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Mario Tennis Open European Release Date Announced, Plus New Details

Nintendo has revealed more details today for the upcoming Mario Tennis Open, which launches across Europe for the Nintendo 3DS on the 25th May 2012.

The Special Games mode in Mario Tennis Open lets players hone their tennis skills while enjoying tennis games with a Mario twist. Players can check out games such as Super Mario Tennis, which puts a classic Super Mario Bros. twist on tennis drilling. As they play through familiar game levels, they can use their tennis swing to stomp Goombas, and Koopas along the way

People can play as their favourite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom or even compete as their Mii characters. They can also customise their Mii characters with Mushroom Kingdom-themed tennis gear, which not only enhances players’ appearances but also can boost their stats. The wide selection of available gear includes Bowser’s favourite racket, a Bullet Bill outfit and Peach’s tennis shoes.

In addition to a singles tennis match mode, another mode in the game lets up to four players compete online in multiplayer doubles matches. Players can also compete online for leaderboard standings in the Open Match mode.

Whether playing with other Nintendo 3DS owners in the same room or against distant competitors using a wireless broadband internet connection, players can cooperate to take on a common opponent or stay competitive and try to claim the glory for themselves. Players can opt to use intuitive touch-screen controls or increase their strategic options with traditional button controls. They can also switch seamlessly to the Nintendo 3DS system’s built-in motion controls.


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    2. Anyone who says first is an epic fail.

      Even if they are first; I wish there was a dislike and a like button on this like on youtube.

  1. If it doesn’t have power shots then I’m not buying it. They make the game tons of fun!

      1. They weren’t bad. they should just have the option to turn them off

      2. Like being able to turn off the stupid Final Smash. I have fun with it, but when my brother and I get competitive with each other it gets in the way.

      3. Final smash is stupid?

        I love Final smash, but some of the characters final smash is very over powered.

      4. Final smash and items in ssb aren’t cheap because the time you take trying to pick it up will leave you open for attack. Your talking to a pro here.

  2. Oh yeah, a sports game I can get behind. Better let me play as Toadstool, because the Tiny Terror is ready to rack up the wins!

  3. So buying this game! I only own the GC Mario Tennis and it’s a lot of fun. I think it’s a lot better than the N64 version and the Wii port of the GC game. This 3DS game sounds like tons of fun too.

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