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Rumour: Nintendo Has Apparently Found The Smash Bros Leaker

YouTuber BalrogTheMaster claims that Nintendo has found the person who leaked the Super Smash Bros 3DS footage earlier today revealing unannounced characters and many other things. He claims that the leaker was an employee of Nintendo of America who was in the process of sending content to the ESRB for rating. Of course this isn’t confirmation, but if it’s true, then the Nintendo Ninjas caught him or her rather quickly.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

144 thoughts on “Rumour: Nintendo Has Apparently Found The Smash Bros Leaker”

      1. Nintendo Master Epsilon

        Who knows. I’m on the fence for this one because of the Duck Hunt Dog , he seems like a character that should be Assist Trophy. Dr. Mario should’ve been an alternate costume for Mario.


            1. haha yea it is, wish I could get high now but I’m visiting family out of state. if you like chill stuff, check out Ott, he is pretty sick, he’s electronic though, although he has a live band on one album which is his other songs done with instruments added. And man a live Ott show gets ridiculous lol.

          1. If you want chill music, listen to this album.

            It’s crazy that eminem was like this before the slim shady era, but it’s good. Now he’s shit like every other shitty rapper. just crappy pop music that plays on the radio is what he is now. total sell out.

            1. Digging it already, man rap has just lost it’s way it’s sad. Definitely chiller than his other stuff. Video definitely killed the radio star. Fuck Empty V.

              1. This is insane drug music lmao. Yeah rap has lost it’s way, i hate rap though because it’s so unoriginal and a lot of rapstars have no talent. They usually rip off real music and can’t even wright their own music. Old rap is good though, chill and real music. Rap today is just awful and the only rapper i ever cared to listen to was eminem before he turned trash and sold out.

                lil waayne = talent.

                1. HAHAHA yea Ott is great for smoking or tripping. I love him I’ve met him a few times, most recently at a show in florida in the bathroom, and even he said he’d never smelt so much dmt at a show. It reaked of it. I can listen to it sober and almost feel like I’m tripping. His shows are like crazy awesome, everyone is fucked up yet flowing as one. Glover, man that’s one of the 64 games I always wanted and never got to play thanks for reminding me he even exists so I can look for a copy. Yea old school rap had so much more to say and the beats were raw as fuck. And yea they borrow samples of old songs like michael jackson to get people to listen it’s pathetic.

                  1. HAHA yeah. Isn’t dmt that drug that makes you have insane visions quick trips that people say can be life changing depending on the experience? I thought it lasted like only 20 minutes though and it’s not addicting either like weed. Is that dmt or am i thinking of another hallucination drug? Knowing me i would have a scary trip instead of a pleasant one. Weed can give me the worst fucking trips alone……. though i might of been laced with something once……. it was so horrible i was sitting in math class, spinning MILLION MILES PER HOUR, so i just had my head down hoping not to throw up. though when i looked in front of me the room was spinning, so i closed my eyes. That made it worse!!! I was then spinning like a million miles per hour in circles super fast, then i had the clearest invasion of space. I was flying past like each planet a million miles per hour (so clear and real) and then i approached a black hole and i opened my eyes scared i wouldn’t return…… that had to be laced but i don’t know with what. i had a horrible head ache after school and slept. It lasted a while.

                    What the fuck was that, it was a very horrible feeling. Traveling and spinning so fast for an hour straight.

                    1. Sounds maybe like some really potent spice, if you know what it is, it’s synthetic pot pretty much. Some is alright but I tried this one brand from the store my friend got called jeffrey, and within seconds I started tripping and thought he was gonna pull a face off with me like the movie and switch cause he had a court date and was facing 15 years and already on house arrest. Didn’t know him well and I freaked out and grabbed my shit and ran out the house and stumbled down the street and had another friend pick me up. DMT is what you said, it’s believed to be what makes us dream at night and flushed in your brain when you die. It’s very chill and euphoric on low doses like ecstasy. When doing psychedelics of any sort, remember set and setting are key. Good friends you know and trust around you that will have your back no matter what. I’ve had INSANE trips and glad have good friends to do it with. Psychedelics are sacred to many people, and not toys lol. Take them seriously or they will teach you a lesson. I find a bad shroom trip to be far more mean than a bad acid trip. Both are terrifying though. I recently extracted dmt with friends and my god it’s so easy it makes me laugh. I have such a crazy thing I can say I made. If you happen to live in south florida I would hook you up. By the way did the pot you smoked taste real weird or look weird?

                      1. I don’t remember…… it might of smelled like more sweet or something but i don’t really remember. It looked normal too i think…… i know i smoked more than usually though. That put me off for months. Most of the time weed for some reason gives me bad trips but not like that, that was like horrible, if i do react bad to it it’s like a 30 min anxiety attack not real physical feeling stuff with pictures clear of space. This was way faster than any roller coaster ride, 10 fold.

                        About this time last year i was on oxy for a while, for about a month only and that is far worse than weed and is addicting. Those gave me hardly any trips but a few times, like one of the scariest things ever is when it made my face so numb i couldn’t move it or feel like i was breathing…… i felt like i was going to die. I was freaking out and almost blew my cover but people know i can be like this sometimes so it didn’t. Though after like an hour of keeping my mind of it came the most amazing feeling ever for like 4 hours and 2 hours after that coming down. I only took like 15 -20 grams but that is definitely enough for my body weight (plus i took some benedryl that potents the effects, but should be taking with care because it’s a dangerous mix, if not smart) and these things are really strong. With that amount the effect will feel like a heroin high. My head and body were just above the clouds, body numb but warm and fuzzy. Face smiling, everyhting is amazing, you feel amazing. If you were just to get up and walk you would feel amazing, simply running up stairs will feel so awesome and fun. Everything is awesome and everything is pure joy. I probably did damage to my liver is that short time. I honestly miss it where i don’t miss weed highs but im pretty smart with these things and don’t do it to often so my tolerance won’t go up, and i think i have a natural low tolerance. oxy will kiil you if your a normal day to day user and you have to start low and be smart or else you could overdose and can overdose on either of the main ingredients. I would do it again but they are expensive and i would do it in moderation and not be a regular thing because there bad.

                        Point being why does weed give me such bad trips all the time but stuff like oxy, even if can e horrible usually doesn’t?

                        1. Don’t kow how I missed this one, but yea coul have been spice, there’s all kinds of spice to buy in the store and they use different plant bases and spray th synthetic THC of choice on it, some smell sweet, some smell gross. As for oxy, yea I snorted half with a friend once and it was chill. I’ve done roxies more which are the same but weaker, and definitely liked them too lol. And yea both are essentially synthetic heroin. A friend and I once did roxies and acid. Spent the whole nigh in his bed nodding off and all you coul hear was heavy breathing. Nodding off is blissful as fuck. When I walk around on them I would get nauseous though other times, so I just laid in the bliss. Only done them a number of times cause the addictiveness potential. Been about five or six years since I touched them. As for your pot paranoia, THC is considered pyschoactive. Many feel the paranoia some experience stems from fear of cops and others catching them even if it’s subconscious and you’re not actually thinking about it. Or it could just be spice lol. My friend said people who smoke DMT constantly won’t touch the new spices available in stores because of how potent they are.

                          1. I’t could of been spice but i hear the bad trip only lasts like 5 mins….. that stuff fucking sucks and unless my friend is dumb i doubt he would buy spice from a dealer.

                            Yeah oxy is amazing but you have to be careful, it’s addicting, i think i might of been semi addicted in the short time i did it because i still miss the feeling it gave me. Yeah nodding feels good but i like it better when i don’t nod and im aware the whole time in bliss. Sometimes the drug will flat knock you out and you will nod and fucking fall asleep and stop breathing….. uhhhh i remember waking up every five or so minutes gasping for air. One time it was so bad i had to force my self awake because i was that tired and i didn’t want to see what would of happened if i let myself fall asleep. I felt like i would have never woke up, i shouldn’t of mixed benedryl with it that time.

                            1. I never fully passed out when I nodded off except on acid that time, I usually felt like I was on a cloud. The acid time though yea had the same gasping thing every so often. At one point my friend tapped me an I semi freaked out for a moment I was so out lol. Definitely know what you mean by going too deep and possibly not waking up, which is indeeed possible.

                              1. Yeah it freaked me out i was so tired and every time i fell asleep i could feel myself completely stop breathing. I shouldn’t of mixed benedryl with it, and it so early before i could feel the effects of oxy. Them together can cause respitory depression and it slows down breathing. Bad idea that time. I forced myself to stay awake for like 2 hours and i still fell asleep for like 5 mins at time or something.

                                Oxy isn’t the best drug to use but it isn’t the worst, it’s probably the highest up i will ever do.

                                1. Yea that’s terrifying, I can almost feel the fear and struggle of staying awake. I think respiratory depression is the usual cause of heroin and oxy overdoses. Never tried benadryl. Oh if you ever wanna try LSA, the analog used to make LSD, you can order Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. If you decide to do them ever give me a heads up cause you gotta do a few things to avoid the early nausea. They are blissful though, and not as intense at all as lsd. They are far more potent than morning glory seeds if you’ve heard of them. You need 5-10 seeds as opposed to 500-800 seeds.

                                  1. Yeah it was scary i think i took to much or i shouldn’t of mixed benedryl with the oxy, which patents the effects by 33% or something (why i did it) but it’s not recommended because the two drugs aren’t good together.

                                    Hmmmm the seed thing is interesting. You just order them online lmao it sounds like they would know what your using them for. I never heard of it.

                                  2. By the way, have you ever rolled (ecstacy). I highly recommend that as a starter into the psychedelic world. It’s beautiful and it should have been called empathy but the government labeled it as ecstacy to attach a negative stigma to it, just like how they labeled cannabis as marijuana. If you do decide to try I highly recommend getting a test kit cause people put whatever in them, and even molly which is supposed to be pure ex in capsules is being sold, but there’s stuff called methylone which is very similar to it, but not as good. It lacks the “push” as I call it. And doesn’t last as long. A friend and I for a few years were taking methylone thinking it was molly cause we never tested and when we started testing it was like finding out you’d been cheated on. Blew our minds that it was so similar. Now I know what to look for. But in miami and fort lauderdale methylone is being sold like crazy cause rap has got everyone trying to pop a molly and these people have no drug experience and have no clue.

                                    1. No, but it wouldn’t be out of the question. It’s supposed to be a great party drug. Though i don’t trust buying it off the streets, i don’t want to get laced with meth people do and it’s a very bad mix. Stupid cunts, i don’t trust getting pills from people unless i know them which i don’t know anybody that does. People can put anything in pills.

                                      1. I don’t blame you especially if you don’t already know and trust someone. I wish I lived near you lol I’d be able to get you great stuff. I always test now and I only roll maybe two or three times a year now so I have like a good couple of years stocked up. I’ve been in the game for ten years so I know the BS. So when there’s good stuff I stock up for droughts.

                                        1. Yeah, you just can’t trust any person and it’s not like you know the random people selling. I would not trust somebody selling ectacy and stuff like that.

                                          There is also drugs you never EVER should try. Like heroin, meth, crack bath salts,(scary stuff) and smiles. Smiles is a new drug sorta getting traction, somebody in my class died from it on first try. A lot of people get hospitalized and die. There is cases of people going crazy and like smashing there head against pavement and shit too. Some bad horrible things to never try out there.

                                          1. Yea I’d never do meth, I actually have smoked crack three times, fun but too fun, the three times were spread out of years, and I only did a few hits. I’m not looking for it at all though, had my fun, took my chance, and moved on. I think I’ve heard of smiles but not interested, I pretty much have my drugs of choice set, and even those like shrooms which are pretty safe, safer than alcohol despite mainstream opinion, three times a year and usually only on special occasions. I’m more interested in gaining more from a few deep experiences than just tripping to trip at this point. Always down to be a sitter though lol.

                                              1. lol experimenting things. Trying to find a way to have private convos to respect everyone but not working out yet since the site doesn’t have the option. I’m sticking to an old article in hopes most people won’t see. Hope I have bothered or offended you by any of it, that’s not my intention at all. And since you’re 15 (I think that’s what you told me) if you haven’t tried I recommend waiting if you ever get curious because your brain isn’t physically fully developed at that age, and people who start young that I know usually get into trouble. And I’m not trying to be condescending or anything either, I’ve just seen and experienced a lot and just looking out. At your age I never thought I’d try the things I’ve done, but life has a way of bringing new experiences to you and people who may introduce you to things. I don’t regret even my bad decisions in life, or any struggles cause any slight change and I might have been a totally different person, and I have found peace and understanding through it all and gained a lot of knowledge and such.

                                              2. Fuck crack i hear the come down is awful and the high is short. i would rather do heroin at least the high would be amazing and the come down isn’t as bad unless you are hopelessly addicted. Though i would not want to touch heroin because i would probably be addicted or overdose on it.

                                                People say they wanted more crack not for high but just to make them feel better. Everytime and it sucks.

                                                Also it’s nice you don’t use all the time and are smart with it, im the same and haven’t done much for a while now. Well weed isn’t bad to use or anything though but others are different. There is nothing more annoying than somebody that does nothing but drugs and nothing else.

                                                Don’t do smiles man, or bath salts. Smiles gives you the scariest trips you can think of apparently too. It’s a mix of a halucegen and something else but the mix is deadly, and it’s been shown. You have better chances on meth but that’s fucking retarded but it says a lot.

                                                1. As they say crack is whack lol. The last person I did it with was the same guy I did that spice I told you about. He was bad before I met him with crack AND heroin. He called me his jesus lol cause when he was on house arrest before going to jail none of his friends woud visit cause they were junkies and unless he had pills they never came. I also helped him gain new appreciation for life and changed his thoughts and then his kid was born and he totally improved and his son became the most important thing in his life which is awesome. Sadly he is in jail now for his charges.

                                                  1. wait lmao, i though that was the guy you ran away from and freaked out on?

                                                    Also you made him appreciate life and the most important thing now is his kid……. but he’s now rotting in jail. lmao sad end.

                                                    1. Yea the freak-out was actually one of the last two times I saw him, saw him the next day to apologize and his court date came a few days later. Sad end indeed. His parents I think have the kid now. His mom was crazy but with a baby she’ll be fine. She would buy him spice and even tried to help him start his own online spice business because it’s legal yet pot is evil cause the law says so and supposedly the bible. WHICH reminds me if you ever get the chance look up the


                                                  Chilliest videogame music ever. I actually liked this game and want to play it again lmao. To bad poor old glover died of a heroin overdose, i told him it’s to bad of a drug but he didn’t listen and i never got to play glover 2……… stupid trash junkie glove, and your awesome chill music. Just listen this is like heroin music lmao, i knew glover had a problem and he overdosed in the making of glover 2. Kids and future stoners were sad lmao. It’s a tragedy the sequel got canned it was a hidden gem.

                                                  1. Hahaha poor Glover man, I never knew he went down like that! I feel like I should have been there for him. I’m gonna turn that on after ott, can’t wait to hear and also to see the video and have flashbacks of the old commercials

                                                    1. Glover could make any girl climax with in seconds. Nobody stood a chance with the babes like glover. Though once i noticed him date rape someone……. i lost all respect for him then.

                                                      1. yea lol I wish I was that good, I’m a total noob. If you ever roll or trip it’s great to have a glover around and fuck didn’t even notice the 4:20 icing on the cake lol

                                    2. Oh no! Well I still believe that wasn’t actual footage. Nintendo is just quiet so it could keep the hype going, good or bad. Hugs! P.S. Master of Puppets Seattle 1989. Very awesome!

                                      1. KEYWORD: Rumor

                                        I personally think Nintendo would not disclose this information if they did find the person in such a manner but that is just me, who knows.

                                    3. Well I am excited to play as Shulk and Duck Hunt dog but however I am totally going to miss the ice climbers. I am still hoping that the Ice Climbers weren’t unlock and they are indeed playable but I doubt it.

                                    4. Guys it was tom the Miiverse admin hurray now Amy the good admin will let us share FC LoL ps add me my FC is 3926-4968-8234 my 3DS is not on me will get it back this secptember

                                    5. Guys it was tom the Miiverse admin hurray now Amy the good admin will let us share FC LoL ps add me my FC is 3926-4968-8234 my 3DS is not on me will get it back this secptember like if u agree Tom is a doughe bag

                                      1. Don’t pay attention to him, what makes him a douche though? I always just thought of him as Tom from myspace reborn lol

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                                      1. Publicity stunt- this way Nintendo can gain attention, promote Smash, and build more hype. best part Nintendo had to do nothing, but take down a video. Those sneaky rascals. ;)

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                                    8. all of this information, and this random website is the only place with the news on the matter?? highly unlikely. i’d say this post has a 0% chance of being real, while the leak may or may not be legitimate.

                                    9. i dont feel sorry for the grown ass man going desperate to show leaks nintendo of america. i wasn’t going to buy the game anyway just like mk8. :)

                                    10. still doubt this leak is real, just some people too excited for Smash to wait. It’s like tearing a piece of wrapping paper off a present than making an assumption on what it is, only to wake up Christmas morning and seeing something completely different. Be patient people only a month and a couple of days to go. :)

                                    11. Hey don’t ignore me and he is a rouge bag cause idk everyone hates him apartment he runs the banning station of Miiverse k?!

                                      1. no he doesn’t. Whoever told you that is an idiot. Admins are bots and a small human recourse team. People dislike Tom only because he was the one who had to tell everyone about the new three-minute wait rule.

                                    12. The leak was confirmed real by the leaker. Videos have popped up showing some new characters like Bowser Jr. in his clown car. Everything, but the DLC has been confirmed absolutely 100% real. Nintendo has been going around the internet shutting down the videos so act fast if you want to see some spoilers!!!!!

                                    13. either its a fake or its sakurai rolling or miyamoto who told sakurai to troll. if it is either trolling then that would be epic, it would make people think that nintendo is awesome for pulling a stunt like that. if it is true that we get to play as shulk then i would die happy, resurrect myself and buy both ver. of smash bros

                                    14. Something else that seems a little strange to me…
                                      I’ve browsed many Japanese gaming news sites and none of them seem to acknowledge anything about this leak.
                                      It’s like…they don’t know about it in Japan or something…

                                      1. Well, it was a Nintendo of America employee who leaked the information. I doubt he posted it on Japanese websites in Japanese. It probably has only spread as far as English speaking countries so far and with Nintendo trying to stop it’s spread, the Japs might not learn about this stuff for a while.

                                        1. I’m sure there is an English speaking Japanese or vice versa that could translate this and post it somewhere in the Japanese web. Same way people translate Japanese articles and rumors over here, they can do it over there. Maybe Japan knows this is fake/real and just keeping quiet.

                                          1. Yeah, I’m sure there is too, but how many of them are willing to post all this stuff over in Japanese interwebs. 99% of the internet users just browse and when you calculate the probability of someone who is willing to take the time to translate and spread leaks with the probability that the person also speaks and can read both English and Japanese, the chances of that happening are pretty small.

                                            1. What…
                                              Ever thought about the fact that there might be Japanese journalists/editors of news websites who can speak English too ?
                                              It’s not like the Japanese miss out on everything that happens outside of Japan. It’s a huge leak (regardless of it being actually true or not) and it’s all over the internet, the chances of them -not hearing- about it are pretty small.

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                                    16. It would make absolutely zero sense for the Ice Climbers to make no presence in this game.
                                      I pray to God they don’t get replaced like Mewtwo did in Brawl.

                                      1. That level of dickishness belongs to a few selected individuals. Namely, Kojima. Sakurai isn’t quite there yet, he’s much more direct and chaotic with his trolling.

                                    17. Well someone is adamant about trying to trick the foolish masses that believe the leak is real into thinking it is in fact real. Those poor foolish humans that will believe anything they see & hear.

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                                    19. Well if this is real, I mean, it’s a game….. that we will all get to play in about 2 months? So why is that worth you’re job. You just wouldn’t leak this stuff to risk losing your job at a really great organisation and get sued etc…. well someone did….(if it’s true)

                                    20. Way to kill every surprise they had in store. I can’t imagine how pissed off sakurai must be. I feel like idiots that do this kind of stuff need to be banned from the gaming industry. Although still not confirmed to be real there’s not really much evidence against it at this point

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