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Miyamoto Loves Angry Birds

Shigeru Miyamoto has told journalists that the one non-Nintendo game he holds in high regards at the moment is Rovio’s smash hit Angry Birds. According to Miyamoto the immensely popular Angry Birds is his favourite game of the past year.

“I usually don’t comment on these sorts of questions,” Miyamoto said, before praising the Nintendo-developed audio guide for the Louvre museum which prompted his visit to the French capital. “Non-Nintendo… Angry Birds, maybe.

“What I like about Angry Birds is that it has a traditional videogame [feel] to it, but also a very creative side. And you can really feel that they’re having fun developing the game. That’s what I like about it.”

77 thoughts on “Miyamoto Loves Angry Birds”

      1. That game is not even good. The birds sounds like turkeys which is stupid. The gameplay is boring and repetitive. And there’s no humour in there. No good music. Not a good game. This game is brainwashing people because of its stupidity. If this is the future, I don’t want to live anymore. Thank god that there’s people in Japan that don’t care about this game. I thought Miyamoto was one of them, but it turned out the opposite.

  1. In Miyamoto we trust! I love the fact that miyamoto loves it because the developers had fun making it. The man is clearly very passionate about making games and you can tell in his games full of charm and creativity. Legend

      1. 1) Uncalled for.
        2) I think it could be quite fun actually, to have Angry Birds being used on the Wii U the same way those ninja stars in the Wii U demo worked. Flipping a bird from your controller to you TV seems hilarious to me.
        You don’t even have to like it for yourself, and of course it will never be nearly as cool as Mario, but if you don’t want other people to have a potential nice game you can fuck off :D:):D

        Kthxbai kisses xxx

        1. LOL’ed in your comment Angry Birds is like Bullshit, only for people without BRAIN, Miyamoto said that he likes this (bullshit) game because : Looks like the developers enjoyed making this game. Thats why Miyamoto likes this game, only for that he plays this BULLSHIT GAME.

  2. People’s reactions to Angry Birds “Fuck that game, it’s not hardcore, it’s casual, it’s for babies!”

    What exactly would you call Super Mario Bros. then? Or Space Invaders? Dumbasses.

    1. This. I just hate the hardcore casual gamer crap. If you don’t like a game, don’t play it. Think of them as attention seekers hu wanna. Hate mainstream stuff just so ppl think they are cool rebels. Fools

      1. You know what; people can like whatever they want or want or hate whatever they want. If they simply hate a great game because of biasness then they’re missing out.

    2. Pioneering games. People played Super Mario Bros. simply to play it, not to kill time on the train.
      Angry Birds will never be anything close to Super Mario Bros. in any respect other than both of them being simple.

      1. Yes, but let’s say Super Mario Bros. wasn’t the pioneering game. Can you still play it now and call it hardcore, the same way you can look at the original Ultima games or Legend of Zelda. Hell can you watch Citizen Kane now and still call it an incredible movie, even if it’s over 70 years old? Yes. You can. Super Mario Bros is an excellent game, “casual” or not.

        It’s elitism that’s giving gamers a bad name, not because quality control shouldn’t be administered it should, and Angry Birds is a great game. This elitism in the gaming industry is some of the most hypocritical bullshit I’ve ever seen. If Angry Birds were released in 1985, would we really be having this discussion? No.

    3. “Hardcore” gamers are usually stupid 12 year olds who’ve only been playing games for 3 years and spend most of their time trying to act adult by screaming profanities over their XBL and PSN headset, while playing CoD online.

      Real gamers appreciate all games. A game may not be your style, but that doesn’t automatically make it shit.

      1. No. Real gamers appreciate good games. Anyone that appreciates Superman 64, for example, is a fucking retard.

        Angry Birds is barely a video game. Closer to a cross word puzzle or a malignant tumour.

          1. It never takes more than 5 mins to beat even the more difficult levels. 3 stars can be challenging. But 100%ing a game is always challenging.

        1. Obviously, I meant good games. Nobody appreciates bad games, but the definition of a bad game can differ. Some games everyone can a agree is bad, like Superman 64, but Angry Birds doesn’t fall into that category.

          And I wasn’t bashing anybody with my comment about CoD, just the way people use the games. Their not playing for fun, their playing to troll, to annoy other people and make the experience as uncomfortable as possible for others. A serious lack of maturity that is plaguing the online gaming world.

      2. I don’t apreaciate all games but I respect good games for example,
        I play wii and play xbox but I don’t want a ps3 due to the fact none of the games I like are on that console because I enjoy fps games, and rpgs like skyrim and fallout. I also enjoy sidescrolling games.
        I’ll admit I was a sony and xbox hating bastard once but now I believe I’m a real gamer and I’m going to continue to play my 3DS, xbox, and wii. I don’t mean anything rude but please do not judge people if there not a fan of a certain game. Its like a christian bashing an athiest to his face.

      3. its not only kids, I’ve worked at a few places were 25-30 year olds only got into gaming during the last 2 gens, and only play fps, but think theyrr the most hardcore of all… sad thing, is they suck at shooters real bad.

        and yes, most if them were meat heads, jocks and the “popular” kids while they were at school. smh.

      4. Real gamers play games that doesn’t decrease your braincells. This game is just not even classified as a game according to Rovio Mobile. I’ve tried it and IMO it simply sucked.

        1. There is no scientific proof that Angry Birds decreases your braincells less than the games ”real gamers” play.

    4. SMB is a platformer and it has no obligation to look like angry birds.SMB is a game with more style and longer than angry birds.Now the space title really complicates everything.even that why birds really need a slingshot??they can’t fly?Oh,I am not done,WHERE IS BOUNCE NOW??!Nobody appreciate Bounce anymore,at least it had some physics.

  3. I dislike that misleading headlines are used to grab attention. Nothing in that article states that he “loves” that piece of crap timesink.He says he “likes” a couple of very specific aspects of it. He doesn’t even praise any element of the game itself.

  4. That games crap… He’s only saying it since there making a 3DS port, I don’t get how people like that game sooo much it just doesn’t make sence but oh well

    1. Angry Birds is fun while it lasts, but I think people like it because the game is more of a fasion accessory for those who have an iPad/iPhone.

  5. I love Angry Birds too, but it doesn’t compare to the fun levels of a Mario game, imo. The Tetris of our generation, and that not a bad thing, Tetris is awesome.

    Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Shut up. You’re not impressing anyone fuck-tard. Let the news be the news. If you don’t like it, change the fucking channel.

      Obviously, you’re jealous of Sickr.


        1. I’m talking about the jack-ass that’s always acting like a pro-blogger, criticizing Sickr’s articles, headlines and so- forth.

          You’re incorrectly jumping into the wrong conversation, so I’ll give you a mulligan.

          1. Dude….this guy’s right. Take a look at the article: “Non-Nintendo… Angry Birds, maybe.”

            And the headline is “Miyamoto loves angry birds?” Thats like trying a new food and saying…..”Eh….it’s alright.” And people say you love it? The title is misleading.

          2. I didn’t say anything against Sickr. I just thought it was funny how he exaggerated Miyamoto’s response. It’s not like professional newspapers don’t do the exact same thing from time to time.

    1. Miyamoto thinks that Angry Birds is pretty good. He didn’t say that he loves Angry Bird. That’s different.

      1. Where is you’re blog, mr. Blog-master?

        I didn’t know nintynews had a little editorial gremlin judging his article titles.

        Guess you attract parasites when you become successful.

        1. …..Do you have a problem or something…..? Are you angry or what? There is clearly something wrong with your thought process.

  6. What’s with all the MyNintendoNews bashers all the sudden?

    Does Sickr have a little brother who wants to make him look bad? How immature, the title is cool.

    Go somewhere you like better if you no like it here.

  7. Angry bird can be fun but it’s not a creative game, it’s a shameless rip off of free flash games like crush the castle which is inspired by an even older game which is castle clout. Miyamoto gave credit to a game that doesn’t deserve his praises.

      1. basically yes. I don’t think he knows about the existance of those games. You know, Miyamoto is a legend but he’s still human and therefore can be wrong.

    1. I wouldn’t even try it for free nor if I got payed to play it. I could try, but I can’t stand to play it.

  8. Angry Birds… Fun to try, yes, but after few minutes it gets old. I think that it’s more of the type of little free time capsule killer category, you pick it up for a couple of minutes, then you move on to pick it up the next free couple of minutes you have. But if one tries to sit through all the game, at least for me and people my age i know, it gets boring. The only one I know who “loves” it and plays it frequently is an 11 year old girl.

  9. Pingback: Shigeru Miyamoto spielt gerne Angry Birds

  10. A friend of mine created a game at school…it’s now a massive hit…sold to the gaming world by someone else who knew about it…it’s a well old game now but it shows you that if you have the idea…you have to move fast and keep it secret till it’s sold!

  11. Petros2970 has it exactly right. It’s this elitism and blind arrogance that gives gamers a bad name.

    A game, by definition: “A form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.”

    A video game, by definition: “A game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or display.”

    Mario is a video game, Angry Birds is a video game, Call of Duty is a video game, and SpongeBob’s Truth or Square is a video game. So too are Uncharted, Words with Friends, Wii Fit, and Halo. You would not disqualify Dr. Suess’ works as books simply because they aren’t as complicated as the Illiad, nor Little Golden Books for lacking the depth and plot structure of Harry Potter.

    Point is, games are games are games. To exclaim that some game isn’t “real” just because you don’t like it or because it’s too mainstream does not make you hardcore. It makes you a hipster. A truly “hardcore” gamer is someone like Miyamoto, who appreciates all fascets of video game playing and development, even if not every game made is to his tastes.

  12. Angry Birds is pretty cool. You know, when I’m not failing at it every ten seconds just cuz I don’t do physics well.

  13. It doesn’t matter if the title is misleading or not, it’s meant to catch your attention and give you an idea of what the article is about. If people are going to criticize Sickr, criticize the article itself, not the title. And people who don’t even read the article and only the headline, well, they’re imbeciles who’s opinion should not be respected.

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