Development studio n-Space has confirmed that it has no plans to bring the forthcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to handheld platforms. The news will come as a disappointment to many as the developer has a long association with developing handheld entries within the Call of Duty franchise.

“We have no first-person shooters in development at this time,”

– n-Space studio president Dan O’Leary



  1. Wow that’s bad news. But am confident it will come to the 3ds.

    ps… Oh am first….. :D

    Get N or get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!1


  2. wow now there is a surprise i actually was expecting this for the 3ds i wanted a fps for my collection. oh well!!!


    • I don’t know but i always i’ve seen your coments saying that you are agains the FPS games and now you are saying that this is bad and hopefully change to get FPS for handheld. i don’t trust you anymore.


    • Personally I’m still hoping that Conduit 3DS still happens. Conduit 2 is a great FPS on Wii and I think a Conduit game on the 3DS would be awesome. Thats the 3DS FPS I want to see. I don’t really care about COD on handhelds.


  3. So a nintendo Handheld gets a slidpad, and now they aren’t gonna make it?
    wow, I surely wouldved thought we get one considering the last ones felt, incomplete without the Pad.


  4. its pretty obvious why they are being so weird about bringing cod to wii u and 3ds, its because they’re new platforms and they don’t want to go through the trouble of actually programing a new game.


  5. 3ds needs firstperson shooters cause half of the game community is shooter fans my self included im tired of all these JRPG games there boring and lame


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