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Marriage System Announced For Fire Emblem Awakening (Plus New Trailer)

The latest edition of Iwata Asks reveals that Fire Emblem: Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS will feature a marriage system. You’ll now be able to marry any of your allies, or your My Unit characters. The game’s director, Genki Yokota, has announced that one of the major themes for the new game is love of the characters, therefore Nintendo decided to introduce a marriage system. Fire Emblem Awakening will be released in Europe sometime later this year.



    1. Wow, good question. Since people don’t see games as political, it’s probably safer for the developer not to allow it… If they didn’t make a big deal about it, they could probably allow it and be fine.


      1. Seeing as how its nintendo I dont think same sex will be an option. With that being said; it would make the marriage system useless to gay gamers if it wasnt an option, though I completely understand why same sex marriage would be excluded .


      2. Not useless. You can roleplay a character or find that you think the main character would go well with some other character without actually, yourself, being attracted to that gender. Though I would agree that it would be a bummer if they don’t include same-sex relationships (and they likely won’t).


    2. I don’t see why games shouldn’t have same sex marriages/relationships.
      I mean, gay people exist. You don’t have to like it, but they’re still here, and they will always be here. Games should reflect that.
      If you don’t want to marry the same gender, then don’t.


  1. A Feature from one of the Best FE ever(FE4) comeback… they trully want to become this FE the anniversary one who was delayed…


    1. That was my first thought, but then again this is just a “marriage system” and doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll have kids.


    1. I could agree, but not in Fire Emblem’s case. That series has so many feelings involved, and one earlier one even had marriages in it. I think I’ll like it :)


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