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New Mario Tennis Open Trailer For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo UK has uploaded a fresh new trailer for the super-fun Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS. The video gives fans a taster of the characters on offer as well as some of the special unlockable features you’ll find scattered throughout the game. Mario Tennis Open is due for release May 25th in Europe and May 20th in North America.

21 thoughts on “New Mario Tennis Open Trailer For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. On the european nintendo direct satoru shibata stated that panini (a card and magazine publisher) will distribute ove 100 Kid icar AR cards, not sure if the US and Japan are included though

  1. Im going to trade mario kart 7 for this when it comes out. I haven’t played mario tennis since 64. I hope there more feature then mario kart 7. 3308-5494-1135 add me

  2. Can somebody please tell me if this is gonna have the “Power Shots” like Mario Power Tennis? If not then that means its just gonna be like the mario tennis for 64 :p whitch was pretty boring honestly…

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