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Nintendo 3DS Finally Back In Stock At Amazon

Potential Nintendo 3DS owners rejoice as Amazon has started reselling the Nintendo 3DS. You may remember that Amazon stopped stocking Nintendo’s console, but didn’t reveal precisely why they had done so. You could still purchase the Nintendo 3DS through Amazon but it was via sellers. Now you can finally purchase the console direct from Amazon.

13 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Finally Back In Stock At Amazon”

    1. They’re corporations. There are always conspiracies.

      Although…conspiracies are what we think of because we cannot possibly fathom the intimate workings of large groups of people, either because we just can’t understand them, or we just stick to our preconceived notions of them and thus desire to learn nothing more.

    1. Fuck Fickle Amazon!
      As a consumer, I execute my right to not buy from them.

      Now, if only they gave a shit about the $1,000 they’ll lose from me… (because they probably won’t.

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