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Pachter Concerned At Lack Of Third-Party Support For Wii U

Famed Wedbush Morgan games industry analyst Michael Pachter has admitted that he is concerned at what he claims is a lack of third-party support for Wii U. Third-party developers have been rather cautious to reveal what they have in store for Wii U, though it’s likely that they will announce their plans at this years E3 event in June.

“If that is right, the Wii U will have limited appeal, and ‘Xbots’ and Sony fanboys will just wait for the upgrades to their favourite systems.”

“I really think the key is third-party support, and from what I’m hearing, it is very light so far. Nintendo will be all right, they have a ton of cash, but I don’t think they will get to the sales levels they are accustomed to with this device. I’m most interested in third-party support, and we should get an idea of that at E3.”

“I think ‘same’ power level [as current gen consoles] is probably right, as it doesn’t make sense to ask third parties to do something significantly differently for the Wii U than for the 360 or PS3,” he explained.

“The price sounds right to me as well.”

77 thoughts on “Pachter Concerned At Lack Of Third-Party Support For Wii U”

    1. to be honset we still havent herd from DICE, bethesda, rockstar, irrational, EPIC and a lot of other devs on there games that are gonna come to Wii U. it makes me kinda anxious because im a elderscroll and battlefield fan and i dont want the wiiu to have little to no support from those devs.

    1. to be honest he wasnt as bad as normal this time he just saw the thew developers who said no to wii u so he is wrong but he is just mistaken

  1. Why doesn’t it make sense for the Wii U to be more powerful than current gen consoles? Wii U is next gen. That second last sentence just seems stupid to me.

    1. Um… The Wii wasn’t nearly as powerful as either the Xbox 360 or the Sony PS3. It actually makes perfect sense for Nintendo to put out another inferior console, given their track record. Besides, Nintendo is foolish for releasing a new console before either of its competitors; both will have a lot of time to extend and advance Nintendo’s ideas. Just look at Xbox Kinect and Sony Move…

      1. Your argument involving playstation move is pointless. Sony admitted it failed therefore it is only contradicting your message.

      2. track record? NINTENDO 64 and GC had better graphics than Sony’s consoles apart from the wii… do your fucking homework!

        1. He is wrong on the fact that Ninty would put out an inferior console, but both N64 and GC were weaker to PSX and PS2 respectively. It’s part of the reason Square moved Final Fantasy away from nintendo in fact.

          1. Check up your facts. Square moved away from Nintendo because of the cartridges over discs, NOT the lack of power. Besides, the N64 AND GC was more powerful than Sony’s PSX and PS2. You can’t put a game like Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the PSX without visual downgrades, and you can’t preserve the entirety of Resident Evil 4 from GC to PS2. The GC version had rain and other visual effects, the PS2 didn’t.

          2. N64 and Gamecube was WAY MORE POWERFUL than PS1 and PS2. GC and Xbox were on the same level but in 2005 and 2006 Gamecube was the strongest with titles likes
            F-Zero GX
            Starfox Assault
            Zelda Twilight Princess
            Pikmin 2

          3. errrr YOU are wrong! jesus you dont even need to look at the specs!!!!!!!! The game visuals tells you for itself!!!! unless your blind?

      3. Yeah right when kinect sold only abouy 11-15m i think compared to Wii 95m and PSMove which is less than 10m.

    1. He lost it years ago.. He was a Nintendo employee and nintendo made a shout ” FUS RO DAH”, thats why he is murring about nintendo only

  2. if you read through his retarted way of saying it he is actually making sense wow i
    know right its michael patcher. he is saying that the wii u needs third party support and we will hear more at e3.
    he is still the douche of baggington

    1. Yeah, I was surprised. He made a sensible point without directly bitching at Nintendo. Maybe he wasn’t on his period this time.

      1. No, actually. His periods are different to normal periods since he is already a moody (Insert really offensive word here) his periods make him happy!

  3. Okay this is like the 9th report I’ve heard from Patcher which is either nonsensical or utter fictional bullshit. The man is clearly either under the influence of powerful narcotic drugs, drunk as hell, or has the fact checking team of Fox News behind him.

    “No Third Party Support”….

    Electronic Arts – Mass Effect, Fifa, Madden, Battlefield
    Activision – Call of Duty (Need I say more)
    Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed
    Square Enix – Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Deus Ex
    Sega – Sonic, Aliens
    Warner Bros Interactive – Batman: Arkham City, Mortal Kombat
    THQ – Darksiders, Red Faction
    Namco Bandai – Tekken
    Koei – Dynasty Warriors
    Valve (According to some rumours) – Portal, Team Fortress 2

    So let’s look at the list there, those companies are responsible for what are probably the biggest selling game series on the planet. That’s not taking into account Nintendo’s own in-house team or the games they publish developed by 3rd Parties like Xenoblade Chronicles from Monolith Soft or The Last Story from Mistwalker.

    Yeah Patcher, the Wii U is gonna FAIL HARD!!!

    1. Agreed. And (likely) Assassin’s Creed, Darksiders 2 and a few others are going to be launch games, which will get people interested.

      Also you forgot that Lego City HEROES game.

  4. It is clear that he doesn’t believe a word he’s saying himself. For some reason I sensed a bit of nervousness in that quote! As if he was shaken and sweating while he said it. He’s creditability is going down to toilet because he’s paid to spew lie about Nintendo and catching up to him. Soooo Sad SMH

  5. Yes Michael, there’s a lack of announcements because everyone is under strict NDA’s.

    In two months time (i.e. once E3 is over and done with), the Wii U software lineup will look dramatically different be it first party or third party.

  6. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Tons of third party games have already been confirmed or promised for Wii U and more will come.

    While its true Nintendo will need all the third party support they can get, it seems to me that they are not going to have much trouble it getting it.

    My guess is that developers are going to be queueing up this e3 to announce games for the Wii U.

  7. ….why is everyone angry about this? He’s right. Third parties are essencial. Sure, there are a lot of third parties on this thing already, but third parties are important. If nintendo loses it, it may be the end of them.

    1. ROFL i agree with the first bit but if they lose 3rd support, nintendo fans will still support them. Some of the first party nintendo games were hugely successful especially the mario titles but i agree to an extent…

      Sony are in a far worse situation not just with the vita but in general…

  8. This guy just talks nonsense. As always. If the key is third-party support why both the PS3 and XBox 360 embitter the second and third positions in the current generation? Explains this super analyst.

  9. Does annybody else realize Nintendo has more then a dozen first party franchises and even if it doesn’t have alot of third party stuff it will still have a ton of five star titles.

  10. Pachter needs to worry more about a couple other things:

    1: is his name “Patcher” or “Pachter” or can we just call him “Douche Baggins”?

    2: Someone planting a boot in his cornhole for being such a biased shit talking pole smoker.

    He either states the obvious, or completely bungles info that seems unresearched. He just needs to stfu or get his facts straight.

  11. he hasn’t done enough research to say that wiiu lacks 3rd party support. he needs to rewatch nintendo’s wiiu e3 videos.

  12. Well, he didn’t say that Nintendo is doomed at least. He even said that they will be alright (wow, he didn’t think they were going broke for once).

    But he has to become more updated about Nintendo… Wii U has pretty much third party support… DQ X for example…

  13. Actually, for once he has a legitimate concern. Though he may be a bit TOO concerned with the lack of third party support for the Wii U, he still has a legitimate concern nevertheless. Sure we have all this third party support NOW, but when all these games get released, which would be pretty fast, since a majority of them are launch titles, then there had better be more third party support down the line, otherwise we’re gonna get screwed all over again. I’m pretty certain this won’t happen, as apparently third party developers are finding it easy to work on the Wii U, but at the same time, much of the third parties’ ambivalence to adopting the Wii U so easily isn’t so much because of sales or tech concerns, but because of Nintendo’s previous rep as a real stickler when it comes to enforcing their own standards. And yes, Nintendo WAS notorious for their rules back in the day, and this alienated much of the developers working back then. The Wii U must be an easily approachable platform for developers and most importantly, fun for them to work with and for them to enjoy sales off of. Obviously, much of those benefits is up to the developers to make them work, but if Nintendo makes it so they can’t even do that work, then, well, screwed is screwed.

    As for “power level”, well, it may be the same power level as the other two consoles NOW, obviously, as by being more powerful NOW, it runs the risk of not being able to compete with the other two consoles by not being to run — what’s that again? — THIRD PARTY TITLES. It will only be as powerful as the other two now, just maintain the playing field, but come the next generation, it will certainly be able to bring out its real power to compete with the other two next-gen consoles. In this way, it not only will be an easy console to develop for, it will also be a versatile console in that it can tackle even the more technically-demanding software. Thus, it has a great range of games it can play, from this gen to the next gen. Ideally, of course. Makes sense if you think about it.

  14. The stupidity of the fanboys on here amazes me. i can’t wait for the Wii U but the evidence and PROOF that has been released so far on how little third party support it has so far worries the hell out of me. You fanboys need to get your panties out of a wad and look at the big picture. Nintendo still has time to step up and correct this worry for many

  15. This makes me all the more excited for E3 2012 where exclusive titles are announced. What most of these analysts can’t seem to get through their thick skulls is that Nintendo actively didn’t show any full title that wasn’t on another platform, and now this show will open those flood gates.

  16. Lack of 3rd party? LACK OR 3RD PARTY?!

    Pachter is ether useless. Or Retarded.

    Sony, Gearbox, Ubisoft, Darksiders developer, Activision and MANY OTHERS ARE MAKING GAMES FOR WII U!

    I’m sorry pachter but 3rd party games on Wii U will be, Killer Freaks, Ghost Recon Online, Aliens, Dirt, Ninja Gaiden, Darksiders, Lego.

    I fail to understand your statment. YOUR THE REASON WHY SONY FANS AND NINTENDO FANS HATE YOU!


  17. Just like the rest of us, Pachter is clueless. None of you (Me too) know jack-diddly about what Nintendo and/or third party developer’s have in store for the Wii U. Even after E3, we won’t know anything until we have the machine in our hand’s come launch day. Take it from someone who has been around to witness several home console generation launches.

    On a side note, it’s real fun to keep up with all of the hype/rumor’s. I’ve been on that train for 14 years now. However, taking anything you hear/read about a console as fact, before it’s official launch, is foolish in my book. You will almost always be disappointed.

    1. Tis true we don’t know much of what’s in store, but with research, we can know about what developers are on board with the Wii U for now. And then we can say whether the Wii U has a lot of support or not. Which is all people are doing, really.

  18. I think tbh everyone here is forming negative opinions of Patcher based on your misleading titles… You get a slightly different impression if you read the quotes. and he doesn’t say there is a lack of support as a blunt fact, he says “from what I hear it is very light so far”, there is a difference. He also doesn’t mention being concerned. Maybe it’s just me being picky but it’s annoying me how you all seem to be yelling at this guy for stuff he hasn’t really said.

  19. Here we go again. Does this guy even do any kind of research before he opens his mouth? I’m sick of this. I’m not even going to bother anymore. When he actually makes some sense, I’ll respond.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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