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Mario Party 9 Review

So who would have thought we would be at the ninth edition of the immensely popular Mario Party series? Thankfully, Mario Party 9 once again delivers fun by the bucket-load. Whether you’re embarking on the satisfactorily long single player mode, or you’ve got some friends round to play the Party Mode, Mario Party is billed as the ultimate party game and on that front it absolutely delivers.

What’s the background story?

You and your four acquaintances will be competing against each other on an interactive board to collect Mini Stars which the inexplicably evil Bowser, and his bunch of malicious cohorts, have stolen. You’ll need to get these mini stars back at all costs, and once you do, you’ll then be crowned the Super Star.

So what do you actually do?

You’ll traverse an interactive board game which is littered with mini stars and mini games. It’s your job to collect more mini stars than your rival. You’ll roll a dice which will determine how many steps you can make on the board. Some of the squares contain mini stars and other squares can deduct mini stars. Other squares will contain interactive mini games that utilise the Wii Remote in many unique ways.

So what do these mini games involve?

There are eighty mini games to be found in Mario Party 9 which will find players making pizzas, riding dolphins, shooting through hoops, escaping haunted mansions, and even racing snowmobiles. The mini games themselves are fun, accessible and simple and can be practised before you take the plunge. You’ll be flicking, waving and tilting the Wii Remote in plenty of unusual ways in a desperate attempt to beat your rival.

So what’s lacking?

I was initially going to give Mario Party 9 a score of nine, as it is immensely entertaining, but after some thought I’ve decided to dock half a point due to the lack of an online mode. In my opinion it’s a missed opportunity from Nintendo. However, you would be hard pressed to find as many games that deliver the fun, charm and sheer enjoyment you’ll get from Mario Party 9, and for that reason alone this game comes highly recommended.


28 thoughts on “Mario Party 9 Review”

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    1. mario party 9 has a lots of fan but the thing that i dislike is that u travell with all the group on a car

      1. I really don’t hate the concept of traveling on one car because going solo/ separate ways always make me get bored because it takes awhile for my friends to decide on where they’re going… Mario Party 9 looks fun :D

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  1. Mr Emcee ClapYoHandz

    the car is a good idea. instead of going in a circle on a small board, the new game has larger maps that dont go in a circle. ur actuLly going somewhere so it feels like ur making progress so it doesnt get boring

  2. It looks really fun. What I’m worried about though is the replay value. Since this time around it’s partially styled like an adventure game, the game might get boring once you’ve traversed every land and seen every gimmick each level has to offer.

  3. I’ve glad Mario Party 9 came out as a great game. Although it doesn’t have online mode, Mario Party has always been a game you played next to friends. Actually most Nintendo games are like that.


    My girl can’t stop playing it. As I reach home “baby, lest play some mario party?”

    This game let everyone likes video games. It’s so fun, funny and so not boring. Even after 10 hours of play. Thanks nintendo this is a well buy.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!!

  5. This is the worst, most non-informative review I’ve ever read. I could probably write the same review and I haven’t even played the game. In fact I could write this same review for literally any Mario Party game.

  6. A very good review. Nice job, Sickr. Sounds like a good game anyone can pick up and enjoy.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  7. I hate it when people say that Mario Party 9 should have online play.
    I’d like it to, but Mario Party is a game that needs the social side of things to be good.
    A 45-minute-long game isn’t something that can be done online, since the system would have to throw in the towel if one guy ragequits. And he will ragequit, because it’s Mario Party.
    And let’s not forget all those random things that throw away people’s stars or give them to other people. In local multiplayer, you can just look to your side and calm your anger with the joyful grinning of your friends. In online multiplayer, there’s nothing at all like that. They may as well be CPU players.
    Even if this problem is averted with voice chat and video functionality, you’ve still got the problem of people inevitably inserting swearing and phallic imagery into a game that’s rated E.
    Mario Party has a very good reason for not being online, now stop hating it.

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  9. I’d give it a 6/10. The original Mario Party gameplay was great as it was, this just missed it completely up. Almost as bad as Advance. Almost.


  11. let me start off with what I like about the game. i like that it has adventure, i also like the mimigames, the boss battles, and bowser making people angry, i also like bowser jr. helping bowser. what i HATE is that they reduced the dice #. They taken characters out like as playable people like boo, dry bones, hammer bro, blopper, toadette, i kinda don’t like the car thing or the mini stars. the original mario party system should be restored. in mario party 10 the characters should return, and the dice should be to 1 to 10. THATS ALL FOLKS i hope u agree with me.

  12. I do agree with you. They’ve replaced the branching, changing boards with what is essentially a line, got rid of the items and powerups, took out the stars and renamed the coins to ‘mini stars’ (as if we wouldn’t notice), made it so there are far fewer minigames per session, and removed players’ freedom to move independently, reducing the strategy to entirely one choice – ‘should I use a slow dice now to screw the next guy in line, or not?’

    What a disappointment.

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