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Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS Coming May 20th

It looks as though the rumours were correct as Nintendo of America has just announced via a press release that the Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS console will launch May 20th. The new colour will launch May 20th, the same day Mario Tennis Open becomes available. The Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS is offered at a suggested retail price of $169.99 in the United States.

37 thoughts on “Midnight Purple Nintendo 3DS Coming May 20th”

  1. I loved this one, though I haven’t got mine yet, the white one is pretty cool as well…decisions, decisions…

    1. I’m waiting for animal crossing 3d to come out to get one, as for the color since I’m not rich I gotta think over before I get it. I live in Brazil and those new colors take a while to come here, I can only find the black, red ‘n aqua blue ones.

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  3. Omg this is gorgeous!! I wish I was rich so I could have my ambassador 3DS, this purple one and the Zelda one!!! But I’m happy with my Aqua blue since it’s got the free games!

  4. Hey. Now we have all the Pikmin colors except one. Red, Blue, Purple, and White. Release a yellow one please!

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    1. Bet you any money it comes out in a bundle with Luigi’s Mansion 2.


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  7. Makes my waiting worthwhile, yes! Nintendo better not announce a 3DS Lite with two analogs on e3, otherwise I’m going to slit my own throat.

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  11. Hmmm, I was hoping for a more reddish purple. Oh well, I’m happy with my pink 3DS (it really does look awesome, way prettier than on the pictures you find), and my Zelda one. ;-)

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