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Check Out This Sweet Kid Icarus Uprising Weapons Infographic

Nintendo infographic - Kid Icarus Uprising

Courtesy of Nintendo. Kid Icarus: Uprising is available on the Nintendo 3DS

To give you more insight into the breadth and depth of Pit’s arsenal, Nintendo have created a handy info graphic for Kid Icarus: Uprising. Each weapon type has individual characteristics including attack range and trajectory and how it affects your speed of movement; each weapon also has attributes that influence your battlefield skills. Weapons can be bought, sold and gained through the multiplayer mode and fused together to create even more weapons with unique characteristics.


  1. Very nice, while this information has been outed before it’s always nice to see it compiled in a single article or image. Plus, pretty colors = short attention span constantly met.

  2. Nice…. am soo loving this game. I hope it sells like 5 million copies.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

    1. just 5 million copies.
      With 6,744,508,329 living in the world at lesat the half should have this AMAZING game, even when some of them don’t like videogames or don’t like NINTENDO (Is it possible?).

      1. Sickr, Looks Like Nintendo pulled a Capcom.
        I was relishing every detail of the weapon graphic, when I cam across a spelling error… It’s to the right of “Wolf Claws”, where it talks about “Homing Shots.”… At the end of the description, it says,”making it easier to CORE a hit,” instead of “making it easier to SCORE a hit.”

        Does anyone agree this is an error? Is it no longer a big deal in a texting world for companies to spell check or edit their shit?

        Oh well, very very cool graphic though.

        – Heath

      2. Yes, my post has a spelling error, but I’m not a Huge gaming company, with someone editing and reviewing my every post.

      3. Ha, thanks for letting me know. I hadn’t noticed that! Sounds like a glaring error to me from Nintendo.

      4. Actually you do have someone editing and reviewing your post……..you. People who whine/complain/bitch about something and then do it themselves are annoying and makes them look completely stupid.

  3. This was very helpful. I was unsure of the differences between weapon types. It seemed I tried to use my same style when changing, it would explain why I would die with certain weapon types, yet manage to live with others on higher intensity/multiplayer games.

  4. This is good for starters, but those are not all of the weapons. I’ve already gotten more that aren’t in that image. Think of Borderlands when you think of the guns, but with more varied designs.

    1. That’s the point; this is a starter. They obviously don’t want to spoil the game by inputting the hundreds of weapons in the game into one infographic. If you want that much information just buy the game.

  5. I wish I woulda got this some days ago >_< but right now my favorite has to be the darkness bow. It just appeals to me

  6. That’s some serious firepower. I like my characters to weild swords though.

    Leave luck to heaven.


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