. The ps3 version is the one with the first game on it not the PC version

      2. Its actually only the ps3 version, because of all the extra space on the bluray disc-

  1. It’s possible, but if I’m not mistaken, Levine already said last year around E3-time that he wasn’t planning on bringing this game to Wii U,

  2. Can I just say “why wouldn’t developers release good games on Wii U?” … seriously think about it… I know the Wii had no 3rd party support at all… but the game cube had tons of multi platform games… why wouldn’t the wii U?

  3. I actually posed this question a while ago on a website(due to footage in the interview).
    But I believe I read something somewhere that it isn’t coming to the Wii U.

  4. this is an excellent idea hope it is true because i don’t want the same game again and its a game i plan on getting

  5. Oh I hope this is true! I have been hoping this game would come to Wii U for a long time and or at least a port of the first one. Also I would like to see Ken Levine do a Bioshock 3D on 3DS. That would be epic!

  6. It would be a huge coup for Nintendo if this turns out to be true. I really hope it’s true.

  7. But wont it be a little too late? I’ve been hearing games such as Assasins Creed 3, Batman Arkham City, Bioshock Infinite all coming to Wii U. This is all great, but im probably gonna get all these titles on the day they release, which will be long before the Wii U, meaning i’ll have to settle for on the Xbox 360.

    If the Wii U was already out, id buy the titles on it in a heartbeat, but I’m certainly not paying double for every game i play.

    1. Assassin’s Creed 3 and Bioshock Infinite come out in late October and the is most likely coming out in November, that’s not a long wait, and Batman Arkham City came out on October so…you missed getting it for launch, you might as well just wait for the Wii U version because it’s likely it will come with all the DLC.

  8. Wasn’t Bioshock 1 supposed to be Xbox exclusive? Only a different team ported the game to PS3. I don’t know what’ll happen here, but I’ll think Infinite will come to Wii U.

  9. I hope it does! WiiU needs greats launch titles!

    Also, I love the frachise. Ive played bioshock 1 e 2 on my x360, I’d love to try it on a new type of controller with touchscreen =)

    1. Great launch?

      Bioshock does not look like its coming for launch. But it will follow soon after that if its coming.

  10. I would laugh my ass off if it were for 3DS
    cause wed all get trolled then Vita owners would get a
    slap in the face.
    tho such a thing will never happen.

  11. Not likely… Ken Levine did say that he liked the Wii U a lot. However, he stated that he wasn’t working on any projects for the console at the moment. He also have the impression that Infinite wasn’t coming Wii U. It’s a great idea, but unlikely.

  12. it would be good as its a popular franchise and would generate more interest in the wii u but personally i’d prefer their team to develop something unique to the wii u. I’m not a fan of bioshock yet my friends love the series so it might tempt them off the xbox and onto nintendo

    1. If you’re here to leave hate comments, just leave. Supremacist fanboy comments make you seem like you’re a little kid.

    2. actually it was Microsoft that copied Nintendo games not sony.. and since when was copying ideas ever bad? have you Ever watched The Simpsons, Family Guy or American Dad? saying a video game company copied off of another one is like saying there can only be ONE car company or else the others have stole their idea and should be killed as punishment

  13. First: Stop with the Sony hate. They are a good company and they have good gaming systems.

    Next: Please stop happying about the fact that Bioshock Infinite is going to have porn. Please shut up, okay?

    1. 320? You failed because its called the 360.

      Anyway you cant predict if a console will do bad until it launches.

      3DS did worse then expected at launch and ended up selling more then the DS.

  14. He said last year that Bioshock Infinite is not coming to the Wii U because it has been in development for a long time, and they would not want to make a simple port for Wii U.

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