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Ubisoft Has Another Rabbids Game In Development

Ubisoft is currently busy developing another entry in the Rabbids franchise which is titled Rabbids Rumble. The Australian Ratings Board has given the game a G rating and says it features “very mild crude humour”. Ubisoft has yet to disclose which platforms the game is in development for, but we should hear more at next months E3 event.

16 thoughts on “Ubisoft Has Another Rabbids Game In Development”

  1. Ubisoft Montipellier’s best games are platformmers. The original Raymans, as well as Rayman Origins (and throw in Rabbids Go Home because I thought that was nice) have been their highest rated games. I hope they’re gonna stick with platformming or whatever, ’cause minigames and stuff just don’t seem to work well. The Rabbids aren’t the problem. It’s just that the Rabbids definitely have seen the decline of the series, and as soon as there’s a Rabbid-free game, the franchise jumps right back up. Hopefully we’ll see another Rabbids Go Home or something.

  2. rabbids are OK. There best game was Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 if they make a game like that then yes please. If they make a game like rabbids to the moon then no thank you. It depends is it a party or a adventure everyone cross your fingers for party.

  3. I honestly love the Rabbids – I thought they were a huge welcome into the series. But, I really want the Rabbids to have a sort of different feel to them. I love the minigames they had, but I want like a platformer involving them.

  4. Did anyone enjoy Rayman 2 The Great Escape on their N64? I sure did! I’m glad Rayman is going back to it’s 2D platformer roots and all, but I sure wouldn’t mind another 3D game like that!

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