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Miyamoto Says Lack Of PlayStation Vita Games Is Killing Handheld’s Prospects

Legendary games developer Shigeru Miyamoto has told Edge magazine that while the PlayStation Vita is a powerful piece of hardware, the system is struggling from the same lack of games that the Nintendo 3DS encountered last year.

“It’s obviously a very hi-spec machine, and you can do lots of things with it but I don’t really see the combination of software and hardware that really makes a very strong product.”

180 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says Lack Of PlayStation Vita Games Is Killing Handheld’s Prospects”

      1. seriously? it’s going to end up like the psp. people are going to wait until there are good games for it and by the time that happens they forget that it even exists and never buy one. sony is awful at advertising i mean they have maybe 2 commercials for the vita? honestly if they would just push for more games and advertise it more it would sell like hotcakes, but sony is too stupid to do so, so it’ll never sell at the same caliber as anything nintendo throws out.

          1. Everyone said the same thing about the 3DS, and look at where it is now… I mean, I won’t buy a vita, but I don’t think it could completely fail, sony has time to save it.

            1. Ah, but you miss one vital thing, TheFearsomeRyan: a price-cut and release of some blockbuster games saved the 3DS.

              Whereas Nintendo could manage a much-needed price cut with the Nintendo, Sony with Vita cannot. Sony’s stuck at the prices for both Vita models, because really, they couldn’t really afford to have them at the prices they already are–Sony reported they’re at a full 3-year-loss in heavy initial investments for the PS Vita, and they lost about 3 billion dollars last year (thanks to other bad costly investments, such as 3D TVs, VAIO computers, PS Move, and XPERIA gaming phones, not to mention from hard times from their entertainment companies suffering from their music and movies being pirated that they were already suffering, thus being one reason why they do proprietary-everything.)

              Also, whereas a blockbuster Nintendo 3DS game is significantly greater than a blockbuster DS game and takes longer to make their games, it takes nowhere near as long as it takes to make a blockbuster Vita game. In order to produce a major-franchise game for Vita, you’ll either have to spend more money or reduce the scope of the game.

              I personally think that Sony’s best bet is perhaps to either make the Vita free to develop for and hope that a plethora of short-development-time indie games can satisfy people long enough until big-name developers can finish bigger blockbuster games for Vita, or they should just cut their losses and quit Vita altogether and just focus on PS3 and prospects for a PS4.

              1. The free to develop for idea sounds great actually, maybe it could feel like developing for iPhone expect with actually buttons(although vita dev kits are probably much more challenging than iPod ones, but I don’t know.) Great comment too. Nice to see some intelligence on the interwebs.

        1. All it needs are a small Collection of High end titles

          say a Assassins Creed, a Deadspace,and maybe a strong shooter like Call of Duty or something

          add alot of Exsclusives like Resistance, Gran Turismo, Little big Planet, Monster Hunter and Killzone

          Just getting Vita titles like that would be more than enough reason for me to run out and get one
          as it is now the only game i want to play on it is Uncharted and im not paying that much money for one game

    1. Don’t underestimate Sony kid.They’re good at making their product cooler but lack of software(example:ps store).Just wait and see kid.
      Note:I love 3ds too(not a racist fanboy)

      1. just like the psp? sony fanboys are funny. You said the psp will be amazing… too bad. you love to dish abuse at Nintendo and saying they are doomed and now its vita’s turn you get butthurt cos Nintendo know how to make great games THEMSELVES?/third party

        1. “sony fanboys are funny”

          All fanboys are funny. Sony fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, Microsoft fanbys, you’re all equally as easy to laugh at.

    2. all they sell is crapware the psp died because 75% of the game sucked and for there last 2year psp only had like 5 good title’s. now psvita is falling through the same cracks.

      1. Some people here are reasonable. It may turn out like PSP, a late bloomer. Somehow, I don’t think sony will support it long enough for that. With all their financial problems lately, It may work in their favor to abandon it and concentrate on ps3/ps4 and their failing televisions. Their other hardware is probably hurting their bottom line more than anything else. As a Nintendo fan, I need sony to be my competition! At least until Sega comes back…

        1. Or they could just abandon televisions and hardware that won’t affect anybody. If they abandon the Vita the thousands of people that bought it will be outraged. people who suggest simply “abandoning” a platform do not know about business.

        2. pffft sony is never competition for Nintendo. espec not in the handheld market. Nintendo owns it so in the words of Mario… TOOO BAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            1. I’m a fanboy, Im just a fair one. I would say “rabid” fanboys are the lowest. I try to be as fair as possible considering the vita is actually factually failing, not just in nintendo fans eyes but from a market standpoint, and Im getting flamed! Don’t know about business? I know enough to know that if something is merely costing you money, hurting your bottom line, and giving you a bad rep, its a far better decision to let that platform go than continue to lose money over it. I don’t own the company, I can’t make these decisions, I am merely stating the prudent solution here. Take it or leave it, but don’t flame fellow nintendo fans just because they refuse to get rabid over it. I’d rather see competetion than watch companies get lazy because there is none. No matter what the only winner is us, the gamer. And isn’t that what really matters?

        3. Sorry buddy, but SEGA has already teamed up with Nintendo, although, yes, they still make games for handheld and home consoles.

  1. Wait for E3. Loads of news coming for the device.

    Also: It has been 3 months since launch. *Perspective* The 3DS, which is selling quite well now, also has the same problem for several months after its launch (thus the tremendous price drop).

          1. I concur. The proprietary memory card is a bit pricey and it would have been nice if internal memory was already included. At the same time – You realize that the Vita had the largest launch lineup of any system in ages?

            Plus, most Vitas have been sold with either a free 8GB or 4GB memory card in the package or as a retailer bonus.

            People purchase items despite the cost. Just look at iPads and iPods. The 3DS was $250 when it launched as well. The 3DS also had a MUCH smaller launch library.

            And to set the record straight: I got both a 3DS and a Vita at launch. I enjoy both handhelds immensely.

            1. Vita is not for me. I want a games console not a multimedia suite. Thats my Ipad or my desktop. I am not into sony exclusives either. That is where Nintendo reigns!

              1. Well, to each his own. That’s understandable that everyone has his/her own taste. At the same time, trolling a device because you do not like it doesn’t make you, or the gaming community you claim to represent, look any better.

                1. not trolling. I am basically saying what Miyamoto said. No games = no buy. Also hate Sony’s pricing policies which is why they are making such a huge loss. They really need to get their head screwed to their shoulders. They did this with the ps1 but letting themselves down really badly…

                    1. for the first time EVER in their existance since 1889… whereas Sony is in a billions loss fourth year in a row? (correct me if am wrong)

      1. Nintendo’s loss was $500 million, sony’s was 4.6 billion. Also, at this point in it’s life 3ds had sold about 3 times as many units as Vita has now. If 3ds had a bad launch, which it did, then Vita had a terrible launch.

    1. actually vita has been out for 5 months, by the time e3 hits it should be 7 months. Which is actually the same time frame for 3DS’s price drop, Vita is repeating 3DS’s shoes….but is getting hit harder than 3DS did.

  2. Sony bashes nintendo’s hardware but when Nintendo talks about there devices they actually give advice to them

    1. Let’s not fool ourselves. Individual members of each company is guilty of jabbing at the competitor’s products on occasion.

      At the same time, as someone who works along with several people in the gaming industry, just because they work with different companies doesn’t mean they do not get along. Many different developers (many times studios that work on exclusive titles for opposing consoles and systems) work together and help one another giving useful suggestions.

      The candid and off-the-record remarks of one individual hardly should be representative of a the company on the whole.

      1. but miyamoto is the best video games designer to ever live. He knows his stuff… no one can make not one, not two but SEVERAL franchises that are both over 25 years old and ahuge fanbase! Love to see uncharted get to 25… it wont happen just saying…

      2. I never heard of Nintendo bashing Sony before even if I search it on google but I heard multiple news of Sony bashing Nintendo and Microsoft and this makes me think they don’t play nice

        and it’s true companies like to help each other but I don’t think Sony would do the same thing like what Mr.Miyamoto just did

        1. this!! ^ Nintendo are disciplined. Espec when Iwata and co cut their salaries for the 3ds. Sony and Microcock would never do this…

            1. Iwata is a great president. Nintendo is in good hands. He is honest and recognises mistakes when he makes them. That makes you stronger.

        2. Maybe you should watch some E3 conferences from…. every year. lol

          I never said “bash” but the jabs are there. It’s marketing, it’s business. They all do it. Don’t be blind.

          1. i dont remember Miyamoto calling Angry Birds a ‘toy’ like Kaz/Jack/certain devs called the 3ds a toy. Miyamoto praised it for its games design or something along those lines. And I dont wanna see sonys E3 or microsofts…. especially last year ;) embarrasing! even the fanboys admitted it was a pile of crap…

                1. not sure if trolling or stupid…
                  have you not ever seen Reggie bash on other companies? its his job btw.
                  Sony’s CEO actually likes Nintendo so get some facts b4 you troll stupid

              1. Just because he counter argues you, and you have no idea what you are talking about in any way about Nintendo or Sony, doesn’t mean he is a troll.

                Also, you have no idea what youre talking about

              2. Oh, good lord… Just ignore him.

                I believe Vita will do well once the anticipated game releases. I will buy a Vita once a Littlebigplanet releases (And yes, I love that game. XD) and even Gravity Rush. When companies doesn’t give up hope, hope sometimes come for them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Nintendo and Sony fan, mind you. :D

          2. Yes they do

            but but Sony copying from Nintendo ideas Nintendo would be ashamed to do the same thing. Which makes me sad that Sony does it

            They all do it but differently

              1. dont be stupid, Sony all stars plays totally different from Smash bros. are you saying MK, SF, Tekken, DoA, KoF, MvC, ect. are all clone bc theyre fighting games?? maybe for you, ignorance is a blessing

          3. True, but they sure hide them well….and either way you say it, Nintendo will always be a class act reguardless…the other two….eh, their jabs are undoubtedly obvious

          4. And don’t be too sensitive. You spin constructive advice into whatever you interpret as, because of course you’re so offended by it.

      3. He’s not jabbing though. You’re just being too sensitive just because he’s from Nintendo. He’s actually stating the one area that, if Vita improves upon it, it will actually be a good handheld. And I totally agree with this, there is no game out for the Vita yet that really defines the Vita as its own device. An enormous launch library means nothing if over a billion of those titles are just console ports.

    1. Sony has awesome games too, Gravity Daze, Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs Capcom, Resistance, Uncharted, MGS HD collection, LittleBigPlanet, God of War, etc.

      1. awesome for you…generic for me. marvel vs crapcom was good on dreamcast but milked really badly now….not into those fighters anyway with stupid combos…

        1. “generic for me”

          If those games were on the 3DS, you’d be saying the exact opposite.


          1. nope they are generic like shovelware on the ds… am not biased i am fussy when I pick games be it on 3ds or vita if had one… dont be a cunt.

            1. Shovelware, wtf…Games like Tractor simulators or barbie are shovelware you idiot, these are million dollar original games.

      2. Gravity Daze in that little list you have there is the only title that’s all new and individual or hasn’t already been on a console within the last year.

        1. What about the 3DS launch? Hm, let’s see, OoT, SSFIV, F1 2011, RE Mercenaries, Need for Speed, Tintin, Mario Kart, and many many more. Yeah, the 3DS has no ports at all.

          1. hmmmmm only OOT is the port and starfox 3d…. mario kart is new installment in the franchise…

          2. I like the part where you left out all the original games specifically kid Icarus. That game is a difinitive 3DS title same with Mario 3D land. Ps vita hardly has difinitive titles such as those in fact the only games I’d wanna get are uncharted and MAYBE LBP but it doesn’t look very different from the console games. There’s nothing that enticing on the system yet. Maybe down the road but not now

    1. Yeah, Sony has always bee kind of the “premium” electronics brand. Unfortunately, in a global economy as we have today, that could be detrimental to their overall success.

  3. I have 12 vita games :/ they are all awesome.

    And we just got mortal Kombat, and upcoming: resistance burning skies, gravity rush, MGS HD, little big planet.

    As well as xseed just announced yesterday they are localizing ragnarok odyssey and orgarythm.

    So it’s really picking up.

  4. Shigeru is right, the Vita faced the same shortcomings as the 3DS. But, the thing I don’t understand what he meant by the last bit. He says you can do a lot with the Vita, but there is no combination of both hardware and software to make a good product. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? The 3DS has a lot of features, too.

    1. He’s basically saying the Vita is not its own device. Whatever the current software is doing, it isn’t taking advantage of the hardware to “make a good product”. All it’s doing is attempting to recreate console games at the cost of what the Vita itself can do if done right.

  5. I’m far from a sony fan but I really don’t want to see the vita fail so badly like it does. The thing is that when the 3ds was struggling we knew good games were coming in the future but that isn’t the case with vita, there aren’t any system sellers for the vita right now and I don’t see any coming either.

    1. sony will say HUUR HUUUR WE ARE GETTING FINAL FANTASY x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which is a port of the beginning of the end of square and the FF franchise…………..

  6. The PS Vita had a great line up of games for launch. It just needs to come out with more games. I love my PS Vita and my 8 psvita games(2 retail, 6 downloaded) which is the same number of 3DS game cards i have. It’s not the games the psvita needs, it is the psn store that needs to open up and let psvita owners have access to the same content they have downloaded on their psp’s.

    1. pity vita is not backwards compatible. enjoying my very big ds library on my 3ds ;) what a good life being a Nintendo gamer…

      1. I’m enjoying my large DS library on my DS Lite as well. I enjoy my small 3DS library on my 3DS. I also enjoy my sizable Vita library on my Vita. It’s a good life being a gamer.

        1. vita ports…games i can get on ps3.. espec ffx hd and any CODS coming out…no need to buy a handheld from sony…

          1. Games you can ONLY get on a Vita:

            Dynasty Warriors Next
            Escape Plan
            Little Deviants
            Army Corps of Hell
            ModNation Racers: Road Trip
            Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja
            Super Stardust Delta
            Lumines Electronic Symphony
            Uncharted: Golden Abyss
            Wipeout 2048
            Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
            Unit 13
            Reality Fighters
            Sumioni: Demon Arts
            Resistance: Burning Skies
            Silent Hill: Book of Memories
            Gravity Rush

            Shall I continue?

            1. But you see good games, I see a wall of boring. Nothing there worth rushing to the store, much less pay retail. And I have both a 3ds and psp. I waited years for the psp, only bought when it had good cheap games that tickled my obscure rpg needs. But obscure rpgs, while I love them, will never topple the Nintendo empire. One Mario game can take on all the games in that list and overkill them within 3 days of release.

              1. none of these games interest me in the slightest. Thank you for reassuring me that I am not missing out :) and sorry was playing Kid iCarus uprising. Great game! :D not found on Sony!

            2. I notice you didn’t mention whether those games are actually good. Obviously, enjoying a game is really up to the player, but if I were to remember the Vita (or the Playstation brand, for that matter) by a certain game, it would be none of those listed games.

                1. Sort of hipocritical ain’t it?
                  first you mock the vita for not getting games like the 3DS has (even though it came out last year) and now you say its quality over quantity.

                  try as much as you want, but a fantard is a fantard.

            3. For me, none of these game are worth shelling out 250 bucks for a handheld system. If the vita was below 200 then maybe

  7. You don’t have to be a Sony fan appreciate the Vita for it’s specs. It’s like a portable PS3. But I don’t really see any games that I would buy for it except for Uncharted. I guess the Vita put’s developers in a weird place. I mean if the specs are so good, then would you bring your game to the PS3, or the Vita and think about how to use the touch screen and other features?

    1. Well, the Vita has the backing of every major publisher HUNDREDS of developer and over 50 games currently in development.

      It has been touted as a dream to develop for. On the other hand, the PS3 has been known to be a very difficult system to develop for. So I think we will see the Vita take off a bit faster than the PS3 over time.

      1. thats what they said about the psp… pity the handheld market belongs to Nintendo. Gd luck to vita when smash bros comes out and a new Pokemon 3ds after B and W 2.

        1. Actually, they never said that about the PSP. The PSP admittedly had very little developer and publisher support in the west due to the UMD format which was costly and inefficient.

          The PSP STILL does very well in Japan though. Different demographics. At the same time, the PSP did not fail. Over its lifetime, it has sold millions upon millions of units. Sure, it sold less than the DS, but does that make it a failure? No.

          That’s like saying your neighborhood supermarket is a failure because it isn’t as large as Walmart. It’s unreasonable thinking.

          I’m not sure what your vendetta is against the Vita. I surely hope both the Vita and 3DS do well throughout their lifetime.

          The fact is, in the grand scheme of things, they need each other as an industry on the whole.

          1. I dont have a vendetta. I am just saying what Miyamoto said, its failing cos there is hardly any games. The only thing worthwhile coming out is FFX which is a port and a game I can play on the ps3… or ps2 if I dont wanna spend full price on a decade old game.

          2. This I can agree with. I have always said that competition is neccessary for one to prosper and to look at past mistakes so that whatever company can improve the next time

          3. perfect analogy Walmart (3DS)
            crappy neighborhood supermarket (PS vita)
            It can never hope to compete.

      2. Sounds awesome, but of course, it all comes down to the consumer. Nintendo is a trusted brand after all. I see more kids on the subway holding a 3DS. Never seen a Vita around. Also, the PS3 is considered hard to develop for because of all that processing power. You don’t have take advantage of all of it, so it depends on the developer.

  8. Just Like playstation move, no games no party, with they bother in doing new hardware with no software?

        1. i would be if i lost 6billion a year to be fair….Sony may be mega rich but this is something you cant simply ignore…

  9. I think it would be great if every dedicated gaming handheld does well. I enjoy getting games and continued support for all of my systems.

    1. ^this. I really wish that Nintendo and Sony handheld consoles will continue to do well in the market

  10. This.

    Exactly why I haven’t bought one. I have tr same opinion, though, about the 3DS. Not I interested in 3D at all, and there aren’t enough “gotta have it” games for it, in my personal opinion.

  11. Edwin Gerardo Reyes Guzmán

    PS Vita is a powerful and amazing machine, i have played uncharted golden abyss and it’s a good game; but there’s no equilibrium between the fuctions of the PS vita and gaming. Sony tried to mix a smart phone or a tablet fuctions to a portable gaming console and the result it’s an stange and tedius way to play video games. I agree with Mr. Miyamoto

  12. I dont know what will happen to the Vita in the future… Do you guys think that Sony will keep supporting their handheld, or just give up and focus more to their consoles?

  13. The Vita simply isn’t being used at its full potential. It is a great device no doubt, but there’s nothing (so far) that really makes it feel unique. To me it simply seems like a portable PS3, nothing stands out. The lineup is alright, but nothing special. It needs to be advertized better and the hardware has to be used to its potential and stem uniqueness into the games aswell.

  14. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS

    >his companys system faces the same problem.
    >makes fun of other companys for making the same mistake and tries to make it seem like HD graphics are bad because of it.

    1. Who? Not Miyamoto, He never said anything negative. Also the 3DS isnt facing a single problem the Vita is facing.

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  16. I personally think that Sony’s best bet for the PS Vita is perhaps to either make the Vita completely free to develop for (and aim it at indie game developers like myself) and hope that a plethora of shorter-development-time indie games can satisfy people long enough until big-name developers can finish bigger blockbuster games for Vita, or they should just cut their already heavy losses (try 3 full years worth of heavy losses going into the Vita) and quit the currently-tanking Vita altogether and just focus on PS3 and prospects for a PS4.

    Some people keep on saying, “Well, Nintendo’s 3DS made a comeback! Sony with Vita can, too!” But those people forget: Whereas Nintendo could manage a much-needed price cut with the Nintendo, Sony with Vita cannot. Sony’s stuck at the prices for both Vita models, because really, they couldn’t really afford to have them at the prices they ALREADY ARE. They already couldn’t really afford to match Nintendo’s original price for the Nintendo 3DS, and when Nintendo cut the price of the 3DS (and all the execs took a pay cut just so they didn’t have to fire anyone…something Sony would NEVER do…), it proved to be the salvation of the 3DS. With the $250 and $300 Vita models, Sony was ALREADY cutting the price of the Vita models. They can’t go any lower for quite a while–not unless they want to push their 3-year-deficit on Vita even farther.

    Also, whereas a blockbuster Nintendo 3DS game is significantly greater than a blockbuster DS game and takes longer to make their games, it takes nowhere near as long as it takes to make a blockbuster Vita game. In order to produce a major-franchise game for Vita, you’ll either have to spend more money or reduce the scope of the game. Even though the Vita’s dev kit is already reasonable affordable for a dev kit, it’s the only thing Vita can drop the price on completely and not take as huge a loss as a price cut for the Vita would put them.

    Of course, indie games might hurt the Vita’s image a bit (I mean, this overpowered handheld running mostly rather simplistic indie games doesn’t compliment its potential too well), but maybe the gameplay quantity would make up for the lack of visual quality and at least the gamers would have plenty of indie games to choose from in the meantime while bigger Vita games were being developed. And who knows? Maybe someone would produce Minecraft-like-success with a clever indie hit for the Vita.

    My suggestion to Sony would be to drop their dev kit price altogether and encourage indie game development on Vita, because at the rate they’re going with Vita, both with its stuck high prices and low amount of blockbuster games, we’re looking at PSP, PSP Go and PSP 3000 all over again.

  17. The Vita is going to have a Call of Duty game, LittleBigPlanet, Gravity Rush, Sound Shapes, Resistance, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Mortal Kombat and more, And all the 3DS has is a couple of Nintendo games and Street Fighter. Nice try, Miyamoto.

    1. I believe Miyamoto just learned his lesson from a 3DS launch. It’s more likely an advice for Sony. Don’t you see? Those Vita games aren’t much except Uncharted and he meant it’s lacking some games. To success, Sony have to have good games like you mentioned such as CoD, LBP, etc.

  18. Miyamoto just proved how awesome he is. You fanboys should act as your idol does. I read the complete interview and when he said this he also said something about the poor lineup of the 3DS. He does know that the Vita is a great handheld. And he also knows that it’s going through a similiar thing as the 3DS: a poor lineup. He’s basically saying that there are not enough games yet to show off its potential. He seems to know that the Vita will do better when there is great software for it, same as the 3DS did. So, unlike you he seems to care about video games as a whole instead of taking sides. And he’s doing that as the head of one of those companies you fanboy about. You should follow his example.
    For true gamers it should be impossible not to like this man. That’s what I think, at least.

    1. Of course, this man is awesome and there’s no guy like him in this world. I really hate how some gamers dissing him like he’s on Nintendo side, even though he loves every of the games, well, not every. (Like that horrible Superman 64. >.>;)

  19. 3ds needs more western developemt like i been saying for the past 3 months its ok to have jrpg but this isnt the 90s anymore that shit is getting very old very fast call of duty 3ds would really set the vita back a bit but im not even sure of the 3ds will even get a fps game anytime soon maybe ever so i think 3ds needs to really step up its game with the american games people love like battlefield call of duty GTA and so on anything outside of japan im fine with

  20. The reason for the vita is ports.the ps3 is selling well now and all the vita has is port(exept uncharted and a few)of the ps3 . It has no games that take advantage of it unique hardware. The 3ds may not be all that but look nintendo bribe us with ARcard and maybe with stickers. We all got to use the gyro in a unique way (oot sling shot) had game that were not on any previous system and the ports we improved. But look at monster hunter tri g the multiplayer makes that game both online and local co-op(single and multi card) .but no game makes vita unique is it m vs c 3 the one on ps3 has more it hd ps3 got that to is it touch screen apple google ds got that to .AR have you heard any news on the vita ar compatibilities like the 3ds.and the 3ds brings 3d with out glasses, original (until lg came with the 3d phone).the vita from the onset was mixing several ideas no new one and for sony their loss is gonna be terrible and also nintendo did not make up to 500 million loss that was their predited loss (their analyst failed again) the actually was less than that due to they sold more 3ds than what was expected and also software sales

  21. Don’t count it out yet. The 3DS had a slow start too. A few blockbuster games could pick it right back up. They may unveil some good games at E3. Leave luck to heaven.

  22. Actually, the 3DS is to blame for all this. After all, it was released FIRST and had no games FIRST for months.

  23. It’s a fantastic device, and everyone I know who has one loves it. But just like the 3DS, it doesn’t have a big lineup. But admittedly, the Vita’s launch lineup is a lot better and more varied than that of the 3DS. And honestly, I think everyone is bashing on it JUST because it’s not a Nintendo device. Honestly, it’s far more hi-tech and better to use than the 3DS. I feel like Nintendo doesn’t like to advance far lately. The Wii U is barely catching up to the PS3 and XBOX in terms of hardware and the 3DS is a DS with better graphics and 3D.9

  24. What I think Sony should have done is it’s “own thing” and not “copy” Nintendo. I mean come on, there just isn’t enough differences for the Vita for me to consider getting one. Sure the graphics are more powerful but the graphics on 3DS is good enough to satisfy me not too mention the Vita’s price tag is not worth it. The Vita does not have any killer software titles as to where the 3DS has Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Resident Evil: Revelations, Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater, Super Street Fighter IV 3D edition, Dead or Alive Dimensions, and Tales of the Abyss to name a few. Sure the Vita may have Uncharted, Resistance, and Persona coming out but the titles just can’t stand out enough to the international public (the titles are more garnered to people in the west). Nintendo is smart to focus on appealing to the eastern audience because they support handhelds more than westerners do. Plus the 3DS has a ton of good games coming out soon while the Vita has some but not nearly close enough to what the 3DS has. Sony needs to convince consumers as to why they should buy the Vita too and be too much like Nintendo is not going to help them.

  25. Sony shoud make vita its own system. Make games that usd the vitas abilitys like the nintendo does for 3ds and ds and not ps3 games

  26. Sony shoud make vita its own system. Make games that use the vitas abilitys like nintendo does for 3ds and ds and not ps3 games

  27. The only good thing about the PSP was the JRPGs. Which is why I kinda want the Vita. But that price + no good JPRGs atm + having to buy a memory card = nope.

    Will wait till it’s the same price as 3DS and bundles in a memory card before I’ll come close to it.

    If they can pull out a Monster Hunter for E3 it’ll do well. Or a new Final Fantasy. Problem is that everything they’re announcing they’re announcing for the PS3 too.

  28. Cynically, part of me thinks the Vita has a second problem, the games it gets (and the games the PSP got for most of its history) just aren’t well suited for handhelds. People don’t buy handheld systems to play games that they could play on home consoles like Call of Duty and such like, they buy them to play somewhat different, more ‘lightweight’ games for a few minutes at a time when commuting or what not. But it seems like Sony (and handheld console developers in general) seem to be sacrificing the stuff that handheld consoles are good at/makes them useful in a desperate attempt to just make miniature versions of the home consoles with the same games…

  29. Nintendo has been dishing out cheap consoles that are a generation behind for years. you all gobble it up and then back it up with mario. For real your not a kid anymore. Take the blinders off. At least sony keeps up with current technology and graphics. My wii and ds sit collecting dust. Why? because they were a generation behind at launch and i lost interest quickly. Soccer moms bought cheap wiis for their kids because they were the cheapest systems out not because of how good it was. Thats the only reason why nintendo didnt fail. Price point. So keep buying their crappy tech but many jumped off that crazy train years ago. Nintendo will always put out junk with corny gimmicks attached. Im surprised their systems dont come with a pet rock. Vita is a great system and a nintendo rep is a fool for mocking another system when its own handheld suffered similar issues. Actually all handhelds have had a rocky start. Its the nature of the b
    east. The minority system. It will level out.

    1. you a dumb ass the reason play station exist is because of Nintendo. Sony stole every thing from Nintendo my psp been collecting dust for 3 years and 360 is better then ps3. truth of the matter is Nintendo is successful and the ps vita will flop like like the psp-go what a piece of crap that was besides ps vita wont have alot of third party support cause its already been hacked its a pyramid for piracy game companies will leave sony and sony the copycat of the gaming world will die a slow death

      1. Psp go was more of a redesigned system then a actual system. Dont know why everyone keeps bringing that hp. I guess because you cant think of anything better. Remember before you keep that dunce hat on that every system has been hacked. Ever. Even your preciulous nintendo. On a side note i used to like my xbox too. Until 2 of them burnt out rod. Same ps3 since 2007 launch. No issues and i self upgraded the hd to 500gb. What other system lets you add your own memory. Oh yeah you can throw a 2gb jn your wii. Ut thats he max. Ut oh )))

        1. you really love sucking sony cocks. next time you speak take the dick out your mouth and give it to your mother

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