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New Capcom Project To Be Unveiled In Famitsu

Capcom will be unveiling a new project in the next issue of Japanese publication Famitsu. The secret project is teased in the current issue but there’s barely any hints regarding what it might be. Lets hope it’s something for the Nintendo 3DS.

36 thoughts on “New Capcom Project To Be Unveiled In Famitsu”

  1. …Horinouchi states: “Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star will go on sale November 12th. Though the series wrapped up three years ago, thanks to the players Rockman EXE is able to sell once again. Furthermore, as we approach Rockman’s 25th anniversary, I’m thinking of what I want to do with Rockman EXE.” HERE’S HOPING FOR A BATTLE NETWORK 7 or EXE REBOOT

  2. Hopefully a sequel of Okami and Okamiden for the Wii U… This console is MADE for these games~ Touchpad + wonderful HD graphics <3

    1. I know it’s probably not related but that just keeps popping into my head every time I see “Capcom”

  3. hopefully its nintendo vs capcom….it would sell real well…and would hold us over till the new smashbros comes out

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