Batman Arkham City Developer Has “Lots Of Exciting Ideas” For Their Next Project

Rocksteady, the acclaimed development studio behind Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, has told VG247 that it has plenty of exciting ideas for their next project. The fantastic Batman: Arkham City is due to come to Wii U when the system launches sometime after June this year.

“We have lots of exciting ideas about what we want to do next.”

“It’s kind of interesting. When you come to the end, you feel like you’ve put everything in; it’s really convergent, the end of the game. And then when you start a new game it’s diverging, and everything becomes possible again.”

“Immediately we sat down and thought right, what do we do next? And there were so many exciting ideas on the table.”

– Batman Arkham City game director Sefton Hill



  1. If Rocksteady Games develop a new Batman game (or any other DC Comics themed characters), I’m sure it’s gonna be an EPIC blast!


  2. after watching the newer batman movies,i can say strongly i will enjoy kicking ass in the game on Wii U,saying i never did get it for the other consoles


  3. Green Lantern PLEEEEAAAASE. hes my favorite super hero. he should get a real game(not that movie game crap rise of the man hunters). and if not GL then they should do a Superman game.


  4. Kinda hoping they do a Batman game where you are in Gotham city, free roam where you have chances to save citizens and prevent robberies and such. That would be awesome.


    1. So essentially a modern Spider-Man 2, but with Batman. The problem with the secondary tasks in that game is they were pretty shallow and got repetitive quickly. Since the most exciting part was swinging around the city, players like myself saw these side-missions as stolen exploration time.

      I would definitely trust Rocksteady to give a wide variety of deeper missions in a sandbox Gotham.


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