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New Aliens Game Announced For Next-Gen Platforms

Creative Assembly’s has advertised online that they’re working on a brand new Aliens title for both current-gen and next-gen consoles. The development studio is looking for a number of talented individuals to work on the game, which is rumoured to be an action title running on an all-new game engine.

“The successful applicant will be working on a AAA multi-platform title on current and future generation consoles set in the Alien universe.”

14 thoughts on “New Aliens Game Announced For Next-Gen Platforms”

    1. Hmm… now that I realize it, bein first isnt all that great. I feel like I have the lamest comment that everyone will just overlook

  1. is this a different series from alions collinies (cant spell odviously) cause thats in ONM this month

  2. Well that’s a FIRST. All puns aside, I hope that Creative Assembly develop a new Aliens game for Nintendo’s next console. If they use Unreal 4 on the new console, imagine the reactions from each and everyone around the world will be saying.

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