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Level 5 CEO Teases Next Professor Layton Game

Level 5 CEO, Akihiro Hino has taken to Twitter to inform a fan that the development team is hard at work creating the next game in the immensely popular Professor Layton series. Hino says that the general framework for the game has already been outlined, but he confessed that it will be a while before they can officially announce the game.

19 thoughts on “Level 5 CEO Teases Next Professor Layton Game”

    1. a true gentleman would respect that but… IM AMERICAN SO SCREW YOU lol jk i love layton you should try them ^_^

    2. Have you ever played Prof. Layton game? I once had a similair (not as harsh) view on the series, until I played Last Specter, which might be my favorite game of all time.

    3. How bout’ playing them for once dude it will help your brain if your ever stuck on somthing in life play professor Layton u won’t regret it trust me!!!!;)

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  2. Will there be a new professor layton game for the Ds lite? After the last specter? And if not I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need them to make one!!!!!!

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