MCV Says Next Xbox Won’t Feature A Disc Drive, Launching Next Year

Although it’s not strictly Nintendo related news, MCV is reporting that the next Xbox console won’t come equipped with a disc drive, and will launch sometime next year. If true then the next Xbox will be the worlds first console to forgo a disc drive in favour of downloadable games. I’m sure GameStop and GAME won’t be too pleased with this news.

The briefings have been issued under what MCV’s source describes as “the strictest NDA” they have ever encountered.

Although the console will not include a disc drive, it will offer compatibility with some sort of interchangeable solid-state card storage, although it is not known whether this will be proprietary or a more standard format such as SD.

Furthermore, a 2013 launch date for the hardware has been confirmed. What is less clear, however, is the intended timing of Microsoft’s announcement.


  1. So, this year’s E3 will be about hyping the 360’s last games (Halo 4, new Forza, etc) and revealing the new console.
    I’m actually anxious to see what the next generation of consoles will bring to the table!

  2. I would buy then next Xbox if the downloadable games were free! or atleast at a decent price

    1. You don’t really think that the games will be for free, do you ?
      If you read the article, you probably know that it won’t feature a disc drive, means: You will have to download the games you would usually buy in the shops like GameStop or something. So the games will be about at the same price like they would be as discs in the shops, I guess.

      1. and you’ll have to pay up for XBL and also put your credit card details online

        didnt someone have a huge cock up with that a year or so ago? :P
        and we all know how bad MS software is for reliability lol

        would i risk it hahaha no way

      2. no way am i paying for downloaded games off xbl. ufc 2009 (the older one) on marketplace is $29.99. THAT GAME IS $5-$10 AT ANY GAMESTOP, EB GAMES, GAMESHOP OR wherever you shop. for a fraction of the price i can get a physical copy? fuck XBL marketplace

      1. You can stop sucking his dick now. I’m sure that foreskin is chaffed.

      2. I totally agree man. I’m diehard Nintendo, I WANT to know what the competition is up to.

        I think Sickr has the right blend of non-Nintendo news, that is still related.

    1. So even the headline had nothing Nintendo related, yet you still clicked on it.

      even in the smallest relation, this can still apply to Nintendo since they stated they are open to full downloadable games without the physical media.

  3. FUCK THAT! i hate this “all digital” thing the companies are trying to push! this is the goddamn Jetsons or Futurama! we ARE NOT READY FOR THIS!!!!

      1. No, but if enough people feel like this, I am sure the gaming world will start to take notice.

        As it is, the reason the Gamestop and Amazon are a major thorn in the side of the gaming industry is because of the whole used games market. There are enough people that flat-out will not pay $60+ for a game. They would rather wait a few months for the used copies to start rolling in. So, then came the whole online pass thing. Even that is not putting a huge dent in the used sales.

        Now, I am not the only one who will never buy a new XBox if this is true. (Then again, I won’t buy another XBox period since Microsoft doesn’t understand that a device that costs $200+ should be ad free, but that is a rant for another day) Steam gets away with this because they still have goodwill with PC gamers and very good sales. I can not see the greedy bastards at Microsoft giving sales with the frequency and savings that Valve does. Plus, PC gamers usually still have the option of getting the steam-free disc version of games as well.

        If this is true, expect to pay out the ass for the next-gen Halo or Gears fix.

  4. If Nintendo ends up being the only supporter of physical media, that’ll be a very great advantage over the other two.

    1. I highly doubt Sony Will jump straight on the Digital only train

      after all its got to keep its bluray sales up
      alot of people use thier ps3 as a bluray player and considering the economy right now alot of people will liekly sell thier ps3 to buy a ps4
      taking away that bluray player would render thier movie collection worthless
      not to mention the huge PSN attack they suffered

      I doubt Sony will risk it
      hell they may even be laughing at MS for doing it

      1. plus with porno films which they wont be at hd and u must pay 100 dollars or euros.

      2. your wrong peteriuss,720 will have awsome graphics more powerfull than ps4 and the fail and horrible wiiu

      3. more powerful than a system were likely not going to be seeing for upto 2 years after the 720 launches haha

        thats like saying the Wii U will have better graphics than the 720 lol

        by your logic then the Wii U is going to be the most powerful and have the best graphics lol

      4. The porn will be hd and free cos u download it from pirate site ass hole.

    1. You, Roy’s boyfriend, are a f***ing failure. The Next Xbox is copying Nintendo’s tablet-like controller, the used games will be unplayable, no freaking hard drive, and will become DEAD ON EFFING ARRIVAL!!!!! The Wii U pwns Next Xbox!!!!!! Suck on that motherf***er!

      1. nintendo copys too and more than microsoft.give up trollers and tell people that a real gamer plays only xbox not playstation or girlU

      2. Wii U is a hardcore console… not a kids console… unless you are now saying all games like assassins creed and Darksiders are for kids.

      3. Ignore the Troll

        anyone who says Wii is a Kids console and justifys being a Hardcore gamer because they have a 360 is a complete retard

        there are more kids on XBL than adults lol
        the 360 is a kiddie console and the XBL community are the proof of that

        people say Nintendo are for kids yet more adults play these pparent child games than most people realise

        just go to a Anime con or a Pokemon con in america and see how many people aging anywhere from 15 upto 60 are actually there lol

        Xbox is the True Kiddie console of this Generation thats just fact

      4. True.

        On CoD online… I always hear more kids on Xbox live then PSN.

        More idiots on XBL also, because on youtube you only see retarded people on mics making massive arguments about dumb stuff… never really seen massive arguments when i play CoD on PSN.

        I never passed a Argument on CoD after playing for quite a while.

        Kinect also proves that Xbox is for kids, Kinect has only got very few mature games.

        PS3 = Mature

        Xbox360 = Kids.

      5. I was talking about those two consoles not Wii.

        Anyway most people own Wii and a PS3 or Xbox so comparing the two most popular consoles is best. Wii is being ignored recently.

      6. The XBOX 360 is not a kiddie console. The COMMUNITY is just not all that great, thanks to the mindset of new school gamers. Kids are drawn to things they are off limits to, including rated M games. Parents allow them to have rated M games, and that’s why there are so many kids online on FPS games such as Call of Duty.

      7. Obvious troll is obvious faggot.
        Everybody knows that the xbox 360 is the worst console out of the 3 for system failure since launch.
        It’s fucking stupid. If this next system has no disc drive, can’t play used games, and has no harddrive, it’s going to be as worse as the Phantom. Oh You haven’t heard of that? That was a system supposed to come out with the EXACT SAME DETAILS years ago before the gamecube. it was cancelled.

      8. Phantom wasn’t even coming out, it was just all a lie, even the “installments” were abandoned offices, they didn’t even made a prototype.
        So you can’t compare the 360 to the Phantom because the Phantom, actually never existed.

    2. How do you like wirelessly sucking Microsoft’s dick with a Kinect?

      Or you’re trolling (as in, screwing with everyone), in which case… how little of a life do you have? Heck, your life is so lacking it’s causing everyone else to have less of a life by reading your comment, when we could be out ending world hunger or something. It’s a negative life!

    3. And secretly… you have 2MB internet… now your screwed.

      Most people have internet speeds of 2-5MB, which means taking forever to download games.

      Even people who are Xbox fans are gunna hate this idea.

      1. Dude, my internet is slower than that (0.5MB/s). And I’m in KSA; the internet is rarely half that speed, since data has to go to the US first and then get pinged from there, at least for most downloads. I’m still perfectly OK with downloading a 10GB file of TF2; it means waiting overnight and voila, in the morning I can play TF2. Even if it took a week to download, it’d still be quicker than waiting for the game to ship here.

        In the US the reasons are even bigger; it used to take me less than 2 hours to download a 10GB file. That’s almost as quick as actually going to a store to buy the game, and even quicker when stores open at 9 AM while I can download it at 0:01 AM. The download is done by 3 AM, and stores haven’t even opened yet. And THAT was 2MB/s internet speeds (16Mb/s speeds, for those of you keeping track).

      1. they actually recently shot those rumors down in an interview with Kotaku, but you can never tell with companies. Even if they did release a console i would still go between a pc and their device

  5. Alienating audiences if this is true. I know more people with Xbox 360’s who don’t have internet then those who do

  6. I’d like this actually. Digital distribution all the way. Now, if they were actually smart, they’d keep the price of games low. No sense in paying 60 bucks for a digital copy.

    1. im curios of how can you return a game if you don’t like, like how does that’s work

  7. I think this is great, this is the future, nintendo should do this with their new Wii U. (I don’t think they will do, but they should do)

    1. Nintendo stated they are looking into this. Just to offer a digital full game download. Probably more towards the end of it’s life I’d think though it will be used.

    2. This would actually be bad, if all next gen consoles had no disk drive this would happen.

      -All gaming retailers would not want to sell the consoles in the store because it would take away business for them.
      -Nobody would want to play on consoles
      -Most third party companies would stick to PC only.

      1. not true what about the hardware, plus people would still buy the hardware for exclusives games, most companies like to go multi platform, don’t forget the wii u has a disk drive too so digital may become popular but wii u has the ability to do that too, just optional.

    3. This is actually not good, if all next gen consoles had no disk drive then this would happen.

      -All gaming retailers would not want to sell the consoles because it would take away business for them
      -Nobody would want to play on consoles and you would always need to have the internet
      -Mostly all third party companies would be scared to develop for a console with no disk.

      I would have no problem if consoles still had disk drives and still had the option of downloading full retail games.

      1. There are ways around that though. They can offer pre-paid cards or download codes. If anything, it’s less inventory, shelf space, theft and the like decreasing.

        Lose the cost (and limitations) of the physical media and can offer better games.

        You would not need to “always be connected”. Have you played 3DSware/Wiiware? You download the game, then are off the internet and can play it without being connected. Companies like Ubisoft will want you always connected, but Nintendo? Likely not.

  8. It’s still going to have hardware, not just downloadable games. It will use SD Cards or a similar format to read hardware instead.

      1. It’s in the press release: “Although the console will not include a disc drive, it will offer compatibility with some sort of interchangeable solid-state card storage, although it is not known whether this will be proprietary or a more standard format such as SD.”

        The only place where it says it will be download-only is in this misleading article.

  9. interesting,but who cares? if somebody doesnt have internet then where will buy the game?also i dont like xbox it has bad games (i just dont like it)

  10. I don’t think I like this =/ unless they keep a record of the games you have bought so you can redownload them if the hard drive crashes… I could see that being a big problem >_>

  11. I guess it won’t have backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360 without a disc drive.
    Unless M$ goes the route of converting all of the 360s games to digital downloads.

  12. nowadays it’s very easy to find a internet connection, even if you don’t have one at home…
    so “if somebody doesnt have internet then where will buy the game?” doesn’t fit anymore…

    1. I have an internet at home…. But it’s only 2.7 MB downloads, I tried downloading an 3GB application on my Laptop and it took 3 hours to download.

      An average Xbox 360 game will take 6GB, Now the problem with that is that my 2.7 MB internet can handle online gaming perfectly but its downloading massive apps which take forever. Also some games can be up to 10GB.

      I played online gaming in my friends house and yet it was 2MB internet and online gaming was fine… it took over 6 hours to download a game update… now think about a game. Games installing off a disk is way faster then downloading online.

      Many people have 1.5 MB internet and can still play online… download times will be very bad.

      I will never buy a games console, even if it was nintendo if this disk drive goes on any console… unless i move house and get a much better internet.

      1. Depends on the servers. Your 2MB/s internet will never actually download at 2MB/s, but depending on how well-connected the servers are, it could very well come near it. One time my internet speed went above 2MB/s, thanks to Steam’s servers, on a 2MB/s connection. The ISP was actually lagging in keeping it down every time it spiked. xD

        Look at it this way; try downloading a 100MB update in Windows Update. It’s a lot quicker than, say, downloading a smaller iTunes file, because Apple’s servers aren’t as well connected. Even though iTunes is smaller, it downloads slower.

  13. AHAHAHA This system is going to Fail soo damn hard XD

    No Backwards compatability, No attention focused into Exsclusive hardcore games, No Dvd Player, No Cd player,

    100% dependant on a Internet Connection, Requires a Yearly Sub Fee for XBL, All Games have to be Downloaded meaning massive Traffic and people with poor internet connections will have to wait several days for thier game to download

    possibly Forced to pay extra costs for intergrated Kinect even if you do not want it

    Lol I cannot wait for this thing to launch its going to be absolutely Hilarious XD

  14. If this is true, I would like to remind them that not everybody has a broadband internet connection. I can ONLY buy bought games. Any download only model is an instant turnoff for me.

    1. Not to mention how this system is goign to become a Massive Target for Hackers

      Viruses are going to be a major problem lol and since Windows does a absolutely outstanding job and failing at trying to stop them i woudlnt trust the software in this to load a JPG file lol

      1. Yeah, if they go downloads only, piracy would destroy them.

        It’s bad enough already to effect sales of PHYSICAL media, what do they expect is going to happen if they switch it all to digital distribution?

  15. That’s a bold face lie. If anything the next Xbox will have a blu ray drive. That’s actually one of the things Sony got right. Games look better and there is a lot more room for additional content. I’m surprised the wii U isn’t going to include a blu ray, but seeing as its their first foray into hd gaming it’s better to play safe than sorry.

    1. Nothing like a digital format (not disc) to make a game as big as you want audio visual etc

      1. Nothing like a hard drive to say “lol limit has been reached”

    2. Nintendo’s disc media for Wii U has the same capacity as a blu ray disc, so it’s pretty much the same…

      1. Cept i hear Nintendo made the format themselfs so its likely going to run better and smother pictures and sound

        when it comes to Hardware Nintendo are just Epic

    3. Fdgg Yeah, because Nintendo is automatically a child when it comes to HD gaming JUST BECAUSE their products from now on will begin to be in HD. You poor, naive fool.

      At this point, I very much doubt it’s going to have blu-ray. Not because it shouldn’t have it, but that digital media is eclipsing everything, and most media outlets won’t care enough to use blu-ray now. And yes, streaming quality IS getting to blu-ray level as we speak. Scary stuff.

      1. Blue ray is an Sony exclusive.

        The next xbox wont have blue ray.

        Also coming in the far future is 4K gaming… 4K TV’s are in production currently and are in prototype.

        There is no way the next PS3 and Xbox will have 4K… the consoles after that should do.

        Remember though that 4K TV’s will be extremely expensive.

        If you want to know what 4K is; 4K is much higher then HD, and thats the resolution of proper movie cameras (ones that are made to create blockbuster movies). Heres a prototype below and an article.

        You can’t see 4K picture through the camera because the camera is not good enough. In movie theatres the Definition is 4K.

      2. 4K is the future anyway.

        This is whats after HD but it will take a while for the price to go down.

        The Next Xbox and PS3 will not have 4K anyway, it will to to expensive.

    4. Bluray is imperfect technology. First off, compression is awful, which is why games like Killzone take up 40gb. On a regular HD DVD like Xbox, you would only need at max 12 – 14gb of space.

      Secondly, Bluray is severely unorganized media, which causes slower loading times.

      Also, Nintendo is opting for a proprietary format of storage which is capable of storing 25gb on single layer and 50 on a dual layer, which is similar to bluray tech.

      Oh, and no, Microsoft wont use bluray as it it a proprietary format which belongs to Sony computer entertainment. If they do, they would have to pay royalty fees to Sony.

      1. Sony do not own blu ray. Blu ray association owns its. There are about 30 companies that own blu ray. Sony would probably get about .03 to 3 dollars

  16. I think that this medias (cd, dvd, blu-ray or anything else) are going to “die” soon, could not be on this next new gen but will be in the other.
    these medias will be gone and not only for games… movies, series, music concerts… everything will be download/streaming stuff…

    1. I think It’s possible that DD will take over, but it won’t be for a very long time.

      Simply put, just not enough people have a good enough internet connection to be practical for the extremely high amounts of data that needs to be moved.

      1. Don’t forget about the used game market. Steam may have great and frequent sales, but do you think that the other companies are going to offer AAA games for $10-$20. Nintendo practically never reduces price on their games except for a few choice ones around the end of the console’s lifecycle. Microsoft are a bunch of greedy bastards, and I have no experience with Sony.

        If DD does take over, expect to feel it in your wallet.

  17. I´m happy to be honest, for me te variety of consoles and games is good for the true lovers of videogames, don get me wrong I’m a big nintendo fan and WII U is my fisrt choice, i own an Xbox 360 and a WII and enjoy both, defenitly Ill give a try tto this =).
    Have a Good day gamers

  18. Another reason for me not to be interested in the Xbox 720 (or whatever it will be called). Not being able to play used games (what happens when a game goes out of print although that seems to not be an issue anymore) and it seems now no disc drive for physical media possibly.

      1. yeah until some hacker comes along and corrupts your HDD leaving you with a broken system and a complete loss of everything you have achived

        this is a very very very bad move for Microsoft lol i cant wait to see what happens after launch lol

      2. Still a possibility that your details could be hacked and your files deleted

        When it comes to software MS is at the very bottom of my I trust list

        I’ve had 4 Windos OS and all of them have Failed on me multiple times not to mention several cases of Windows firewall turning itself on on its own and turning my other firewall off then when i notice several days alter my pc is gaining spyware and Viruses quicker than you can blink

        I do not trust any MS software and security measures lol

      3. My mac has never had a virus… my PC had virus’s all the time. ^_^

        On my PC there was an warning on a PC game called Dune… it kept saying virus detected in system… I hated it, i had to reinstall and lose all my data.

        Mac > Microsoft. anytime.

      4. The only reason i dont use macs is because of the really bad game interest

        gaming just isnt big enough on Macs :(

        if i could get all my pc games on mac i would

      5. True,

        Thats why I game on consoles anyway.

        I have some games on Mac like Spore which is PC & Mac only.

      6. Console gaming for ever and Mac for games like Spore ;)

        Love you fact because its true.

  19. It’s like the whole N64 ordeal all over again. Just like back then when Nintendo was the only one making cartridges while everyone else moved onto disc media, suddenly now Nintendo might be the only one using disc media and everyone else using digital media. This is not because Nintendo is far behind, but that everyone else is just being too hasty instead. The difference between then and now is that Nintendo has the capacity to offer digital media at the same time as disc media, so for once Nintendo won’t be totally screwed by media formats and in fact might do much better than the others, possibly.

      1. in this next gen they should do it, sell in both media and/or digital format, for the people get used of this new format… I agree with that. I don’t know if they will do this, but they should…

      2. Digital only distribution causes far too many problems

        you have hackers, Viruses, corrupted data issues, Download Traffic and biggest of all Internet speed

        most people that I know dont have this super fast broad band that can download a 50GB game in half a hour

        my connection for exsample is totaly shit
        took my ps3 3 days to download Wipeout HD lol and that is barely a GB XD

        to download for exsample Assassins Creed 4 would take me 3 weeks lol
        not to mention how much its going to cost me for XBL aswell every year

        and there is also the boycott of DLC going on also which could become a very large campaign making this a even worse situation for MS

        I think MS need to add a DD in there definatly and add backwards compatability to 360 games
        and for the love of god reconsider thier attitude towards esclusive games

        if they do that then this thing might get somewhere
        but as it is now I predict this is going to be a collossal failure

      3. I was downloading a game update worth about 5GB at my friends house… it was a 2MB internet… it took over 6 hours to download… I gave up at just over 6 hours… not sure how far it went but i bet it was still a long way.

        Seriously something like this will kill Microsoft.

      4. lol heres hoping

        When i downloaed Wipeout HD it took me 3 days and i really wish i was making that up :(

        my internet connection is god damn aweful so there is no way anybody around my local area and areas like it would invest in this system

        the only people who will are absolute die hard Xbox fans and people who live in cities

        although people will soon change thier mind when a huge title like Call of duty comes out and suddenly 9 Million people try to download it at the same time

        lol im not computer exspert but that cant be good for XBl nor for Activisions servers lol

        this is just all round a very bad idea and there are soo many more reason as to why

  20. Not everyone that owns a console has internet though :/ something about this just sounds off

    1. That’s what i thought too… so when it says “the strictest NDA” I’m very skeptical to this article, because if it was the strictest, I doubt someone would have said anything.

  21. So, buy the newest iteration of a system you have to pay to take online and crashes frequently… now with no disc based games (assuming said news is true), and is from a company that has yet to make an original product.

    Or buy a system from a company that has been making handhelds and consoles since the mid 1980’s, knows what they are doing and are constantly raising the bar with new and game changing innovations… Yeah, I think I will go with Nintendo… then again that description also, somewhat, fits Apple as well.

  22. There is something special in buying a new video game in a package. I remember when I was a kid I got so excited buying a game from Toys R’ Us and looking at the fresh sealed package. Got excited looking at the images of the game play on the back of the box. Got excited opening the box and looking at the booklet to the game. It got me more excited to have the game in my hands then playing it on a few occasions. It brings back memories that I cherished. With this digital downloads it will change the way kids think about games. It won’t be oh I remember when I got that game but more like oh I sorta remember when I downloaded that game. I really feel bad for the kids in the future.

    1. Whenever I bought a game as a kid, I’d sit down and read the entire booklet before I ever popped the game in. Not because I wanted to read the instructions, who cares, the booklet used to introduce the story, tell me about the characters and so much more. Now I open a booklet, it tells me how to save and what buttons to push, then it does it all over again in a different language. A little part of me dies everytime I open a case now, and the child inside me weeps

  23. Me tinks dat microdick is going to copy dah n64 and use game carts.they are dah thieves and copy dah Nintendo.

  24. Well that sure is a dick move to the People who don’t have internet connected to thier game systems. Plus there are people who don’t have live and you gotta pay for it so microsoft is totaly trying get as much cash as they can if this system is legit!

  25. This sucks and sorta doesn’t suck.

    I love taking games to my friends house when we’re having a beer night and playing some games with them. Now I won’t be able to do that.
    No more buying preowned games for cheaper either. Microsoft are doing this because it’s cheaper for them too and earns them more money. They wont have to pay the proprietors of the DVD or Blu-Ray disk format to use its technology for their games and they will take almost 100% of the money from sales minus the money that goes to the developers of the games.
    However a lot of people aren’t going to like this, no more watching DVD’s on their xbox after Microsoft’s been pushing the 360 as a media centre more than a games console lately. That audience is gone, they wont download movies on the console.

    Download only is bad hmmk.

  26. If this is real then the next Xbox will fail. If it’s purely downloadable, then how are you going to sell it? Also how are you going to download games if your internet suddenly goes down?

    My Internet rarely has gone down before, some people have bad internet.

    An average Xbox 360 game is around 4GB, downloading all that will take all day and you wont be allowed to play on it.

    No thank you for Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony for an idea like this.

    1. ALSO! My internet is about 2.7 MB per second and can take MW3 online perfectly non glitchy. But when it comes to PSN updates which are big… it takes for ever, and that is not even a GB.

      If this happens, then I will never game on a console with something like this. Installing games off a disk is much faster because it’s not going off the internet.

      1. ur internet is dsl then correct? Man i got a 21mbps connectionand I can have everything in my house doing something and it plays fine wirelessly. I understand people (large portion of world population) doesn’t have fast enough internet to download games. i feel like everyone here is reading too far into it though. Its gonna have to have some form of solid state memory according to the quote. More than likely a game cardtridge of some kind. I’d be fine if it was download only though i do love my phyiscal media. I an probably download 10gbs in like a few hours

      2. My internet is naturaly slow.

        I live in a region where internet is slow and the internet connection center is far.

        Seriously, Internet sucks where i live. 2.7 Is the fastest my internet reached.

        I don’t live in a big city.

  27. You guys are being idiots. Just because it says it wont have a disc drive oesn’t mean it won’t have physical media in some form. They don’t wanna use bluray so they will probably use some form of a high capacity card of some kind. They will probably go the Vita route and offer both

  28. You guys are forgetting Cloud saves. Those are immune to many of the problems with saving onto your own console directly. Your console can crash and you will never have to worry about your saves. All we have to worry about now is whether or not a hacker can hack the Cloud, or whether Cloud itself can crash. But somehow I feel that will be less of a problem.

    1. If a PSN like tragedy happens then you can’t download games offline… also if the data was saved on something like PSN then playing no games for 6 months??? I will be dead due to boredoom.

  29. So if you don’t have internet, what do you do? If the console brakes, are you just screwed? If you buy a new one do you have to rebuy the games? What’s wrong with disks anyway? It just seems pointless to me, and I’m a big Xbox fan. It just doesn’t seem worth it. Unless the games become hella cheap, there’s no point to it.

    1. The internet speed is my problem. Downloading a big game can easily hit over 4 hours for my internet.

      Thats why I’m against. I have a 2.62 MB internet.

      Microsoft thinks that people have 30MB internet. ;P thats why they fail.

      1. Even with the best Internet speeds out there, it’s simply no match for a 15-20 gigabyte game (and game sizes are growing). Even with the fastest Internet, that’s going to take a long time to download. And heaven forbid the download process gets interrupted. For most people, it’s ridiculous that they will have to wait days for their games to download, and PLUS have the game take up hefty storage space on their console.

    2. they simply want to cut out the manufacture market and the distributer

      In short they are doing this entierly out of greed

      cutting out the manufacture market for CDs will cost alot of jobs but save them alot of money since they no longer have to spend like 1 doller on a disk and by cutting out game shops and online shops they do not have to ship thier products anymore again costing jobs and saving very little money

      MS have always been a very very greedy company and i’ve cursed thier system ever since the very first xbox and I swore to people that something like this would happen

      they have deformed the gaming world completely

      any old school gamer woudl liekly agree that they would prefer to go back to the N64 and PS1 days to early ps2 and gamecube

      MS are simply greedy and simply wish to make sure that they not only can afford to by 300 Ferraris every day but also make sure that they can also buy a Mars bar aswell

  30. If this article is true then Microsoft is a major fail and will die and sink.

  31. If this is true (which tbh, I really doubt it) then i am 100% NOT buying a 360. I think this is the dumbest decision Microsoft could make. I will never go over to only buying all my games online. I like having the disk, being able to play even if I’m not connected to the internet, and being able to trade the games in to GameStop or EB Games. I personally find buying games online annoying, and quite frankly, I’d rather go to the store and actually talk to someone behind a counter.

    However, I really don’t believe this for a second. If it really was the “the strictest NDA” then obviously it wasn’t strict enough for somebody lol, because someone still spilled the beans. I mean, I guess it is possible, but if it is revealed, then Microsoft will get no more support from me in terms of the XBox

  32. So that eliminates any backwards compatability too.

    Oh well. I’m sure it could do well. I mean look how well the PSP Go did!

    1. Eliminates backwards compatability and allows them to say oh dont worry you can play your old games on this sytem you just have to buy them again and download them


      Greed nothing but absolute fucking greed
      thats all MS have ever been

      1. Thats why they have the richest CEO of the world… the CEO is so greedy they rip-off people and take their money just to buy more Emeralds and Gold and sell it… just for more money ;)

        People think the more money you have the more powerful you are… thats not a fact.

  33. Future Xbox = PSP Go but on a console.

    PSP Go was downloadable purely and no one bought it… this is a bad move.

  34. Does Microsoft know what happened to the PSP Go?

    PSP Go failed and was discontinued while the old PSP still went. My internet is about 2.7 and I can play games online non glitch… but when it comes to updates its boredom… it takes forever… now imagen a game! it will take forever! and on a big game release like Mass Effect or CoD, everyone will try to download and some downloads will take so long and some will fail to download.

  35. I’d rather buy pre-owned games for a lower price than buy a digital version that stays at a constant £40

    1. I buy pre-owned sometimes and it’s not much different to a normal expect from very few scratches.

      Pre-owned are simply a bargain. Should i get a pre-owned worth $5 or a new worth $20? Pre-owned all the way, just a few scratches and I will get a few scratches with in the first few days of a new ;)

  36. If this is real then I want the next Xbox to die and be blown up with fire.

    Microsoft believes that the PSP Go was in fact a GOOD and now want to make a copy of it, also they believe that everyone has 20MB internet speeds. Yesh… my friends and me have internet speeds in the area of 2-5 MB.

  37. Well fuck that! I love my Xbox 360 right but if the next console goes digital, I’m done with Xbox all together. Here’s hoping that the Wii U and PS4 doesn’t jump to all digital.

    1. Wii U is not going all digital anyway, its working off real game disks. ;) Some downloadable content just like PSN.

  38. My download speed is 30mbps so I would have no problem with this but there is no way I would pay the fee for XBL, and I love getting a new game from the store or getting one as a gift.

    1. Buying a game in store is way funner anyway. You meet new people, you have people who are payed and have jobs.

      In the future if this happens then the unemployed will be much higher because of the lack of games being sold in-store.


    Sony and Nintendo 4 ever.

      1. Just get off this site and stop insulting people with such offensive messages.

        Otherwise I will report you because you keep repeating this.

  40. A PSN tragic will completely destroy the next Xbox.

    It has happened with Sony and Xbox… The future Xbox network would be a target for hackers.

  41. Yeah, not everyone has wifi access within a reasonable distance. Way to shove a big, thropping cock up their asses.

  42. MyNintendoNews… Now they don’t even now what they write!

    They didn’t say that all the games will be downloadable, they just said that the next xbox will not use discs, it will use a sort of cartdriges like on handleds.

  43. dis idea is a huge fail cuz downloading games will requir masive download speeds. and et i have slow internet.

    (This writing style is not how i write, it’s just a style. Right everyone ;))

  44. I wud not minds if downloading dah games was cheaper but it seams dah same price or more than dah physical copy.Alsos wen me download a game on dah vita it takes long time even though me got fast internets.

  45. lol i predicted consoles using proprietary cards. the games being downloadable/ being on proprietary cards means that there will be no real limit to how much content can be in the game. that’s fantastic news if you didn’t know…

  46. Yeah, good job, Microsoft, trying to shut others out of business while at the same time, you’re more than likely to have a huge piracy problem, therefore also losing money for yourselves.

    1. “trying to shut others out of business”
      …you mean publishers? If they suffer because they can’t publish and fail to expand in other sectors of the industry, then too bad. The developer will still get money, which is what really matters.

      Piracy, on the hand, yeah, it’s a far more ‘real’ issue in this regard.

  47. That will be intersting to see. I think it is too risky to have a download only console at this point. Too much oppurtunities for hackers to interfere. There is also the possibility of Microsoft remotely shutting down your console if you do something to infringe on their patent or whatever.
    We’ll have to wait and see how this unfolds.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  48. If this is true I hope that no other companies follow their example. I enjoy going to the store and getting a physical copy of a game.

  49. this would be more convenient. and if you think about it pc games are mostly downloaded and they’re cheaper than console games… so yeah if download was there main form of selling the next box games then they would definatly competively price them with the competiotion because one they don’t have to go through the cost of manufacturing the discs and cases and two they dont have to go through the retailers to sell there product so they could drastically cut the price for the games and still make a good profit

  50. I know this is going to fail.

    1) People trying to download a new game (say, COD Black Ops 3), and since many people play it at the same time, just downloading it would take HOURS, maybe even DAYS, to pull off the capability to play. It took me an hour just to download TF2, imagine what would happen if over 9 million people attempt to download a new game…

    2) Gaming stores will go out of business, and that means – if Sony and Microsoft is doing that – then NINTENDO WILL BE THE ONLY GAMING COMPANY TO HAVE BUYABLE CONTENT! And places like Gamestop and the already sadly failing GAME will lose sellers for the capability for DLC. And that means game buying will be LIMITED.

    I just know it is going to fail. If no disk drive, then Microsoft is going to FAIL.

    1. Oh, and if it is cartridges, then people are just going to leave Microsoft. Remember when the N64 got backlash because it used cartridges? Yeah, cartridges are too old for home consoles, even though the 3DS uses cartridges, but seriously?! Why switch to cartridges?! And if it is tiny like 3DS cartridges, then it would be hard to find! If Microsoft decides to use something like the Famicom Disk System did, then…my god…

      But Microsoft may be just trying to gather nostalgia fanatics by using CARTRIDGES!

  51. 5 Reasons Why This Is A Bad Idea, Microsoft:

    1. You’ve just abandoned any hope of Xbox 360 backwards-compatibility for your current Xbox 360 owners.

    2. Not everyone wants to download many-gigabyte-sized games all the time.

    3. Downloading these games, which grow bigger in size every year, will quickly take up space, and thus, force gamers to buy more storage space. (Even a terabyte hard drive will be quickly reduced down by several 10-20 gigabyte-sized games, and game sizes are growing bigger and bigger.)

    4. The already-struggling retail stores worldwide are going to hate you. Period.

    5. To have a console faster than disc-based consoles, you’ll necessarily need to use expensive solid-state drives to support your console, and to since SSDs are very limited in their size, that’ll make gamers have to invest in storage media, which would all drive the price of the console up.

    To be honest, I don’t think we’ll ever see the day we just forgo physical media altogether. A world free from physical media is something people think it’s futuristic, but it’s impractical and I don’t see it ever being the reality, just like the concept of flying cars–cool to think about, but highly impractical to live with.

    We’ll always bog down our computing speeds and storage spaces, and the Internet will never be both fast and common enough to keep everything on a download-only basis. The moment we make progress in download speeds and hard drive storage, we find ways to quickly eat it away.

    At the end of the day, a disc is direct and saves a consumer both time and storage space. Plus, people like doing things like being able to let a friend borrow a game from them or being able to sell their physical copy of the game when they’re done afterwards. Can’t do that too easily with DLC.

  52. finally doing away with shitty discs that scratch or break they should have done this with xbox 360 s.

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