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Here’s The First Official Screenshots Of Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion For Nintendo 3DS

Disney has shown off the first images of Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion which is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo Power previously revealed that the game is a follow-up to the classic Sega Mega Drive game Castle of Illusion. Disney has yet to announce a release date for the game which is being developed by Dreamrift.

75 thoughts on “Here’s The First Official Screenshots Of Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion For Nintendo 3DS”

      1. No! It doesn’t look good! I think that you are fully aware of that too. We all love Nintendo, but if this is real we can’t defend it. No matter how much you can enjoy a gameby game, it shouldn’t be made in 2012! Hope its fake.

    1. My thoughts exactly. The 3DS has so much more going for it, but most of the games on it look cheap compared to their console counterparts :(

    1. Get some glasses before you make stupid comments.

      I bet you think fucking NES games look epic too… you stupid blind bastard!

    1. stop beign an ass, its their opinion, if they want great graphics on a game with great gameplay let them, its going to be their purchase in the end, not yours.

      you make it seem like you’re the one buying the game for everyone.

      and I agree,Mickey on the SNES looked better. than this smh.

      1. And who the fuck are you? Fucking Ghandi?

        Get off your moral high-horse before i cap the bastards legs with an AK-47

        1. Nothing but empty threat.

          Grow up and stop being a moron before your action get you in trouble with the police and the law.

      2. Yeah, I shouldn’t have called them ” idiots”.

        It just annoys me when people judge a game purely on it graphics when it should be on game play.

  1. It looks bad because it is blown up so much. A 3DS screen is not near that size, and the game will look good scaled down.

  2. Anybody notice how that thing that has pete’s faces on it (second picture) looks like a thromp from Mario?

      1. In the top right corner it shows the eTickets from the original game. That answers the coin question.

  3. I seriously hope you guys aren’t serious about being graphics whores while being Nintendo fans of all things. It’s a sequel to Castle of Illusion, so the devs thought to use 16-bit sprites in respect of the series. It’s the devs’ choice, not yours. And if you say it’s gay, then that’s your opinion. You’re entitled to it, but you’re still wrong, as sprites are ageless, while 3D models are outdated quickly. Would you rather have a game that would age horribly within a few years because of the heavily outdated models? Do you think Super Mario 64 looks good compared to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island? No? Then hush up.

    1. It still looks bad. The GBA had better looking games. If they want to use sprites that’s okay, but the graphics could look much crisper than that.

  4. Personally I’m liking the 16bit look. As long as it plays well could care less how cutting edge the graphics are. The £D classics have proven that 3D is a nice little touch to games like this

    Also…Scrooge McDuck!

  5. It looks pretty nice to me. It has a retro look to it. I’m not really interested in all things Disney anymore, so I don’t care anymore.

    Now, if they made a remake of The Great Mystery Circus, then I’d be all over it.

  6. The thing to remember about the “illusions” games is. They were all animated by Disney animators themselves. So every frame is how Mickey would look in the toons etc.

  7. Wow, it really does look like castle of illusion. Great for old school gamers like me, but I somehow doubt new gamers will like the classic look. Meh, as long as its fun to play it doesnt matter to me.

  8. I’m more excited for this than the console versions, to be honest. Nice to see more platforming games on the 3DS.

    And seeing Nintendo fans whine about graphics, especially the ones shown here, is hilarious. You expect others to take what you say to heart, right? Difference between art direction and graphics, remember?

  9. Are you sure that this isnt a GBA game?
    Because the graphics look REALLY SHIT!

    No way would i buy this rubbish… and if someone gave me a free copy, i would use it to smash off their stupid face and piss on their brains!

  10. Is that like the difference between stupid, and really fucking pointless?

    Like your post, for example?

    1. Try using the “reply” button next time… Thats what its there for, hence the name “reply”

      Dick head!

  11. Even though the graphic style is quite basic, these are probably low res photos, and the game will probably look a lot sharper and nicer

  12. So many fucking imbeciles posting their shit here, this is why I usually don’t read comments. I bet you also think Contra 4, Henry Hatsworth or the Metroidvania games for NDS to be quite “shitty”, shows how much you know about games.

    This looks promising, if the gameplay/controls and the sound are as good its looks, it will be a fantastic 2D platformer.

  13. I’m sorry but this looks dumb.
    Graphics don’t look good at all. I was expecting something more 3D-ish!
    I don’t think I’ll be getting this. I’ll wait until some gameplay to say if it’s crap or not.

    1. How old are you guys?. I love how you fat nerds bad mouth eachother on your pcs in your dads basements. Are you adults?. I bet I get immature answers. I hope I do.

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