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Wii U Launch Line-Up Is Looking “Pretty Damn Good”

Shane Shatterfield, Editor in Chief of Gametrailers has announced in today’s episode of Invisible Walls that the Wii U launch line-up is looking “pretty damn good”. Whether Shatterfield is privy to insider information from Nintendo remains to be seen, but it’s certainly encouraging if it’s true. Which games would you like to see at the Wii U launch?

“One thing that I can say without getting in any trouble is that the launch line-up for the Wii U is going to surprise people. It’s going to be pretty damn good.”

97 thoughts on “Wii U Launch Line-Up Is Looking “Pretty Damn Good””

  1. I wanna see Pikmin 3, Sin and Punishment 3, new zelda, new f-zero, new Star Fox, and a new Metroid. But I don’t think they can make a new everything all at once.

      1. to be honest im really sick of mario, becoming more generic than call of duty. nsmb, nsmb wii, and now nsmb 2 and a game based on that nsmb mii for wii u. i beat these games relatively quickly, and although they were fun while i played them, it really ended quick and had low replayability. felt the same way about super mario 3d land. heres to hoping for some innovation and replay value mario!

    1. there will be pikmin 3 at launch. And at e3 they’ll show the new star fox wii U game retro studios has been workin on. a new zelda… years off. f-zero not yet but miyamoto says its a perfect fi. sp3…..idrealyknow metroid… not so sure either but a new mario bros will be shown as well.

      1. Reggie kicks your ass

        yes it will. the general public knows about the name “wii u”. It is too close to the launch to change the name now. Some people will get confused. and it will affect sales

        1. No, it’s not too close. Nintendo are thinking about changing the name – and if they are, then it’ll be announced at E3.

  2. honestly… im not that excited by the current known launching games… im totally a nintendo fan, mostly because of their games, but the games that are announced until today, dont represent what nintendo stands for… i eventually will buy the wii u, because of smash bros, zelda, the plausible star fox, well… i know nintendo will surprise us with so much enjoyable games… but right now… i dont think ill buy the wii u at the release day, please nintendo… amaze me at E3… prove me wrong!!

      1. i think Nintendo might want to make money off of Pikmin 3, but i do think new mario bros mii would make a good pack in.

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  4. I’m looking forward to the “slightly after launch” lineup. If it’s anything like the first Wii, then we’ll have an Intelligent Systems quickie title followed by a Fire Emblem, at least two Third Party RPGs, some western action titles in multiplayer co-op, and something totally out of left field from deep within Nintendo themselves, that will be hyped to frenzy at the Wii U launch parties.

    Oh yeah, and Dragon Quest TEN Online.

  5. “The enrichment center would like me to inform you that the Wii U launch lineup…is looking pretty…good.”

    1. Alright! Now’s my chance to impress people with my Chell impression! Ahem…

      “… … …”

      Nailed it!

  6. “Pretty damn good” can be relative though. He technically “can’t get into any trouble” by saying the lineup is good even if it might only have games that have already appeared on other systems by that point. I’m glad it builds excitement for E3 though. Man, I can’t wait. It’s a much better wait than last year, cuz we know now that a whole lot of good stuff is definitely coming, unlike last year, when we didn’t really know what was going to happen.

  7. I love Nintendo exclusives just as much as anybody. Nothing gets me as excited as a new Mario or Metroid game. But looking at the few announced WiiU games, isn’t anyone else excited about the prospect of being able to also get things like Assassin’s Creed and Darksiders without having to buy a second console? I’m thrilled that Nintendo is luring in more third party developers. WiiU is going to be absolutely amazing!

  8. The launch lineup better be pretty f’n good! With the Wii failing and the 3DS having a weak launch lineup, Nintendo can’t afford to botch this. I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on a Wii U…I’m just curious what I’m going to be playing at launch.

  9. I hope this statement means that Nintendo purposely didn’t talk about any first party titles last year so that they’ll surprise the hell out of everyone this summer. I’m hyped but I’m also anticipitating disappoitment.

    1. Well, yeah. It would be kinda boring to say every single available title right off the bat a whole year before the main event. E3 is all about surprises, and those who can pull it off are the winners of E3.

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  11. My current projections show that my temp job will end in late may/early June… Maybe I’ll be home for E3. Which would be kickass.

    But if they hire me on full time that’s fine too lol

  12. Star Fox, Kirby, Mario, Conduit 3, Mario Kart, Resident Evil! Please take note Nintendo and third party developers.

    But I am excited for Aliens and Lego City Stories =D. And the next Smash Bros once that’s finished (hopefully not rushed).

  13. Uh oh… did he really say that? Well, looks like I’m going to be pretty damn poor for a while after launch.

  14. Fucking lier, ex2iting my ass yeah nothing says next gen like ps360 old ports. And done franchise srsly 1st mario 2d than 3d than 3d with 2d now 2d again smh his formula getting old.funny mario 2 looks like mario 3 nes yet fags r happy smh idiots

  15. Wii u is trash and how did ppl get specs on 3ds when shitendo refuses to tell out of embarrassment. 3ds is as strong as wii u which is a upgraded gamecube which was rival to ps2. Fanboys love nintendo trash , mario again smh wheres the innovated gameplay

  16. God, I would really love a new super mario sunshine, it was my first real game on my gamecube an my favorite game of all time!

  17. Here’s my predictions for the Launch line-up. (NOTE: This is just my opinion)

    -Aliens: Colonial Marines (Sega, Gearbox Software)
    -Assassin’s Creed III (Ubisoft)
    -Batman: Arkham City – Ultimate Edition (Warner Bros., Rocksteady Studios)
    -Darksiders II (THQ, Vigil Games)
    -Killer Freaks from Outer Space (Ubisoft)
    -Lego City Stories (Nintendo, Traveller’s Tales)
    -Miyamoto’s New IP (Nintendo)
    -The New Mario Game (Nintendo)
    -Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (Tecmo Koei, Team Ninja)
    -Pikmin 3 (Nintendo)
    -Tekken (Namco Bandai)
    -Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online (Ubisoft)

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