Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed to Korean website Betanews that Super Mario 4 is a project that his team over at Nintendo are working on. The translation is a little rough as expected as it’s not absolutely apparent whether Super Mario 4 is the Nintendo 3DS game Nintendo confirmed it’s working on or Super Mario Wii U.

“We have Mario team in company, so we are making Super Mario 4. But only I can say is, we just announced that game. More details will be revealed later.”

– Shigeru Miyamoto



    • Its Super Mario as in 1,2,3—not 64,sunshine,galaxy

      Its not for the 3ds–It’s for the WII U

      The Wii U demo at e3 showed a demo of a mario game and i believe that they want to recreate the old days/ways


  1. So is this the fourth in the 3D series (counting Galaxy 2 as a Galaxy game)?

    If so, then I’ll be happy. I reckon they’re doing a Mario World remake for 3DS, but this isn’t that project.

    It’s much, much more.


      • We already know what happened after Prime 3. Metroid 2 happened.

        What we need to know is what happened after Metroid Fusion. Samus isn’t exactly on the best terms with the Federation right now…

        But for crying out loud, Mario honestly has higher priority and tier over Zelda and Metroid, especially when it comes to making a good launch lineup for once. And that could not be more true right now.


  2. lulululul wii is so gay xbox rulez it haz betta grafix den wii. grafix is betta den gameplay who wunts to play a gaem wit bad grafix? wii is for weenies and xbox is fur wiiners


  3. Wait a minute. I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING! Super Mario 64, then Super Mario Sunshine, then Super Mario galaxy, now Super Mario 4. It’s like what they did with Mario Kart 7, there just naming it with a number!

    Oh wait, it’s a 2-D title. Dang it! Well I can dream, can’t I?


  4. Umm i feel another Engrish bad pun…

    Super mario 4(four/for) 3D or Super Mario 4 U(for UI)

    Both Miyamoto & Iwata must reduce the quantity of pot they smoke daily


  5. Super Mario 4 is probably just a prototype name, like how for ages Twilight Princess was just called “The Legend of Zelda”. It could be anything, but i’d be so happy if it was an HD 3D game 64/Sunshine style.



    Vigil on Darksiders II, says “Wii U is a next-gen console/hardware”, “Everyone will want the Wii U”


  7. Well this is excellent news! I’m wondering if it could be the fourth game in the “Land” series. Although an American Super Mario Bros. 4 would be cool (we don’t consider Super Mario World Super Mario Bros. 4) and would have to be a must buy for everyone. If this game is available at launch it will mean a very good start for the Nintendo Wii U.


  8. Super Mario 4 could be another 3D console reitteration

    1. being Super Mario 64
    2. being Super Mario Sunshine
    3. being Super Mario Galaxy series 1+2
    4. ???? another great game like these above that are unique to each console?

    Or possibly what midirobot mentioned above

    “Super Mario Land
    Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
    Super Mario 3D Land
    Super Mario 4? (no “Land”, though)”

    my opinion : i hope its not too much like the demo i would get bored of that sort of side scrolling mario game too quick i would hope its more open worlded similar to 64 and sunshine with the inttuitive gameplay of galaxy


  9. The more I think about it, the more I believe this will be a 3DS game that’s compatible with the Wii U NSMB game via some level editor function.


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