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Coro Coro Magazine Teams Up With Nintendo To Produce This Ultra Rare Nintendo 3DS Console

Japanese monthly comic magazine Coro Coro will be commemorating its thirty-fifth anniversary by teaming up with Nintendo to produce this special Nintendo 3DS system. Details on how consumers can get this special edition Nintendo 3DS console will be announced in the magazine’s May issue, which is due on April 14th.



  1. It’s looks pretty cool. With all these customised 3DSes being released it’s hard to decide which one to go with. Collectors must be having a hard time.

    Leave luck to heaven.


  2. Here is a list of all the 3DS Console designs i’m aware of:

    Cosmo Black
    Aqua Blue
    Flare Red
    Ice White
    Coral Pink
    Cobalt Blue

    Zelda 25th Anniversary
    Metal Gear Solid
    Kingdom Hearts
    Fire Emblem
    Heroes of Ruin
    Monster Hunter Tri G
    Dragon Quest
    SD Gundam G
    Super Special Love Plus Edition

    Mario Themed 3DS
    Peach Themed 3DS
    Toad ‘Super Mushroom’ 3DS


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