Hideo Kojima’s Son Wanted Snake In Smash Bros, Nintendo Said OK

It’s been revealed that famed developer Hideo Kojima managed to get Snake into Smash Bros purely because his son desperately wanted to see him in the game. Kojima’s son was disappointed that Snake wasn’t featured in the previous Smash Bros games, so Hideo Kojima had a word with Masahiro Sakurai to ask if he could include him in Smash Brother Brawl. Thankfully Sakurai thought that this was an excellent idea and included him.

“My child likes Super Smash Bros., so we play it a lot together. And he told me that there’s no character that you made in that game.”

“As you know, we did make Twin Snakes, but generally speaking, there hasn’t been a lot of Metal Gear on Nintendo platforms. So from that perspective, I thought it was a good way to expose younger people to this character, Snake,”


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    1. Curse Kojima’s son. I want NO 3rd party characters in what’s supposed to be a game where NINTENDO characters fight eachother.

      1. Adding third-party isn’t TOO bad. As long as their isn’t too much. 5 is the most for me. Besides, at least Snake and Sonic weren’t a waste of space like most clones in the game. I’m looking at you StarFox characters!

        1. The Starfox characters were only clones in Melee. Each character was noticeably different in Brawl

  1. I hope Snake is back in the next Smash Bros.
    He may be the most unfitting character in Brawl, but that’s what makes him so unique.
    [also, he is awesome]

  2. His son was an absolute nob jockey. Who’s next, James Bond? Master Chief? BILLY MURRAY?!

  3. They need to add more to Super Mash Bros. Wii and 3DS, like add Emolga from Pokemon Black and White, Megaman from Capcom, Knuckles, Tails, or Rouge from Sonic, Demise and Ghirahim from Skyward Sword, Krystal from Star Fox Adventures with her Assault costumes also, Waluigi, some characters from Golden Sun, a female Trainer from Black and White, Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts, and Rosalina from Mario Galaxy.

    1. Sonic characters shouldn’t be in smash bros. the game is about showcasing nintendo talent. not show off talent from former rivals now crappy video game manufactures. Snake was originally on the NES so having him on there actually isnt a huge stretch. I think they need to bring back pichu and mewtwo. they could give pichu to pokemon trainer, and mewtwo could round out the pokemon roster with a crew of 3 fighting pokemon. I can agree with Krystal she’d be welcome and round out a the starfox roster with a fourth character. It would be hard for them to do much more for zeld. As much as i love kingdom hearts sora and riku wouldnt do well in this series (trust me i am a kingdom hearts fiend.) they need to add another character from earth bound. It would also be nice to see the return of Dr. Mario. I agree with you on megaman, i’ve actually been surprised they haven’t done him. He’d be kinda a kirby/samus clone though. But still it would be awesome to have him shoot pikachus’s lighting or fire yoshi’s eggs.

      1. I don’t see what’s wrong with having Sonic or peripheral characters in Smash Bros. considering all of the Mario & Sonic games on Nintendo systems. However, I would never want to see these characters in Mario Kart which is more exclusively Nintendo.

        1. The main issue i have is that sonic was never originally on the nintendo. however snake was so it makes more sense for snake than sonic. sonic has only been a recent edition to the nintendo universe and he’s been cross platformed to death. So mainly thats my beef with it. Plus sonic fans can get rather annoying on his insistance on being in everything. I’d rather the series go back to what it was originally intended to be.

      2. then Mario and Sonic shouldn’t have a crossover. Nintendo and Sega has a HUGE PARTNERSHIP! Even though they were rivals for over a decade.

      3. At MOST, third party characters should only take up five character slots, and none from the same series. Sonic and Snake can stay, but no Knuckles, Shadow, Tails, or anyone like that. It is not a Sonic game, it is a Nintendo game. Kingdom Hearts needs to stay the hell out of Smash Bros.
        Megaman could conceivably make it in, and is well deserving of a spot. Krystal and Waluigi are pretty much a lock for the next one, as is Ridley. Mewtwo I can definitely see coming back, seeing as he was intended to be in Smash 64 and Brawl, but Pichu was just worthless, and should stay gone.

        1. You mean like the ice climbers? i was thinking of pichu with pokemon trainer cause it would sorta round out the starter roster and give the pokemon trainer a fourth baby option. Though i suppose the pichu brothers could work.
          With regards to sonic, i dont think nintendo should of ever made that merger to begin with. I cringe everytime i see a sonic game on nintendo. but thats not the point.
          My idea with megaman would be to give him his special absorbing powers and blaster capabilities. His Final smash would either have him summon rush for an aerial attack where he rides around shooting everyone or he’d transform into X and his powers would increase 10 fold for as long as the final smash was active. it’d work out so well that way.

  4. I say thank you to Hideo’s son. Hopefully we see more Metal Gear on Nintendo platforms.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. That’s exactly what’s great about Nintendo, a father and son can play games together and have fun. This what people who dislike Nintendo don’t understand; it’s a system for everyone to have fun together. Wii = We

  5. We must to kidnap all developers sons !!! and make them work for us mhwahahahahaaha!!
    I want Sonic the Hedgehog tough

  6. Why can’t. U people ever read the article or talk about it? Saying first makes me think you need attention and was molested by your father . Anyways snake was a crappy character in brawl I mained falco and ike. Brawl plus and minus ftw

    1. Why does someone saying “First!” bother you that much? I just ignore those silly comments, read the other ones, and move on with life. Simplicity.

      1. Because he wanted first… those that get really pissed off at it Genuinely wanted first in the first place… making them no better

    1. Oh! HELL YES!! I wish that would happen. I sincerely hope Nintendo is working on that right now.

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  7. here’s a list of characters i’d like to see in the next game. Mewtwo (bring him back please), Pichu (could be used by pokemon trainer to give it a fourth option), Dr. Mario, Megman (X could be his super smash.) Dark Samus, Koopa Troopa, Smithy, Kiddie Kong, Lanky Kong, Dart (fire emblem, GBA) Raphael (Teenage mutant ninja turtles, for the sheer sake of fighting him against mario.) Splinter, Shredder.

    1. Dark Samus can be a costume for Samus.
      What can Koopa Troopa do? No TMNT!
      And I think Donkey and Diddy Kong are enough.

      For Metroid, I think they should add Adam Malkovich and Anthony Higgs. And some of the hunters from Corruption: Rundas, Gandrayda, and maybe Ghor (I think Ghor is too big). Also, did you know Rundas was supposed to be in Brawl, but it was too late in development to add him?

      1. i did not know that. Dark samus has enough of a unique move set that it could work to have a variant from samus, after all we have toon link, who is a shorter clone of link so it’s not out of the realm of possability. The koopa troop could do many things, curl up in its shell and do a rolling shell attack. It could stomp on the enemies and punch them. It’s final smash it could get into it’s mario kart and run everyone over while shooting turtle shells everywhere. As for the kongs, i mention them because the roster is very mario heavy and really doesnt have much in donkey kong’s realm. For metroid i’d like to see some of the hunters but honesly i forgot there names. been a long time since i played corruption. I am not talking raph from the current TMNT i am talking the original one. It would actually fit the style of the game really well to include a few ninja turtle characters and add in a different element. Plus i just want to see a showdown between him and mario.

  8. Cool! That’s a neat story! I liked using Snake from time to time!

    Though, as much as I have enjoy Snake and also Sonic, I hope Nintendo’s doesn’t do the 3rd-party character thing too much. In fact, I hope this next one between the Wii U and the 3DS is purely Nintendo franchises. Why? So that they’ll be forced to draw from past franchises and they’ll have a new generation to introduce those games to–just like they did with Pit and now we’ve got the awesome Kid Icarus: Uprising. Maybe, just maybe, if they put Poo as a playable character in SSB along with the return of Ness, we’ll see a new Earthbound game? Just a wish! And perhaps they could even include some of those new franchises they’re working on into the new SSB game, too–that’d be an awesome way to introduce brand-spanking-new Nintendo characters!

          1. Whoa, you need to watch yourself, you brash simple-minded fool!

            Nintendo4Forever’s comment still addresses nothing about my first comment. So, Snake appeared on a 3DS title. Yeah, I already knew that. But what does that have to do with any part of me saying that I hope this next one between the Wii U and the 3DS is purely first-party Nintendo franchises?

            It doesn’t refute a thing, and really, I’m not even clear what prompted them to say that in context to what I said. If they wanted to present for me to read an argument for just why they’d like to see Snake in the next SSB, then they should’ve provided such, but just commenting “Snake did apppear recently in a 3ds title” as if to say that I somehow alluded to saying something like Snake didn’t appear in a 3DS title is a reply that misses being relevant to the point I made. And I wasn’t rude to this person in any way, so I simply did not merit that ill-mannered response from you.

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            See, My Nintendo News? This is why you should apply comment control–to prevent morons like this guy from being the stain of the forum.

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              1. it’s really a shame, too, because this is probably the most up-to-date Nintendo news blog out there. Nintendo 3DS Blog is cool, but they can be kinda late on the news at times. This site seems to get it up quicker and more frequently. I shouldn’t have to worry about morons ruining the experience of this otherwise fine news site, you know?

  9. What a nice little story! We all know who to thank now, makes the decision to include Snake a good one rather than a cynical ratings chaser, if anyone saw it like that. If you ask me it’s hopefully set off a trend, because I think we all want Megaman to turn up next, and I’m hoping for Nights too (and Banjo Kazooie, but I know I can forget about that 1!)

  10. D: when is roy comeing back. and nice idea huge respect for the kid now just ask for raiden the cool silver hair guy with the sword :D LOL

  11. 3rd party characters are a good thing to add. It attracts people who like other games besides Nintendo’s. It’s a good marketing strategy.

  12. they need to put dark samus in as samuses special move put mega man in bring back mewtwo and maybe add tails!

  13. Sonic should be confirmed for this one, too. besides, Brawl was the first SMB game to introduce 2 characters from other companies. why not do both snake and sonic again? only this time, make sonic a bit less shitty. his voice actor right now is Roger Craig Smith. they should ask him if he wants to do the voice again, this time in a Smash Bros. title. also, this better mean the revival of the smash bros. dojo website.

  14. Also, solid snake is the most badass stealth master there is. :3 well, aside from ezio auditore da firenze.

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