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GAME Management Is Told To Brace The Possibility Of Administration

Troubled UK retail firm GAME has told its senior staff to brace for the possibility of administration by CEO Ian Shepherd. GAME is currently running what is described as a Fire Sale to get rid of stock. Several people have reported that they’ve managed to get hold of some bargains, so it could be worth your while popping down to your local store to grab yourself something on the cheap.

33 thoughts on “GAME Management Is Told To Brace The Possibility Of Administration”

      1. yeah its a shame to most likely lose our only proper game shop but i’ve picked up 11 games for just over 20 quid because they all start at at about £1.99

  1. People should go there. all of the big names like Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, mario etc aren’t any cheaper. But I picked up some great bargains for lesser known ones.

    Another Code R, Battallion wars, Ys Strategy and Henry Hatsworth for £2 each. Castlevania Portrait of Ruin for £3. They also had some like Wario in Disguise for £5, Advance Wars Days of Ruin for 99p. (everyone should now be owning the latter)

  2. Hm, well that kinda sucks. Luckily I’m not in the UK, wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some deals though.

    1. When they say GAME, they mean The GAME Group, which did covers all the GAME stores, GameStation stores and (formerly) in the UK, as well as all the GAME stores in Spain, Portugal and Australia.

    1. Yeah…

      Game has ultra friendly staff there. Not sure about Gamestation because its owned by the same company but that will be the only major gamestore left here.

  3. Shall be down there tomorrow then :P

    time to find my backpack and prepare my bank balence for some serious spending lol

  4. Game aren’t the greatest… but they sure are better than gamestop… How the hell are gamestop doing fine and game not? Are people who buy games retarded?

  5. Oh no… I love going into Game, even just to browse. Still… guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow!

    1. Actually the kids games are full price. Its stuff like Fifa, Pro Evo, Call of Duty, Resistance and a few other ones that are mega cheap. The ones people play for a year till the new one comes out

  6. It’s sad to see them going out of business like this. Hopefully our freinds in the UK have alternate means to get their video game fix.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. No, GAME and Gamestation (same company) were the only proper gaming shops.

      CEX still have many shops but they only sell used stuff, nothing new at all …. They have a nice mint condition Dreamcast for £25 thats caught my eye though :)

      Only way to get new games in the UK will be online now (Amazon, Shopto etc.)

  7. I’m a bit depressed by this to be honest, GAME closing down would literally mean no more video game shops in some smaller towns and shopping centres. One place I go to for instance has literally just one independant import shop and some GAME stores, where the hell am I meant to buy video games offline then?

    1. Wow! You have an import shop in your town?

      I havent seen an import shop in or around my city for years!!

      You should take a photo of that import shop to show your grandson/granddaughter.
      Children of the future probably wont even know what a “video game shop” is and think you are making it up unless they see proof.

      Video game shops are dying,
      Long live video game shops!

  8. I was in GAME this morning because i wanted to buy a 3DS ….

    the shop shelves were completely empty and the manager said they have had NO NEW STOCKS OF 3DS FOR 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!

    I had to buy a PINK 3DS with Nintendogs because it was the only new one they had left.


    Please dont laugh next time you see a 30 year-old man on the bus with a pink 3DS because i am soooo embarrassed about it …. Might start wearing a paper bag on my head to hide my shame!

    PLEASE take pity on me, i am NOT gay!!!!

    10 years being a loyal customer and they treat me like this? ….. ROT IN HELL GAME!!!

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