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Nintendo Says It Has Nothing To Say About Today’s Smash Bros Leak

US gaming publication Game Informer has contacted Nintendo to find out if they have anything to say about today’s massive leak of Super Smash Bros 3DS content. We reported earlier today that Nintendo has pulled the aforementioned videos from YouTube, but as is the way with the internet, someone else will upload them.

“We have nothing to announce at this time. For the list of announced playable characters for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS please visit:”

64 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It Has Nothing To Say About Today’s Smash Bros Leak”

    1. XD
      They might even go as far as to removing those characters and adding them later through DLC just to avoid the predictability.
      This is kinda the same idea of what (i think they might have did) with MK8 & the leaked pic of DiddyKong.

      1. I suppose, but they shouldn’t have taken the videos down in the first place.

        Also, who is “Kurisu”? It’s similar to your username but not quite, just interested since they ‘like’ all your posts.

          1. I still stick by fake. If it turns out being real, shulk and bowser jr suck. Bowser jr was always a piece of shit, but seeing as I’ve had a xenoblade wallpaper on my pc for a very long time now I’m really disappointed with shulk. He better be a marth skin, same for bowser jr, he better be a diddy skin.

            1. with shulk wielding the monado there’s no way they could create a simple character. it offers such a diverse skillset with all the abilities it had in the game lol. i cant see how he would just end up being a regular sword fighter like marth

            2. I would be extremely disappointed if they were alt. skins. It would not make any sense at all to have bowser jr. throwing banana peels or jumping onto someone’s face..

              1. I agree! It makes no sense that bowser jr would only be a skin of diddy kong… how will the selection work? Pick diddy then change colors? Lol

              1. Bowser Jr. is okay.
                But the Koopalings will always be the more favorable choice to the majority of Mario fans.

    1. They have always denied leaks and rumors, but not this? Thanks for confirming that its real, i’ll be looking forward to playing shulk this October..

        1. was hoping its a vita exclusive cus it’ll give me a reason to play the vita again. On a side note has anyone play Sword Art Online for vita, how is it?

                  1. *facepalm* I didn’t see that there. Lol. But what kind of games are you interested in? There may be a few that interest you.

            1. why not? im sure by now there’s tons of games, for me i just didnt have enough time to play any game on the vita cus most of my time is spent on either 3ds, wiiu or ps4..So many games so little time :-/

    1. Still 50/50. But if real Sakurai has disappointed me about his clones thing.
      Also Bowser Jr. looked extremely similar to Diddy moveset wise in the vid according to multiple people. But I’d like to hear why you guys believe it’s real/fake.

      1. personally i dont mind having at least one clone for each major nintendo mascots(mario,link,fox ect) what i dont like is having 3 clone of the same character or having obvious clones like fox and falco or mario and dr.mario…

        1. Any clone in general is a complete waste of a slot for the more deserving characters. That was one of the biggest mistakes in Melee.
          Although, I will not deny that SSBM was the best one in the entire series.

      2. Bowser Jr. only had one move even similar to Diddy in the videos we saw. Why do people think he’s a goddamn clone?

  1. I’m sort of scared this rumor may be true now, due to the fact that they have no comment on the subject. Its like they don’t have a good alibi to cover themselves up. We’re talking about Nintendo here though, so nothing is confirmed yet.

  2. Assuming this is true (which it seems like it is), I’m actually really disappointing… now any trailers they release (if they even bother at this point) won’t be a big surprise… But hey, maybe after this they’ll add more to the Wii U one and take back what they said about identical rosters!

  3. So, if the leaks are legit, the ice climbers aren’t playable, and mii fighters aren’t playable in vs mode? That would also mean Sakurai lied about not having clones…

  4. *copies & pastes comment from a similar article*

    Sure are a lot of idiot humans believing this leak is “real.” xD “Oh Nintendo took them down so they MUST be real!” Or they took them down because the leak is fake as hell & they are trying to keep it from damaging the game’s reputation when it finally releases & none of those characters in the leak are on the bloody game! But nope! That’s not true! The leak has to be real if Nintendo removed the videos! *facepalm* Idiot humans will believe anything they see on the internet or TV. I bet they believe every thing positive Fox News says about the party they support & every thing negative they say about the party they don’t support. lol

          1. Remember how Mitt Romney was against something in one debate but the next debate, he was for it? Well that’s flip flopping.

            1. …That’s not a really good example. Lol you know I don’t care about adult stuff like government and politics. :P

              1. Flip flopping: a complete change of opinion, policy, etc.

                Like one minute you hate the Wii U because of it’s lack of 3rd party support, then the next minute you love the Wii U because of it’s lack of 3rd party support.

                1. ^And that’s exactly why I don’t hate on it anymore because people keep arguing with me about third parties. So I just quit because I didn’t want to hear anyone else bothering me. :P

    1. Nintendo never wastes time removing “leaks”, even the ones that make it big-time news like this one. Not saying it’s definite, just more likely it’s real. Also them saying, “We have nothing to say” instead of saying “It’s not real, let’s drop it” or “It’s not real, and we’ll go a bit more in-depth in a direct soon”.

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