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Wii U Has “More RAM” Than Current Consoles And “Really Great Processor” Says Aliens Director

Aliens: Colonial Marines director Brian Martel has told Nintendo Gamer magazine that the Wii U has more RAM than either the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and has a “really great processor”. Martel says that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines will be one of the best looking versions of the game when it launches later this year.

“The machine itself will be one of the best looking versions of the game [sic]… because they’ve got more RAM than some of the other things [platforms]“, says Martel. “They’re late in the cycle so they’ve got this really great processor.”

54 thoughts on “Wii U Has “More RAM” Than Current Consoles And “Really Great Processor” Says Aliens Director”

  1. So Finally some one with Authorithy say the true in public… those Anonynmus must be April Fools Trolls and the gamemedia falls as idiots.

    1. They kept them selfs anonymous because they wanted to point out something and not lose their reputation.

      And thats how you can tell if their telling lies.

      Thats why on this site most trolls keep them selfs anonymous.

  2. This company who are not remaining anonymous are stating that it will be one of the best versions clearly means it will be the most graphically impressive out of the consoles with the best looking version most likely on PC. So clearly the Wii U must be more powerful than the current gen consoles.

    Blog of a Games Development Student

    1. Not sure what that means as before you said egg and toast or something like that.

      Toast = E3

      And = Is

      Black = coming

      Beans = soon

      Well thats the best i can think

  3. Well I should hope so. No point in bringing out a new consol if it is still going to be weaker than a console older than it’s predecessor (Xbox 2005 Wii 2006)

  4. I still do not understand why it is so special if the WiiU has better hardware than the current consoles… It’s been fucking 6 years since they got released so it’s the least we can expect, isn’t it ? Does it mean they consider it last gen too or how am I supposed to understand that ? I mean, if the WiiU is really next gen then what’s the meaning of pointing out that the hardware is better ?
    Just to let you fanboys know, I am not hating on the WiiU in any way. Just saying that I don’t see a sense in saying that the WiiU has better hardware than current gen, it is kinda obvious that it has to be that way.

    1. Since the Wii was so graphically weak, a lot of people are worried that the Wii U is going to be weak as well. I think they’re just trying to reassure consumers

    2. Well, would you prefer to not know anything about the hardware? “Obviously better than this generation” isn’t enough for me.

  5. He refers to the Wii U as being late in this cycle, when really it’s early in the next cycle. It is not supposed to be a part of this generation of consoles, it is supposed to be the first of the next generation of home consoles.

    1. Yeah it was kind of a douchebag comment for him to make wasn’t it.

      Still, I’ve never minded how powerful a console has been, so long as theres an active portion of my friends or family playing it with me, it’s all good.

    1. No card. It’s an integrated graphics chip.
      The Wii U will have a custom AMD Radeon GPU (RV770 (HD4870) with added features)

      That’s just the rumor though.

      1. Just wanted to clarify, the custom RV770 (HD4870) rumor is wrong, it was wrongfully reported by IGN and Engadget (sensationalist media).

        The original Game Watch report stated HD4XXX-based or custom RV7XX.

  6. So many conflicting reports! But it is good to know that all the bad reports are anonymous, but all the good ones are from developers who identify themselves.

    1. Not really conflicting, most reports have been vague. And most developers wont say something horrible about a company or product. These comments are usually just PR talk.

      What we can be confident about is more RAM.

      Great processor could mean other things like easy to program for or nice features but not necessarily powerful. Even the word powerful is pretty vague. Powerful, how? Relative to what?

  7. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Someone who knows what they are talking about is commenting on the specs of the Wii U!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

  8. We should all just listen to Gearbox for info on the Wii U, at least until E3 and Nintendo gives us all what we want :)

      1. June = two months.

        Me = can’t wait any longer.

        You = same as Me.

        Xbox fans = Wii U will suck but they will be blown away.

        Everyone else = WTF? THAT CONSOLE ROCKS, GET HERE E3!

        1. E3 will be great in showing the games and the experiences. As for the specs, it won’t be mentioned. The specs will be known when the Wii U is launched and some tech site break it down. Specs mean nothing when games are shown.

          1. True,

            E3 is all about the games and consoles.

            We will know some more specs in E3 but not all of it.

              1. True fact.

                Trolls on this site keep saying graphics is the future.

                But, remember the NES and the commodore 64? those were amazing consoles and the graphics were very low but the games rocked.

  9. Yet this is going to fall into deaf ears, or blind eyes in this case. Good press hardly ever generates as many views as bad press.

    1. Based on the video i just watched of the actual interview… I do not think you or I will have to worry about the GPU capabilities. It is clearly better than the PS3/Xbox360. This interview puts that stupid notion of the Wii U being under powered with compared to PS3.

  10. Looks at ps3. Looks at 360. Ps3 had half the ram 360 has and still have better looking games.

    No idea what you guys are excited about.

    And anything less than 4GB of ram is not even worth talking about.

    1. 4GB is bad? Wow, Console don’t need 4GB, PC’s require them because of how much data it needs to remember.

      For a fact PS3 has two 256MB ram blocks which equel 512MB.

      Xbox has 1 ram block which is worth 512MB.

      512MB is very high for a console, PC needs such high because it has an OS and lots of stuff to remember.

    1. And the CPU along with it.
      I like to know what’s at work inside of the box, but the game experience is much more worth it to me.

  11. Yes!!!

    I was hoping for better RAM. That will help if they choose to do multi-tasking, which they half did with the 3DS. I would love to listen to my music while playing a game!

    1. Better Ram would be needed to use the Wii U controller well anyway as its got more to process and remember.

      Not sure about the multi-tasking bit, however Gearbox said they can do Cool stuff with the Wii U controller. I’m probably thinking that they will use the Wii U controller screen as a motion detector in this game.

  12. People who say WII U isnt powerful do that because they don’t know how to develop for the WII U new processor. they have only learned to develop for the popular video cards out there. Nintendo has the proper developments kits and they give it to only a select few people. Thats my speculation.

    1. I thought that to ;)

      It would be more clear if it said Aliens: Colonial marines Director, but you know it’s a news site and Sickr tries to make the title clear and short.

      Lol imagen if James Cameron said it, everyones reaction would be: O_O NOW A MOVIE DIRECTOR SAID THE WII U IS MORE SUPERIOR ON GRAPHICS, WII U = MIDNIGHT BUY!

  13. Very good to hear someone we can trust say the truth about the Wii U. The vide shows a really scary looking game. I can’t wait to see more at E3.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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