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Edge Magazine Awards Pandora’s Tower 6/10

Stringent but fair gaming publication Edge magazine has awarded Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii JRPG Pandora’s Tower a rather average six out of ten. Sadly there’s no snippets from the review available. Pandora’s Tower is due for release in Europe on April 13th.


65 thoughts on “Edge Magazine Awards Pandora’s Tower 6/10”

  1. I just don’t know if Pandora’s Tower would measure up to Xenoblade and Last Story. It looks the lamest to me.

    1. I’m still the most excited for it. The only JRPG I have really liked is Chrono Trigger, which I am currently playing. I’m trying to broaden my tastes, I might play Xenoblade, but Last Story looks poor to me.

    1. I dunno but you want MY reeview? far above 10. Best rpg I have played since final fantasy 4 haha and that was in 1991 i believe…

    1. Yeah! Screw you, Edge! How dare you make a fair review over a game that we so badly want to see get a 9?! This game is the best and you all suck for giving it a 6!

      Hopefully you can tell the sarcasm there…

  2. 3308-5494-1135 add

    Im having trouble loading this site on my 3ds browser. Since when did we have to log in to post comments?

  3. Edge is the first to give this game such a low score. Nintendo Gamer gave it 8.1, and other minor German gaming sites did pretty much the same.

    I really don’t think Edge is THAT trustworthy… Just see how they gave 8 to Angry Birds Space…

    1. I bet EDGE editors follow Pachter and all of them follow Pachter on twitter and believe everything he says.

      Also EDGE = IGNorant.

    2. Funny, when Edge gave a 10 to Skyward Sword they were apparently “awesome,” but when once they give a bad review they apparently “aren’t trustworthy.”

      It’s a review, big deal. The person gave their opinion like a reviewer should, and didn’t think it was that great of a game. People should either say they do listen to reviews or they don’t. You can’t be all happy that a game you liked got an awesome review but when another game you like gets a bad review, you say “reviews mean nothing.” Make up your mind, folks.

      (This isn’t directed specifically at the above poster, it’s directed towards all who do the things I listed.)

    1. On another note, what I like best about Nintendo’s attitude towards the whole power debate is that they don’t give a shit either way. They could have defended themselves by saying that their console power really is as powerful as this guy in the video is claiming it to be, and they could have also used a bunch of numbers to prove it as well, but no, they went the better man route and just simply stuck to their long time belief of good gameplay experiences. That’s when you know that Nintendo is at least much more mature and decent in comparison to most other companies. That’s real professionalism right there. I also make a point of this because ultimately all the details in this video no longer matter to me, as I no longer feel insecure about Nintendo’s console power. As I stated yesterday, I just want some good games, games that had as much thought put into them as they were in the 90s. That’s all I need.

      1. I especially learned this when I played Ocarina of Time recently and I didn’t care about anything else but playing that game. That’s the way it should go.

    2. This is interesting. The wii u will beat out current gen. It’s likely to be overpowered by next gen ps and xbox ( let’s be honest with ourselves ). So are these rumors coming from areas that are supposed to be unbiased? Or is it people from other consoles worried about their company losing billions! (….Sony cough cough)

  4. Well it’s a given that Pandora’s Tower is the weakest of the OpRainfall trio. Still, I play “average” games if they’re to my liking and I know I can’t be the only one who does so…bring it over stateside, Nintendo! :D

  5. 3DSocks and PSPants

    And this weeks issue of Official Nintendo Magazine gave it 70%.
    Seems like it IS a good game, but let down by sometimes shaky controls and a bad camera.

  6. Edge are pretty fair. What I like about them is that their scoring system makes sense. Six out of ten may sound bad but really it isn’t. Five out of ten is halfway – an average score. Six is above average. Don’t read too much into it people.

    1. Unlike most websites, they do not feel the need to reward games exceedingly high scores over and over again just to inflate the game’s appeal, and thus inflate their own scoring system.

      1. Adam Malkovich (Metroid series)

        They gave SMG2 a 10/10

        I’m suprised but to say, G4TV is the worst game reviewers.

      1. Going to all the trouble to put an overly pretentious sig as a reply to your comment because you either forgot to put it there or you just felt like showing off even further. That is so pathetic. Just save the sig for the next time you comment.

  7. Adam Malkovich (M:OM)

    I don’t see why game reviewers are always ignorant these days and rate games they don’t like very low and don’t see anyones point of view.

    Really, remember back in the 90s when game critics were not ignorant and rated games properly?

    I hate game critics these days… and they don’t know how to rate games.

    MW3 obtained 88/100 on metacritic which adds up all the game reviews. MW3 does not deserve 88/100 at all, It’s just way worse then MW2. WHO else is joining the MW3 protest black out next April 20th?

    1. I’m not a huge fps fan but have to say MW3 is much better than 2 purely because of the ridiculously addictive Survival mode. Could not give a shit about deathmatches on or offline, the Special Op missions and Survival mode are all I play at the moment.

      1. WTF?

        MW2 was way better then MW3.

        MW2 had way better Special ops and much better story line and its campain was longer.

        Also MW3 online was ruined by those akimbo guns and unrealisticly over powered shot guns. MW2 was not that bad with that.

        Also IW does not take notace of what WE as a community WANT and developer support DONT CARE for MW3 players. Also watch this video to understand why WE as a community hate MW3. Watch this to understand.

          1. Modern warfare series don’t have zombies.

            It’s only tryarches games.

            Also In modern warfare non of them are rip-off. You get Domination and Capture the flag and team death match and those are the main game modes lots of multiplayer games have. CoD don’t rip-off game modes.

            Only two CoD games had zombies.

            If you have MW3 DON’T play it on the 20th april.

      2. James Pierce (M:OM)

        MW2 was better and will always be.

        1) Better soundtrack by Hans Zimmer (Never forget the rangers theme and Exodus/Boneyard theme)

        2) Better story

        3) More Special Ops missions with out buying new ones

        4) No annoying akimbos or Shot guns in every map you play.

        5) Rust

        6) MW2 had well known actors

        7) MW2 had much better respawn then MW3

        8) Better Special Ops

        9) More game modes

        10) Better kill streaks

        11) MW3 had annoying assault kill streaks in the support package.

        12) Stealth bomber in MW3 Support package makes no sense, it should be a Assault package, its over powered.

        13) Theres lots of online lag in MW3. MW2 had way less.

        14) MW3 has the same engine as MW2 and MW3 is MW2.5.

        15) IW had to get diffrent game companies.

        16) CoD elite (Do I need to say why?)

        17) In MW3 the maps are way worse.

        18) MW2’s respawn theme was way better.

        19) Type 95 is extremely over powered in MW3.

        20) MW3 is full of quick scoapers

        21) MW3 campain was very short.

        I can add way more stuff but It takes a while to write it all.

  8. Well, I have looked up some average scores for some games today because of this.
    It comes out that Pandora’s Tower got 7.1 as an average score. However, the absolutely amazing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn has an average score of 7.5, so this all basically means nothing. I’m still getting this game and it’s going to be awesome!

    1. Yep, Because those 10/10 Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Skyward Sword got clearly show they’re anti-nintendo. Also Just because a game has Mario in it, doesn’t mean it deserves a 9 or 10

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