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EA Nominated For A Golden Poo Award

Online publication The Consumerist has listed a number of companies that have been nominated for the award for The Worst Company In America 2012. Publisher and developer EA is in the running for the award and you’ll be able to vote for the company tomorrow. EA will be up against US firm ComCast and polls for each match will remain open for 12 hours. If you’re not an EA fan that be sure to vote here.

49 thoughts on “EA Nominated For A Golden Poo Award”

    1. i know right! ea fuckin sucks, all they know how to do is screw up need for seep, make madden 2030, and makes the most shitty ass wii games!

      1. Nope.. I started buying Preowned since then…. Because I find that cruel… And besides I never play online… Because online is for pussies

      1. Gotta agree with apple being a poor company. $1200 dollars for a laptop that I can get for $400, throw linux on for free, and set up to look and act just like a mac, except faster and with less crashing? Iphones and Ipods rock though :) I just don’t like their business model of charging more than what its worth, forcing hardware upgrades down people throats, and claiming they invent stuff that they didn’t and suing people for making similar products that they stole in the first place. Yeah bad maybe, but I REALLY wouldn’t put them on a worst company list. Microsoft is much worse at being a company….

    1. Obviously Apple is worse you dumb shit people have voted that. Apple overcharges for everything though iPad 3 is fairly priced but the old ones weren’t.

    2. Google is a singular noun, so “are” should switch to “is.”

      You don’t need an apostrophe in “fanboys” because there is not any possession.

      If you really liked Apple, capitalize it. It’s a company, after all.

      Also…PCs were made by Windows, not Google.

      I’m so proud of you, Tom!

  1. Selling unlock codes for BF3 online. I spent hundreds of hours using crappy guns and grinding co-op to get them, and now you can buy them for 5$

    F*** EA

      1. My friends account was hacked twice from paypal. Security is an issue, but I wouldn’t say worst company because they very quickly refunded him. Security = D- but customer service = B+ !

  2. The worst in Greece is my kebab and pizza shop, cos a little shit called peteriuss work’s here. I keep him on though cos I pay him in Xbox points.

  3. I say PayPal, Comcast, AT&T, and Bank of America. Out of those I say PayPal and AT&T. So finally out of those I believe that PayPal should win (or lose, whatever you wanna call it lol)

    1. My guess is terribad customer service….. Which they seem to be a favorite for. They’ve also been critisized for their employee benifits and competitive wages among other things. Who knows really seems like the bigger you are the more people hate. Look at Facebook you know the whole planet has a Facebook account

    2. Wal-Mart’s terrible for the reasons that other guy posted, plus the fact that they really aren’t that cheap. Some products are, but they have higher prices on a few things to make the balance. You get what you pay for is such a true statement.

      So basically you save no money, you get terrible customer service, and they advertise to you around every corner!

  4. In somewhat related but not really news:

    The Orbis reportedly also does not support used games, does not do backwards compatibility, and does not limit itself to playing only in 1080p, which I guess for all those graphic whores out there, it’s supposedly an upside.

    Remember when games were just products? And not FUCKING SERVICES WHERE YOU HAVE TO PAY FUCKING FEES TO PLAY YOUR GAMES WHICH APPARENTLY YOU WON’T COMPLETELY OWN? This is terrible. I’m not even going to say how they’re supposedly going to lock out used games; you can read all that by yourselves if you haven’t already. I’ll just say this: the PSN might potentially become our worst nightmare should this information come to pass. It’s a weird mix of elitism and oligarchism where the ones who truly profit are the game makers. You know, with their money and all.

    Disclaimer: These are all rumors of course. Easily discreditable rumors when confirmable information arises. Just know that’s exactly what people said regarding the six-inch touchscreen for the Wii U, which also came out two to three months before E3. Almost no part of that rumor turned out to be false.

    1. Also: I am aware that Nintendo can potentially implement the lock-out-used-games feature on the Wii U as well. Loathe I am to admit it, though.

  5. any command and conquer fan already hates EA
    Everyone hates ATnT when u pay extra for good servic, and all they give u is crap.
    and then gamestop, u buy a game, one week old and u try to sell it back for 10 bucks, when it was originally 45. they all should burn in hell

    1. I don’t hate AT&T I’ve been with them for 8 years, I don’t have to pay extra for anything.
      As far as gamestop goes, whoopdty doo. If you have a problem with them then do what I do and give old games to friends. Plus I’m not a graphic whore I can still play old good CnC games.

      1. I totally agree. I’m still trying to figure out why as a C&C fan I should hate ea. I’m also trying to figure out what they based this off of.
        Why isn’t .activision up there? Its seems like a bunch of COD xbox fanboys set this up. I can promise you that if Nintendo was up there it would be voted right to the top.

        1. CNC was gold when westwood studios (their original produceres) were making them, but EA Liquidated Westwood, and now we have russian/america/japanese porn A.K.A Command and COnquer Red Alert 3.

  6. Never heard of a Golden Poo award… I heard of worse film/etc stuff but… Golden Poo award? Lol that name made my lol.

  7. I’m sorry, but how is it that Charter communications is better than Paypal? THE EFF? THOSE GUYS SHUT MY FAMILY’S NET OFF EVERYTIME WE PAID THE BILL AND THEY HAVE MEXICANS RUNNING THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. @_@;

    Also, why Walmart? Walmart over here is freaking amazing. >_>; I’m working there. D;

  8. No Activision? I’d think they’d get promoted for something like this knowing their recent actions.

    Not sure I’d want EA to win this either, don’t recall them doing something too horrible in comparison to any of the other companies listed.

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