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Leaked Rayman Legends Wii U Video ‘Doesn’t Represent Final Game’

Ubisoft has commented on the Rayman Legends trailer which leaked earlier today stating that the video doesn’t represent the final game.

Ubisoft revealed that the video was designed to be seen by internal production teams who create game prototypes with work in progress development kits. This explains why the Wii U tablet controller was attached to the machine, as it was revealed earlier today that Wii U development kits are currently using wired controllers. Here’s the full statement from Ubisoft regarding Rayman Legends.

“An internal video showing images of Rayman Origins’ sequel has leaked over the Internet. This video was intended as a purely internal demonstrative video, and in NO way represents the final game, the final console or their features. This video was destined for internal production teams who often create game prototypes with work in progress development kits. Ubisoft confirms the development of Rayman Legends handled by Michel Ancel and his team in Montpellier.”

19 thoughts on “Leaked Rayman Legends Wii U Video ‘Doesn’t Represent Final Game’”

  1. Well, Ubisoft, you’ve got nowhere but up to go from here with your game. If the final game isn’t at least as good as this trailer conceptualizes, it’ll be a real shame.

  2. hmm seems good hooe i dont have to buy rechargable batteries it should come with a cable to charge the controller itself i hope they do that

  3. Common sense should have told most people that. Games almost always change drastically between early stages such as this and their final release.

  4. Either way; they might take away stuff or include new content as well. If it’s the former and it’s just a port with the screen just showing the game – that would be a huge flop for them in the series. But, if they keep the stuff shown in the leaked video and add more – maybe it’ll succeed. Or, maybe they’re just saying that to rile us up? Who knows.

  5. If this is only beta, I’m amazed. The game already looks beautiful, and I would go out and buy it now if it was released. Assassin’s Creed 3 can take a step back, this is my most anticipated Wii U game right now.

  6. Developers always say that about leaked footage. I’d say they’re still going to add more content, but the overall look and feel of the game won’t change. It looks really nice so far. :D

  7. Ubisoft lieing their ass off. They know this video was intended to be released later but got leaked and called it purely demonstrative prototype on the dev kit. Yea Ubisoft, the content in the video explains a whole lot

    1. The quality of the video and the acting says otherwise. That, and the fact I’M SURE the controller looks different by now. The game must’ve been in development alongside/shortly afterwards origins, so who knows when this video was made or who it was show to.

    2. Of course it’s on the dev kit but that still doesn’t change my opinion. Trailers can be made from a dev kit since the system isn’t out yet. Not saying they still can’t change anything. It’s the statement “purely for demonstrative prototype testing the kit” that gets me. I’m pretty sure it would’ve looked alot different than this imo

  8. At least that makes some sense. Nevertheless, I’m sure that Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends Wii U version would be a franchise hit for the third party publisher and developer. BTW, I’m surprised that Ubisoft will be using their own graphics engine.

  9. It can only get better from here. If they can do this for Rayman imagine what Nintendo can do Mario.

    Leave luck to heaven.

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