GAME Is Saved

Troubled UK retailer GAME which recently went into administration causing multiple store closures has been saved. The video game retailer has been purchased by investment group Opcapita who run electronics store Comet. The deal will keep open 333 stores and save 3,100 jobs.


      1. Staying off all websites until tomorrow and you wont have to worry about what news is real or not lol

  1. Not sure if “saved” is the right word – these are the guys that just recently axed 1000 jobs at COMET. I can’t see how they can afford to take on this extra debt, plus 333 extra stores and 3,100 extra staff payrolls.

      1. Yeah cus thats all it takes, just BE successful, takes a bit more than that, and Comet dont exactly have the best track record…

  2. why save GAME and not GAMESTATION? too bad they lost 100% trust from their customers. They will die anyway

    1. Gamestation are part of GAME Group PLC so therefore will also be saved but many of their stores may close as, sadly, none of them make huge amounts of cash compared to GAME, even at the moment.

      1. yeh i no they are the same group mate. but gamestation was far better in terms of customer service. I loved the retro stuff they sold. Even if GAME do survive, wont be for long. They screwed up alot with pre orders so people now realise its cheaper online. Dunno y people even buy from GAME to begin with?

  3. plus they wont learn and keep charging customers too much for a game i can get 20 quid from tescos…

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  5. So very glad to hear this. Maybe they’ll start stocking some of the big 3DS titles being released, it can only help.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  6. YAY!


    But…. my store closed down and all the stores in the county I live in :(

  7. I’m not sure about the jobs getting saved. Whenever a company undergoes new management, cuts will always be made because the new owners tend to have different standards for their employees.

  8. Unless they start stocking more varied titles (considering their past makes me wonder why a picture of Fire Emblem is up there) at a competitive price (It was cheaper for me to import a english/asian game from playasia in Hong Kong than it was to buy the UK version from Game…WHY?) this news means very little to me except that a small portion of the staff will have their jobs kept (looking at my town they didn’t even pick the ones who actually knew about games so…)

    For those that care. Here is a list of closed and open ones.

    1. You know…

      My local GAME was one of the ones that closed down :(

      And all the other ones In my county :(

      Now I’m left with GAMESTATION which not closed down.

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