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Nintendo 3DS System Update Coming April 25th In North America

Nintendo of America has announced that North American Nintendo 3Ds owners will be able to download the system update on April 25th. By downloading this update, users can create folders on the system’s Home Menu to organize their content. This new feature is designed to make it easier than ever for players to access their favorite downloadable games, videos and demos. With this update, users will also get helpful recommendations in the Nintendo eShop for titles they may like. Other elements of the system update include the ability to update select software, such as a Mario Kart 7 update coming in mid-May that will resolve shortcut exploits in the game.

48 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS System Update Coming April 25th In North America”

  1. hahahahahahahahahahaha shame guys i am gonna be cheating till then and then illl FUCK U ALL UPDSNDSDSSD SDNDSJLDLSDIDSIODSOISDOUHSDOUDUOHDUOOUHUHSD

  2. I hated when ever someone will pick maka wuhu. Even though i will cheat it was pretty annoying like thats the only level people can win in yet everyone knows it now

  3. I also remember that Nintendo is going to release firmware for the 3ds to increase the speed of the home menu. Does anyone know anything about this?

    1. I think that issue has more to do with the speed (class) of the SD card than the system’s software. Most of the items that usually take a while to load up are on the SD card and not the system memory.

  4. North America only?? Is this update going to be in Europe as well? I really hope it is so I don’t have to play MK7 and quit everytime somebody pick Wuhu Mountain Loop so they can do the course skip exploit. Just play fairly d******

    1. Yes it was announced for Europe first in the Nintendo Direct in Europe but North America still gets it on the same date so no difference

  5. “users can create folders on the system’s Home Menu to organize their content”

    YES. My Ambassador games take up a ton of space.

  6. Cool. I was sick of 90% of people making the Maka Wuhu Glitch the only way to play that level. That should also drop the ammount of people who play there.

  7. how about some dlc while they’re at it. maybe a couple of free new tracks or some new kart customization.

    1. Characters, tracks, and kart customizations. Though, I’d be willing to pay. A few every year would nice. Just to freshen the game up a bit.

    1. It’s a way to organize, like a computer file structure. So you can create a folder, and drag and drop Virtual Console Games, 3D Classics, or original games into “folders” so that the menu doesn’t look so cluttered. Basically you’d click the folder, and it would open a sub menu with all the icons within the folder to select the content to play.

  8. this site sucks! i am going to COD (which is better than super mario) site and never come back to a nintendo blog

  9. I am glad they are finally patching Mario Kart 7. I have not played it in a while due to people choosing Maka Wuhu and Wuhu Loop to abuse the glitches (Wuhu Loop’s glitch IS effective if done properly). I also hope they can new characters, tracks, and arenas if possible. Looks like I can play Mario Kart 7 in peace again, while dealing with the item chaos.

  10. The folders will look nice on the home menu and im glad there going to fix the maku wuhu glicth. I hope you can put your own wallpaper in each folder when you open up just like the Vita.

    1. Vita doesn’t have folders. It has differnet screens which can hold up to 10 apps and/or games each. There’s only 10 screens, so you can only hold up to 100 apps and/or games. You can costumize each screen with wallpaper though.

  11. thats good that there fixing the MK7 glitch i used it once on online mode and i still feel gulty about it…. but it rocks on grand prix mode lol

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