Latest Batch Of Wii U Rumours

More speculation and rumours about the Wii U have come from a member of the popular gaming forum Neogaf. The forum member claims that 720p appears to be the best resolution for games that use the Wii U second screen intensively, and that the controller displays games at a maximum resolution of 480p.

  • 720p seems to be the sweet spot for definition with games running Wii U controller-intensive visuals
  • Wii U controller handles 480p
  • Wii U controller allows for viewing of on-TV action from another angle in some games
  • Seems that there are some third-party ports using this idea for gameplay
  • V5 dev kit is a little more powerful than V4, but doesn’t make for 1080p in these situations
  • Games can benefit from a slight visual boost over 360/PS3 and may run at a higher resolution
  • More simple titles may be able to run 1080p in conjunction with the controller


    1. Thanks, but this was posted on March 15th. There’s been absolutely no word from Rockstar regarding Grand Theft Auto V coming to Wii U. I’m 100% certain it will do, but the article states that Rockstar has announced it, when they haven’t.

      1. Wait I’m confused… It says “720p appears to be the best resolution for games that use the Wii U second screen intensively, and that the controller displays games at a maximum resolution of 480p.”? Are you saying games will come in different resolutions or can be set to different resolutions? And the controller only works best when games are at 720p?

        Sorry, but I doubt Nintendo will do that. The resolutions shouldn’t matter or be something you have to think about. Just like graphics, it’s something that should be there but shouldn’t matter in a game.

        1. 720p is a “sweet spot” for games that must render both the graphics on the television and on the controller’s screen. Graphically-intensive games would struggle at 1080p when the hardware has to essentially render the software twice.

          Games will not have a selectable resolution. The only say you have in that is whether you use component, composite, or HDMI cables. The controller’s screen can only render at 480p, which is fine considering it’s only 6″ diagonal. The difference between 480p and 720p on a screen that size is negligible, especially since I doubt Nintendo went overboard with the controller’s ppi count.

          And please, graphics and (to a somewhat lesser extent) resolution matter a ton in gaming. You don’t sound intelligent dismissing them like that.

      1. Reggie also said repeatedly that it displays in full 1080p at the last E3 so I doubt they changed it.

        1. XBox displays in full 1080p and yet most games run 720 or lower. Wii U has to stream graphics to the controller as well as the screen, so the console’s extra “power” over current-gen HD consoles is a lot less dramatic than you’d think.

            1. 1080i is silly. Interlaced video doesn’t mix well with LCD (or plasma) screens. When you’re talking about a digital format, progressive scan is a given.

  1. I really hope they can work in 1080p graphics with heavy controller use. That would be absolutely amazing. I know 720p is HD but I really would want 1080p if possible. Please Nintendo and 3rd parties, find a way to make the system work!

  2. ” 720p appears to be the best resolution for games that use the Wii U second screen intensively” intensively huh? So most games won’t be full 1080p…only “simple titles”

    1. No, using the screen as a map or inventory menu would not be considered “intensively”. Most games (mainly third parties) will still be 1080p, even if these rumors turn out to be true.

    1. the controller resolution doesnt really matter since its a small screen anyways so it would look good automatically, intensively it can go up to 720p, and ports will look slightly better at 1080p anyways thats the best its gonna get unless they build the game up from scratch, u can have the world’s strongest computer but a PS2 game will still look like a PS2 game running on it, even with all the settings turned up, and the resolution will add more visually but not mindblowingly

  3. Sorry but I think this has been proven false. Did not Nintendo say that they could use atleast one controller without making the graphics any weaker and that they were working to make it work with 2?

    1. It really depends on what the controller is being used for. If it is just being used as a personal map / inventory or as a simple touchscreen with buttons then multiple controllers and / or full resolution should be no problem. However, if you are rendering full HD on the TV, rendering a second 480 screen will start to tax the graphics card and the wireless connection to the controller. Doubly so for multiple controllers.

  4. I’m sorry but if this is true, Wii U just lost the graphics war, just like it’s predecessor. I very very much assume that the next stage is all games being 1080p+ and if the Wii U doesn’t step up to the mark, even if it makes room for huge innovation, I will abandon Nintendo forever. I love Ninty but if they are going to keep failing me, I just can’t invest in their products just for the name. Has anyone ever told them that, while having a brain is good, it’s fairly important to use it?

    1. It will still use 1080p. Besides, what if the Xbox and PlayStation successors go through the same thing of being barely powerful than their predecessors and therefore, only using 1080p yet 720p is still the sweetspot for them?

    2. Calm down its just rumors…I wouldn’t abandon Nintendo but I would like the games to run in 1080p and the graphics to come close to Sony and microsofts next gen consoles but either way Nintendo makes good games so I’ll buy it.

      1. Its just graphics. Abandoning a company just because it doesn’t have that good graphics? Like seriously…

          1. I have a wii and the games like smg and Zelda have really good gameplay but it would also be nice to have games with hd 1080p graphics, good online, and 60 fps plus continued 3rd party support even after Microsoft and Sonys new consoles come out..Nintendo needs to be up to snuff with Sony and Microsoft this generation maybe only slightly different in terms of power….I love Nintendo and will always buy there products but is that really to much to ask?

    3. I highly doubt that rumor is true. We all know that Nintendo’s Wii U will use native 1080p graphics on today’s HDTVs. It’s just the 720p resolution that’s coming from the Wii U’s uPad (tablet controller). Let’s not forget the fact that the big N have given developers the final Dev Kit while tweaking out a few things that will be added (and possibly a new name). Nintendo will win the graphics war whether you except it or not.

      “Never believe what you’ve read on the internet.”
      -Jerry Lambert as Kevin Butler: VP of ______________.

      1. is that rumor still floating around that Nintendo is considering changing the name of the Wii U?

    4. Graphics has hit saturation, and Nintendo is no longer the only developer who will tell you this. You should pay more attention to what’s going on.

  5. I think this is bullshit. I won’t believe anything until I hear it from Nintendo themselves. They should be aiming for standard 1080p on the console, 720 on the controller, if possible.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. 720p on the controller? You’re wanting too much from the controller. It still looks good, even in 480p.

      1. 480 it is then. Thanks for the correction. I really want this console to have native 1080p. It seems like it’s a no brainer but we’ll have to wait to hear from Nintendo themselves.

    2. 480 would be fine for the controller. You wont notice that much of a difference on that small of a screen.

    3. I’m also gonna wait until Nintendo say something about it. But these numbers mean nothing. We’ve seen the Zelda Tech Demo playing on WiiU controller on the last E3, it was amazing, looked like 1080p for me, nobody said it looked poor or in lower resolution. Also, uncharted 3 (for example) has outstanding graphics and its resolution is 720p only, it has better graphics than a lot of games with 1080p.

      1. The tech demo did look good but I can’t really judge it since I didn’t see it in person.

        1. did you hear from people who did see it in person that it looked like cheap technology? and come on, we got HD screen in our computer, we’d have noticed, for sure.

          1. Lol I know but seeing gameplay that is recorded and experiencing it first hand are usually totally different things. It looked good.

      2. True. It looks like it doesn’t matter how much power you have, it’s how you use that power.

  6. I thought the Wii U was supposed to outperform ps3/360 easily… This basically makes it an equal only thing added is a touch controller… I begin my doubts on this system riiiigggghhhhttt…. NOW!

  7. I’m hoping none of this is true and the information we get directly at Nintendo E3 blows our minds, but that’s just being optimistic.

  8. Well, let’s put things into perspective for a bit… Wii has been so cheap compared to everything else so far because it’s a very basic system compared to ps/xbox/pc. maybe only going from 480 to 720 is a good choice and will allow for the price to be around $300. Because in my opinion the new controller would be the only reason for it to be priced a bit more than ps3. So if these are the specs, then any more than $300 in my opinion is sad.

  9. I really think they could spend another year to make this system AMAZING. I would be fine with that…

  10. I just read this on gaf. While it was presented well, this contradicts developers who have outright spoken about the system they’re working on. Unless this is a developer currently working on the Wii U hardware, I’d avoid anything any nameless person says.

    For example, there were the rumor saying the next xbox would be 2x more powerful than the Wii U, but we know jack about either system, and even developers wouldn’t know the exact specs even if they’re finalized. Even the people working on the hardware wouldn’t know since they develop their tech individually and Nintendo is the one in the middle. IBM doesn’t stick their noses in AMD’s work and vice verse; it’s Nintendo who is coordinating the development.

  11. for the first year of the systems lifespan 360 and ps3 will be running with it on multiplats so all 3rd party multiplats will be 720p max

    none of the current Gen systems play 1080p games and anyone who says they do is obviosuly a troll or a moron

    Im not exspecting the Wii U to have Definate 1080p Resolution and to be honest we dont need it either
    Nintendo has always had a habbit of taking what they have and making it do amazing things
    what they acomplished with the 64 and the Gamecube was impressive and even the Wii managed to pull out a few surprises that nobody exspected were possible

    my point is simply that if the Specs of this system are not soo far ahead of the times that it merits a 500 pound price tag thats a very good thing
    even if its only three times more powerful than a 360 that is more than enough for its lifespan

    we dont need super powered consoles thats what pc’s are for
    and game development only goes so far with modern technology

    does anyone here really think that Game graphics are really going to progress significantly in the next 10 years

    the jump from ps1 to ps2 and ps2 to ps3 were big leaps in technology
    but that is litterally how far it can go for now
    Graphically we are not going to see any signifigant improvment in the next Gen
    sony know this and its partly why they do not want a new system yet and Microsoft are only upgrading because they backed the wrong Cd format and are starting to loose titles because of it

    heck im half exspecting the next xbox system to be more or less as powerful as the Wii U but with the only big difference being a bigger Cd format or complete digital distribution

    the point is though Reguardless of how powerful this Wii U system is
    I can guarentie Nintendo will have more than a few tricks hidden up thier sleave reguarding what its truley capable off

    1. “Graphically we are not going to see any signifigant
      improvment in the next Gen” try telling that to the guys at epic, if what they’re saying about the Unreal 4 engine is to believed then we have an at least moderately significant leap in graphics ahead of us. The race for better graphics will level out next gen, I believe, but then a new one would have to begin: the incorporation of those graphics.

      I’m no tech geek, so you can rage on me if I’m totally wrong on this, but I’d bet you the ps3 could pull of photo-realism. But how much? not more than a small room possibly less, I think. So then the battle won’t be “Who has the best graphics”, but “Who has the most of the best graphics.” The race to have larger areas, more onscreen action, a larger capacity for how many people can play online on one server. What could start out as Just trying to get a small photo-realistic battleground could lead to trying to get huge cities that are photo-realistic a few years down the road.

      These are just my predictions, however. I’m no industry annalist so my ramblings could never come to pass.

  12. first things first their 10DEV kits we are only hearing about 5 of them probly wont hear about the rest of the power of Wii U untell E3 wear thay plan on realseing the true power of Wii U there will be mutch droning then on Xbox and PS for not anouncing new systoms

  13. um yah…. havn’t devs come outright and said ” it easily runs 1080p 60 fps with the controller” yah neogaf forums are good for speculation but this…. HELL NO lol

  14. They say that 720 is the sweet spot for any Wii U game that uses intensive controller graphics. Nowhere in that sentence did they say that 720 was the max for a Wii U game, nor did they say that the sweet spot applied to any Wii U game that didn’t have controller-intensive graphics. I bet all of you guys just saw the number 720 and immediately concluded that the Wii U can only do 720p graphics. This does not reflect well upon you guys, I hope you know. As for the 480p controller, we already knew this was the case back then, and it makes more sense money wise to do this anyway. We’ll just have to wait till E3; it’s a much shorter wait now than it was a year ago, so don’t jump to conclusions so fast.

    1. THIS.

      by INTENSIVE, that means something where both the console and the controller are both displaying separate, highly detailed polygonal images.

      that’s A LOT to ask of the Wii U hardware and deal with it in real time while maintaining maximum resolution.

      people are so quick to glance at numbers and jump to an emotional conclusion based on nothing

      its like saying a 6000 horsepower steam locomotive from the 1940’s is more advanced than a 500 horsepower modern sports car.

      it’s not about the numbers being bigger that makes good, capable technology, it’s about how the machine is built and what sort of experience its meant to deliver.

      theres no reason whatsoever to be fearful of the Wii U’s capabilities in terms of horsepower at this point.

      1. Pretty much.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if the Wii U was an Xbox 360 x1.5. As far as this 1080p business goes, I bet Nintendo/a-select-few-third-party-studios release a few titles in 1080p. Sounds about right for Nintendo.

        Or 1080p could be bs. Nintendo has lied before.

  15. People,does anyone know if Nintendo is still considering changing the name of the Wii U?

  16. Those stats dont seem to impressive imo. We’ve been there and done that. I dont think these rumors are even scratchin the surface of WiiU’s true potential

  17. people dont panick, alls good, even if this is true, it is referring only to games where the tablet is requiring really heavy use like panorama view but even more use of the controller (somehow)

  18. Everyone read my post before you start worrying.

    If devs do lots of things with the controller then the games will run in 720p on the TV screen and 480p on the Upad, if devs only used the Upad for weaker stuff like maps, items, etc then games will be able to run in full 1080p.

    Plus I don’t think lots of devs will Scarface power over the controller, lots of devs will most likely use it as maps, items, etc.

    The Wii U supports full 1080p HD and the only thing that would bring it down to 720p is if devs use the controller for lots of things.

    P.S this rumor was made off NeoGAF, not a dev or anyone that’s saw lots of the Wii U before anyone else has.

    1. Wow like 720P is the future!

      Really, most Xbox/PS3 games are 720P and 1080P is the future.

      I hope this is false because 1080P is epic quality.

      1. Actually there’s so much 360/PS3 games are sub HD, which is 540p, the Wii U true power will be 1080p and if this rumor is right then all games that are using full power of the controller will be full 720p, other then that most Wii U games will be 1080p.

        And this is coming from NeoGAF, anyone can make up stuff and say they are legit.

        Nintendo knows the Upad won’t give the Wii U as much success as the Wiimote did and if they made the Wii U weak they would pretty much destroy there chances of winning next gen.

        I really hope the Wii U is future proof.

  19. This is a non issue. I gonna make a rumor now. The Wii U will utilized the controller to control your house. Nintendo are entertaining a deal with various company to create systems for your home that will work with it. You will be able to turn your lights on or off without affecting game play. This will not affect the pricing of the Wii U. See how easy it is to start a rumor.

    1. i know
      the gaming media uses rumors like this to start up a article just to get money and we gamers suffer for it. thats why Nintendo Power, Playstation Magazine, and Xbox Magazines still exist, because they dont make up false rumors.

      1. Very true. How can you take someone on a forum serious? Even if it is true, it is on a forum.

  20. Here’s the thing… the Wii U bird Demo was running in 1080p at least 30 fps… “extensively” using the controller screen to look around as well … running in 30 fps… with some frame dips… now if a Dev. would rather have the game running in 60 FPS… then of course cutting the resolution to 720p is the easiest way to do that… but this thing has more than enough power to put out. … especially since that demo was a year ago…. and it’s even more powerful now.

  21. I really hope these rumors are false. E3 can’t come soon enough. Does anyone know the date of when Nintendo presents at E3?

    1. Nintendo always presents there E3 conference after Microsoft and Sony, they are basically last. i wana say in the first week of June

  22. I don’t care about rumours.

    I know the Wii U is gonna be awesome.

    All we need now is a release date. Anyway, who cares about the graphics? The actual gameplay is what matters.

  23. This source is from GAF and being taken out of context which is just sloppy. Putting this into context, this is what supposedly one third party developer is experiencing using software designed for other consoles not optimized for the Wii U. This is not the limitations of the system, and it is early yet with developers still feeling out the system which means that we might not see actual improvements for some time until they understand it better.

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  25. my concern with the wii u is the contoller. can the games be played with a regular controller and how comfortable is the tablet controller.
    as for graphics 720p or 1080p is not the entire story. improving processing speed,memory,and the ability not to over heat are new gen consoles needs to improve frame rates,draw distance,amount of content,and overall game performance.

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