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Treyarch Hints At Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U

Treyarch’s studio head Mark Lamia has heavily hinted to Norwegian gaming site PressFire that the recently announced Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 could be heading to Wii U. Activision has only confirmed that the game will be appearing on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Expect to hear information about a Wii U version at E3 next month.

PressFire: Do you have a release date?
Lamia: November 13th

PressFire: That’s around the same time as the Wii U launch, isn’t it?
Lamia: (smirks) It is… That’s what I hear, rumor-wise. I don’t think they’ve announced a launch date for the Wii U though?

PressFire: They said before christmas? But that overwatch mode, on the Wii U pad …it seems kind of obvious?
Lamia: (laughs) Do you want a job in game design?

PressFire: (laughs) So is there a Wii U version coming?
Lamia: Ah! We’re not.. we’re only talking about the other platforms at this time.

PressFire: I know.
Lamia: But here’s what I can tell you: Treyarch has a long tradition of working on the Nintendo platforms. A long tradition.

PressFire: That’s right, you did the Wii versions of the Modern Warfare games.
Lamia: Uh huh, and the Wii versions of all our Call of Duty titles. And we made the GameCube version of Big Red One. And the Wii version of Spiderman Web of Shadows. We have a lot of experience on the Wii and on the Nintendo platforms. So yeah, we enjoy the Nintendo Wii. We enjoy working on that.

67 thoughts on “Treyarch Hints At Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U”

    1. Me too. Also, I actually give props to Treyarch for making BlOps 2 appear different that it’s predecessors. It may actually be good.

  1. Well am glad it’s coming to the wii u even tho we all knew this already. So i guess the wii u gonna be sold out then cause all these epic games coming to it. I would like the overwatch on the upad i think i would dominate with that….lol

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

  2. I look forward to seeing it on the Wii U. A side note: I just saw a commercial for the Sony tablet. It can play Playstation games, control yout TV and it also has the feature demonstrated in the Wii U trailer where if you’re watching a video on the Wii U tablet controller you can throw the video to the TV.

    1. Nintendo innovates Sony imitates.
      Don’t worry the Sony tablet will never catch on. Competition from Things like the ipad, kindle and the galaxy tab are way better for the casual crowd then sony’s offerings. And most gamers don’t like tablets because of the lack of buttons.

      1. Me too. I don’t like all touch screen phones. I don’t like all touch screen anything. Having a button to press is a better experience. Sad to say that in the future a lot of things will be buttonless. Hopefully that won’t happen to video game consoles anytime soon.

        1. Hey, the touch screen phone is good! Games with no real buttons on it are under par. But my iPhone is a phone and a browser. My wii and 3ds are my gaming systems. But all said and done, apple has a great Touch GUI and browsing

          1. I understand that, but I use my phone for a lot of things. I currently use a Nokia N900, very good phone has a touchscreen, but also a physical keyboard. The games I find myself playing the most on it are board games like Monopoly and angry birds. The only action oriented games that are good on a touch screen phone like that are car racing games the can use the gyroscope and accelerometer. For anything else gaming on it is awful.

    2. Sony better hope it does more than that…cuz Nintendo’s Wii U tablet apparently does more than that.

  3. CoD would mean great business for Nintendo, so this would be great if it’s true. In my opinion though, CoD games distract people from other great quality games that aren’t just about shooting your friends in the face over the internet. But they’ve gotten way too mainstream. All my friends think when they hear video games are shooters like CoD or Gears of War, etc. I always respected Nintendo for making games that had a little more soul in them.

    1. Thanks! This little rant had been building up for a while. By all means, I welcome shooters to the platform (yes, even CoD, they’re awesome games). But I favor shooters like Bioshock. Too bad we don’t get to hear hints about Bioshock Infinite for Wii U as well.

    2. i got MW3 at launch and since then i haven’t touch the campaign mode, what you say is right Cod is for ” shooting your friends in the face over the internet” . most gamers cant appreciate the art within games, and that’s what nintendo is all about
      Pure art….
      if the Wii U is what nintendo promise is going to be awesome. i bought a 360 because i wanted to play games that sadly the wii doesn’t have like bioshock or assassins. if those were released on wii despite the graphics i would bought them.

      another fact is that, correct me if am wrong, but if the hardware is too “powerful” then the software has to be more elaborated, more details etc.. so more money, if games these days cost around 50m i don’t think developers are going to risk 80m-100m in game that doesn’t sell

      1. No, you’re right. More power = more money. Which is why I’m happy that the Wii U’s power will be on par with the other consoles. We don’t need more power, we need more ideas. Seriously, look at Crysis or Rayman Origins, a game couldn’t look more beautiful. It’s too early to be thinking about more processor power. And to think, a lot of gamers are obsessed with the new “next gen” consoles that might not and should not, appear any time soon.

        1. the wii u can be a little bit more powerfull. my only wish is a zelda game in a vast open world like skyrim or LA noir
          imagine all those things to do n_n

  4. As much as i despise Activision for all the repetitive CoD’s even though this one looks different for once, I gotta say I really hope it comes to Wii U just so it can help Nintendo out a little bit at launch.

    1. You despise them?! Yeah there not all reppetive I’m sure your too fucking braindead to realize there’s a lot to each game! I used to troll on activision but then I picked up a copy of mw3 for my XBOX and loved it! I play my wii often to and I considered getting mw3 for WII and for DS it has a lot to a storyline you may think its the same because the enviroments of the plot but it is not the same. Besides much of the characters from MW3 are dead anyway so quit your bitching about reppetive games yet you don’t look at pokemon how its the same accept graphics and pokemon! Same with mario! Same storyline same ideas ever fucking year the saaame thing! But it is still a great game! At least metroid isn’t reppetive! Its awesome in every way!

      1. I don’t think that you’d spend £30 on a 6 hour storyline, and if you do – what are you thinking? You’re never hinting towards the fully linear gameplay and multiplayer of the CoD titles, which is what most people are interested in. Get over it, the £30 for 6 hour storyline is a total ripoff.
        Mario games are released year after year, yeah. But you must be a total idiot to say it’s the same thing year after year; Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy are definitely the same, aren’t they! No, they’re not.
        Now, please grow yourself a brain before blindly saying this dribble.

      2. Pokemon has one million times more strategy then cod. That’s a fact. Just think about it the types the abilities the attacks the breeding system strengths and weaknesses the various items pokemons gameplay has far more depth than cod if you don’t like Mario that’s fine but Mario is all about gameplay and a variety of platforming. The Mario games have a lot of variety just compare mario 64 to say, new super Mario bros. u can’t deny that COD games have almost no variety besides new weapons and new maps. The campaign are decent but hardly why people buy them. I’ve played every cod cuz my friend is a big fan but I’m always bored. It feels like the same thing every time. I don’t have this issue with Pokemon

  5. like I’ve always said, CoD games aren’t bad, infact, they’re quite fun. But all these yearly releases with small updates and SHORT campaigns are not worth the $60 they go for. Specialy with all the DLC bullshit.

    I hope it does comes to Wii U, but poeple have seem to foregetthat the 3DS is a Nintendo platform too. It should come to both.

    1. And there will probably be two different playing styles.
      1: Layout like the XBox controller.
      2: Remember the Sniper gameplay from last years E3 where she was using the controller screen as a Scope.

      And you can lay in bed plug some head phones in and play online when you are supposed to be sleeping.

  7. I wish people would stop pressing the developers on whether or not their games are coming to the Wii U. One, they’re making themselves look incredibly desperate. Two, it kinda kills the surprise effect Nintendo’s E3 will have if more and more surprises are revealed prematurely. And three, I’m pretty sure the developers are making their games for the Wii U too, but obviously they’re not allowed to say anything. There’s only like a month left. Patience hasn’t failed us yet!

  8. i like Call of Duty if Treyarch does it,but i doubt it will come to Wii U this year,why?,because it is a new system,the 3ds,although a portable, did not get Call of Duty MW3 due to that it was new system,DS and Wii have Call of Duty so it is not Activision excluding nintendo products.publishers normally wait a bit to see how the console performs before they produce for it,another reason may be Activision did not get a Dev Kit early enough,but it is possible to make a call of duty in a short time.other than that it may be refreshing to have Call of Duty on the Wii U with all the postives like secondary screen,built in voice chat,gyroscope,etc,only negatives are no thumb stick buttons(sprint,knife,crouch) and no pressured triggers,this can however be counteracted with the touch screen but it is still a nice addition.i dont think we will get Call Of Duty on Wii U this year but the next year,3ds will get Call of duty though this year for the game or not its great for console sales and its a good time waster at times,you love it or you hate it,end of story

  9. Well that should help sales for Wii U. I never got into CoD myself, only played MW and BO. However, at least the fanboys can’t cry that Nintendo isn’t getting good 3rd party support when this comes and with Assassin’s Creed 3 and Dark Souls 2 on the way it’ll help even more.

    1. Yay another brainless idiot who only judges the games by what the cover says!
      Get a life asshole!

      1. If the trailer only showed cutscenes, then you can assume the gameplay hasn’t changed… At all.

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  11. i’ll get it because i have a wii and my friends are always bragging how they have mw3 or cod and i don’t so i will get it. The difference between sony and nentendo is sony is all about money nentendo is about pleasing and touching the heart of players with awesome games that is nentendo if the wiiu isn’t as powerful as we want not saying it wont but it will still get awesome games the only real game ps3 or xbox had ever had was bio and mass affect 3 and Nintendo has proved that they can make a crappy system and still make AAA games so suck on that sony

  12. I believe Treyarch will come through. They my do wii and Wii U. Of they put it on the Wii U there is nothing to lose inane the world to gain.

    A New (classic) system with a new (classic) game I couldn’t think of a better match.

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