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There’s A Slim Chance Mega Man Legends 3 Could Come To 3DS eShop

Reika Morishita, the singer behind the Rockman DASH theme songs, has desperately been campaigning along with 100,000 Strong to get Capcom to release the caned Mega Man Legends 3. Morishita is set to release the Mega Man Legends soundtrack and she claims that if her new soundtrack makes over 20,000 sales, Capcom Japan is likely to release the Mega Man Legends 3 prototype version on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

“To support our community, she is going to release her Mega Man Legends soundtrack reprisals at the end of May or early July, tentatively. During the meeting yesterday, she said that if her new soundtrack makes over 20,000 sales, Capcom Japan is likely to release the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version on the e-shop. Although there are no guarantees, keep in mind she is a well-networked individual.”

– 100,000 Strong

45 thoughts on “There’s A Slim Chance Mega Man Legends 3 Could Come To 3DS eShop”

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    1. Capcom is so stubborn and stupid. They’re a GAME company. That means they make and release GAMES. Not say they’re going to release a game, then cancel it when platform sales don’t go well, then say they’ll release it if there’s a big enough demand, then say “Nope sorry, it’s cancelled”, THEN say there’s a slight chance they could release it if an eshop version sells well… I mean seriously, It’s one thing to cancel a game, but it’s another to be a game company that can’t make up it’s goddamn mind. They’re acting like a bunch of individual morons, not providing a good image for a trustworthy and professional game company. Not to mention their recent spelling errors, which I’m sure we’re all aware of, that make them even more unprofessional-looking.

  1. Capcom are unveiling a huge surprise in the next issue of Famitsu (I think it’s that magazine) and now we have this bit of news. I’m not a Mega Man fan in any way but suspect its MML3 that will be unveiled.

    1. Nope, it will be ultra super street fighter four ultimate mega super happy fun time edition that will be unveiled

    1. The problem is that the same fanbase who would buy a game like that hasn’t grown since back then, hence the “same fanbase”. They could just easily sell the game, but ultimately the same numbers would buy the game, but no growth of those numbers from previous sales. And this is a case where, yes, sales do matter, especially if you’re a company. Legend of Zelda series is an example of this phenomenon. The series has indeed sold a lot of games, but for each game, the sales never increased significantly. Sadly, that same fanbase is only a small part of Capcom’s overall finances; just selling the game to them will not guarantee they’ll make more money than usual. That’s not a distaste for gaming or for fans; that’s just business.

  2. megaman is a pile of shit anyway. Keep it in the 80s and 90s where it belongs. megaman has not aged well! the originals are always the best. o and for the record CRAPCOM will prob put megaman dlc on their discs ROFL

    1. Megaman is NOT a “pile of shit”. Sure, there were bumps along the way, but there were many gems in the series. Like the Battle Network and Zero series. Those were the bomb!

  3. This is a load of crap, it’s coming from a fansite. Buy it if you’re a fan of her work but don’t expect anything

    1. I do indeed have some skepticism as well….

      Well, I don’t have to worry about this as I don’t live in Japan. ^o^

  4. this is what i think if capcom release MML3 prototype game on eshop alot people will dowload it if that happen and see there number 1 in sales we might get a whole game later on picture it remember Dead rising 2:case zero for XBLA capcom made so much money for a 5 dollar game then a month later we got full game This could happen for MML3 you never know

    1. I have never played a megaman game but if the prototype version comes out on e shop i will buy it to support the game :D

  5. Wow. I can’t believe it half way worked. It might not be a full fledge video game but it’s a start. Think about this ppl…the campaign worked well enough to get a soundtrack inspired and capcom says 20,000 in sales r needed in order to get the demo. Let’s say sales r 40,000 and the demo releases. If everyone with a 3ds, let’s say for the same of the argument 75,000, buys or downloads the demo, the likelyhood of getting the full game increases dramatically. However, if a full game would be released it’ll probably be for the 3ds and not the Wii or the ps3 which the games were originally on.

    1. I do hope that the 100,000 Strong will succeed! I want MML3!

      BTW, MML1&2 did not originate on the PS3 and Wii, but I am assuming that you mean that they originated on the consoles for Nintendo and Sony.

      1. Lol I did forget about the N64. But I don’t remember seeing MML2 on N64. Could b wrong. But yes. The games were ment for consoles not hand-held systems

        1. MML2 did not appear on the N64. You’re right. But both MML1&2 did appear on the PSP as Japan only games.

  6. i played mega man but all this bring back mega man shit no one cares really if u want mega man back so bad play the nes snes or the n64 games those were the best ones as far as the new mega man games go i dont care

    1. Personally, I prefer the rpg type Megaman over the level/stage style of the game. Personal pereferance and all.

    2. The Zero and Battle Network games were excellent in my humble opinion!

      And Capcom needs to learn from its errors. Not because they brought a character down. But because of HOW they handled the situation. The blamed the fans (MML3). They had on-disk DLC (SxT and MvC3). Non-erasable save files (Mercenaries 3D). Trolling of characters (Bad Box Art Megaman in SxT [I would have been ok with that if the timing was different, but seriously? At a time like this?]).

      Capcom now is different from Capcom before. And until they make a game I am interested in (and/or their behavior improves), I wont buy a game from them (barring Megaman and Viewtiful Joe).

  7. Mega Man games haven’t been good since X3. X4 thru whatever they got up to (8 or 9, I think?) we’re just ridiculous. They weren’t even Mega Man games. They were completely different games that just happened to have an almost unrecognizable “Mega Man” in them.

    Capcom did a good thing with Mega Man 9 and 10, and should continue the 8-bit iterations, along with A few 16-bit X-series throwbacks, an forget everything else.

  8. The only thing capcom can do right is canceling megaman games and misspelling things. This is why i hate capcom now.

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