The Big Wii U Game Wasn’t Shown At E3

Game Trailers editor-in-chief Shane Satterfield came under heavy criticism when he said before E3 that the Wii U launch line-up was “looking pretty damn good”. Satterfield later took to Twitter and stated that the Wii U game that sparked that comment was pulled from the show by Nintendo.

“Just realized that a Wii U game I knew about well before E3 was never announced at the show. I’m guessing there are others to come as well.”

84 thoughts on “The Big Wii U Game Wasn’t Shown At E3”

        1. Well with the Zelda stuff they could easily have decided an art style, story and items by now. Remember while Skyward Sword only came out late last year – they held it back from 2010 to 2011 to polish it up, so the main stuff off the game was already built allowing them the opportunity to brainstorm on the next game before starting production on it early this year.
          I agree on Smash Bros. though – the team haven’t properly started on it yet as they were working on Kid Icarus until only a couple of weeks before its release.

      1. I would be really pleased if they showed more tech demos. Just a glimpse of Metroid, StarFox, Fire Emblem, even “how Brawl will look like if it takes on Wii U” or something like that. I mean, imagine the Hype!

        1. And imagine what that hype could do right before the launch of the console, you need to think like a company president would.

        2. I’m surprised that no one seems to be talking about a Wii U installment of Mario Kart at all. Kart is, after all, every bit the flagship multiplayer franchise that Smash is…

      2. Yeah but they knew about Wii u for a year then shows it to us a year later then finally showed the actual games and what it could do. So who knows what games they got going on. They could have been working on smash bros characters and backgrounds developing to them could be getting the game run in who knows with them sneaky bastards

      3. Yeah but they knew about Wii u for a year then shows it to us a year later then finally showed the actual games and what it could do. So who knows what games they got going on. They could have been working on smash bros characters and backgrounds developing to them could be getting the game runnin who knows with them sneaky bastards

    1. What part of “not announced” didn’t you get? He’s saying there IS a big Wii U game, but we don’t know about it… Count me excited! :D

    1. Highly unlikely. Zelda came out last year. Besides Miyamoto was just talking about what he would want to do with the next Zelda. It was hardly a concept.

  1. Yes that’s what I was hoping for!! Hoping for A Star Fox or Metroid and Donkey Kong would be ok too. Also a new Zelda lol

    1. def not retro studios
      IGN: Switching gears, because I’m getting bombarded on Twitter to ask this… Everyone wants to know what Retro is up to. It’s been a couple of years since we really heard from them. When will we hear from them?

      Fils-Aime: Rich, if I disclosed what Retro is doing, I would have the president of Retro literally calling me right now saying, “Reggie, what are you doing?” We love that people are interested. We love surprising people. I remember getting the questions before we announced Donkey Kong Country Returns. And I loved unveiling that. So… Rest assured, the team is hard at work. But I’m not gonna tell you what they’re working on.

  2. I figured they didn’t the other big franchise titles to the Wii U because most first and second party developers are still in the developing process. One of them is Project Sora’s Super Smash Bros. Universe.

  3. I think the question we should be asking is not what the game is, but why would Nintendo pull a big game reveal from their press conference?

    1. because E3 is dying, there is no need of E3 anymore when now they can do it on Nintendo direct for example, internet is the new E3!!

      1. That’s a good point. Many people have pulled from CES already, and a lot of companies are now using their own conferences like what you just said, Nintendo Direct, to show their major stuff. If that’s the case, then the REAL conference we should be watching is still ongoing…

        1. On that note of Nintendo Direct and all the peripheral presentations at E3 surrounding the main one, I think it would be a good idea next year for Nintendo to do a separate presentation on all of their casual content for the year. This way, those who are curious can watch that and those who want nothing to do with it don’t have to see it outside of that event aside from an announcement for it.

    1. E3 isn’t as big as it used to be, many big companies, like RockStar, don’t need to go, because they have big enough titles, that they’ll get noticed without E3. I’m guessing the same with Nintendo.
      +, there’s still Nintendo Direct, which is Nintendo’s personal conference, so it’s likely that they’re gonna unveil it there.

    2. Hell even rockstedy who was developing Batman Arkham City Armored Edition didnt go they just showed a 30 second clip of the main guy and Rockstedy is a very popular company

  4. I’m assuming he saw and unfinished game from Retro that wasn’t ready for the show but thought it was. Can’t wait to see it.

  5. I bet it’s Retro’s new game. They probably thought it wasn’t ready to be shown or decided to save it for next year or TGS. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. yeah i REALLY think it was retro’s game. nintendo even said before the show taht retro was going to make an apperience and then at the show there was nothing.

    1. The guy who released that rumor, stated that it’s not happening, and honestly, I’m happy it’s not happening, because Metroid and StarFoc just have space in common, nothing else.

        1. One other thing to come out of that story was Nintendo’s interest in the idea of crossovers, resulting in that idea being pitched at one point. I hope they don’t feel Nintendo Land satisfied that curiosity, because I’d like to see some kind of core entry crossover between two franchises down the line. It shouldn’t feel forced, though.

  6. I think it’s a smart move. With Microsoft’s and Sony’s tendency to copy everything Nintendo does why expose their hand so early in the game. E3 probably won’t sell systems for them.

  7. I’m glad he addressed this too. I had a pretty strong feeling something big was being made, but just wasn’t announced. Not that it excuses Nintendo’s conference or anything, but I’m glad this news at least puts it within a different light. I guess Nintendo’s conference, in its entirety, was just the opening act if they think there are better ways to debut their major games than just during E3. Maybe E3 itself is becoming more casual-oriented and that’s why Nintendo and Microsoft just wasn’t being too hardcore about it. Hell, maybe that’s why Sony thought it was a good idea to show Wonderbook.

    This is one of those moments where it’s okay to criticize somebody into saying something relieving.

    1. E3 has lost it’s shine in the past few years, maybe Iwata, or Reggie, just thought that same way, and decided to release their big guns at another time, on a event that everybody has their eyes on, because E3 is just for the gamers, but not every gamer watches it.

      1. Though they do make it available to be replayed, so I’m sure even more people who didn’t watch it live would still be able to see it on YouTube or other official channels. Even if they don’t watch it the video games media has possibly their biggest public reach of the year during E3, despite the state of the actual show.

        It may be dead in the coming years, but at the present it’s still the time to drop the biggest bombshells. That said, Nintendo Direct would be a good way to make announcements that every current player can hear, and there’s still future shows like TGS.

  8. Happy to hear that they’ve still got a few games to reveal, but it really makes me wonder just how many games Nintendo have lined up for the near future.

  9. I bet it’s Miyamoto’s new IP, or Retro’s game, or something else big, maybe a new game by Monolith, maybe a exclusive from a 3rd party dev, who knows, there could be several big titles, we will have to see.

  10. And Everybody was crying Wahhh about Wii U’s line up. Not to mention everyone’s STILL talking about “Is it Metroid, Zelda, Smash Brothers, or F-Zero ‘O’ ” What Losers

  11. They decided to wait for when they have the Nintendo direct about pricing and release date. Then drop the launch line ups and info. Then the oh yeah and coming early 2013 we got…………

  12. Oooo if there is indeed a big Wii U game to be announced I hope its a brand spanking new Mario Kart. Im somewhat bored with MK7 now to be totally honest and Im ready to play a new MK with great new features in stunning HD and hopefully, you’ll be able to voice chat with friends as you’re racing online! <333
    Oh and a new Zelda would be ace ;)

  13. Shane seems like a genuine guy with a passion for Nintendo and video gaming – he wouldn’t bullshit people. If he says that a BIG Wii U game was pulled last minute, I believe him.

    As to what it is? I assume it’s probably a 3rd party game – I don’t think too many people, even in the media, are privy to Nintendo’s big guns.

    I imagine it has something to do with one of the 2 EA games that are inbound.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic is published by EA, it would be the first big MMO to grace a console and would work brilliantly on the Wii U…


  14. I bet it is SMASH BROS! Some people think it is too early, but it really isnt that hard to develope a trailer for a game like they did at the 2006 E3. It just requires a little bit of animation.Nintendo has had a couple months to do that. They dont even have to show gameplay(I doubt they would have gameplay.) They could just show NEWCOMERS!(everyones favorite part.) Too bad whatever it was, was pulled from the show. It must have been AMAZING!

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