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Nintendo Takes Down Today’s Leaked Smash Bros 3DS Videos From YouTube

Nintendo of America has removed the Super Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS videos that were uploaded today on Youtube. The videos showcased the Nintendo 3DS version of the long-awaited game and revealed a number of unannounced characters including Ganondorf, Shulk, Wario, Bowser Jr and others.

Thanks, Neweegee and SmashDude

126 thoughts on “Nintendo Takes Down Today’s Leaked Smash Bros 3DS Videos From YouTube”

      1. Yah… not sure why they would take the time for removal.
        It kinda implies that it’s real and Nintendo knows it. But this is the first video leak, others have been just photoshopped pics, so nin may feel some sort of threat by them.
        If its real then they should have added Paper Mario NOT DR MARIO…
        what a waste, people will just scream clone at Dr Mario, but if it were PM then he would actually have significantly,different,unique moves. His Final smash can be a group attack from all his partners from past games.

    1. Block it just get it worse… you’re putting your name into the leak! luckly i got to see the leak, but i still don’t know anything about the dog, besides i would maybe rather got amazed with the actual reveal trailer than this leak… what a troll!

    1. Still gonna post this here. It’s still not confirmed.
      HeroponLuigi(the greatest commenter ever), Nintendo commander quadraxis, rafmandx, xbox commander

      lilhobbes, Franky, FreezingIceKirby, kay3o, Gideon van Diggelen, evan scott,

        1. Lol the way Sakurai detailed Ubisofts efforts, it sounded like Ubi got their hopes up that Rayman was in but in reality he’s just a trophy. XD

    1. They take down every nintendo video that isn’t from them or game websites. If they’re not getting money from those videos, then they will shut them down.

      1. No they don’t, there are tons of videos that have Nintendo content online, this further proves that those leaks were indeed real.

    2. That video had garbage quality. I don’t recall Nintendo uploading any videos that look as bad as that to YouTube. XD

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        It’s not much about the character rooster, I have more problems with how much it looks and feels like Brawl…

    1. Nintendo Commander Crybaby

      Ha wat? you’re boycotting this game because somebody leaked the roster into youtube? Please tell me you are joking.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I’m not boycoitting it, I’m merely not going to buy it at launch on the 3DS because I’m waiting for the Wii U version…

        1. haha noooo you’re not getting out of this one that easily. This is becoming quite normal for you – making some absurd and idiotic statement, then backtracking and changing it up to try to make yourself not sound as idiotic. It never worked before, and it won’t work this time. First you say, ” I’ll be very disappointed in it and will not be buying it until it’s on the bargain bin”, and now it’s “I’m not boycotting it, I’m waiting for the Wii U version!”
          If you have issues with the 3DS version, what makes you think it’ll change for the Wii U version?
          Good grief.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Humans in here must always have everything served like babies to understand anything…

                    And you already know I’ve said a few times before that I’m waiting for the Wii U version, it’s always the ones that never reads comments I made before that attacks me…

                    It’s pathetic, my system has a high memory capacity beyond anything, my logic is undeniable…

                    1. You are a human, get over yourself already. I completely understand people talking about others in a general reference, I hate people also but you constantly refer to yourself as if you aren’t one and you surely aren’t above anyone with how childish you act all the time.

                      You aren’t some billionaire with a space station. You surely wouldn’t be here all the time if that was the case.

                      “It’s pathetic, my system has a high memory capacity beyond anything, my logic is undeniable…”

                      Barf… Most the time your logic is just plain retarded, you sound more and more like Sasori as time goes by. As far as being conceited goes, you two might as well be identical twins.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        You really are one of the most retarded humans ever…

                        I’ve already explained it several times to you and it even says on my profile description…

                        Learn to read and understand instead of being so damn boring, serious and taking everything literally…

                      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        You know what, even though you bore me to death, you’re still somewhat better than that Namie creature that takes everything even way more seriously than you do and getting butthurt in the process…

                        Some of you behaves as if games are the central truth in the universe which is why I enjoy myself even more…

      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis
        AUGUST 22, 2014 AT 10:07 AM- in response to HollowGrapeJ
        “You 2 should get the room next to mine and dekuplushdolls…” Lol stop, Commander. Just stop. XD

    2. Ha pretty much conformed that they are legit. You would have to be a retard not to believe those are fakes.

      Too bad its plastered all over the internet now, nice try nintendo

    3. Awesome roster; Bowser jr. looks like a blast to play as, and Duck Hunt Dog is going to be the coolest addition ever. Best Smash roster so far

    4. Leaked this roaster pretty good th an and now surprise factor is gone? so now this is why we cant have cutsceens just plan stupid.

    5. Might as well mean that Nintendo doesn’t want wrong rumours to be spread. Those were rather “realistic” looking videos, so it’s understandable that they took them down, no matter whether it was for the footage being real or not.

        1. Damage control ?
          I couldn’t care less about the footage being real or not, my personal favorite characters have been confirmed already so I literally don’t give a shit about the characters in the video actually being in the roster or not. I was merely stating facts, lmfao.

            1. I seriously have no idea what exactly was going on in your mind and why it induced you to write a comment like that, but the fact that “Lamie” was the best thing you could come up with is actually kind of sad.

      1. Footage was real sir, I saw Bowser Jr. in full, I looked a lot closer to it while I had the chance before Nintendo took it down. You can’t fake that with real movement and KO animation if you saw the tournaments at E3 and expo.

        1. I didn’t say it wasn’t real though. What I was trying to say was that Nintendo’s reason for taking it down could be either; They might have taken it down because they didn’t want information spread about the game before they themselves officially confirm it (which is what most people seem to think) or they might as well have taken it down because they don’t want false rumours to be spread, especially not so close before the release of the game.
          I personally don’t give credence to rumors before they get officially confirmed, and it’s not going to be much different this time.
          Also, *madam.

      1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

        Your post made me shoot soda out of my nose.
        I’ll just be taking these and be on my way.”

    6. What people don’t seem t realize is it could have been any 1 single thing that was real that triggered this. Could have simply been Ganondorf being shown before Nintendo was ready to show him that got this taken down.

      1. Or Nintendo doesn’t want people spreading false shit as “real” so close to launch that it could confuse gamers who would get the game, see it’s different then the leaks and sue Nintendo for false advertisement like that gamer is doing to Sony.

    7. ok….. it’s a nintendo character. kids will still buy this game anyway. i’ll get injustice for a good deal instead.

      1. fool, take a closer gander, I’m pretty sure why so many are now arguing over this or real or for fake, I call it real because you can’t fake the K.O. screen animation, specially if you saw the tournaments at expo and E3.

        1. and to add to that, shulk did look disappointed but the outlines and animation match the real deal that we already saw, and I believe shulk is a second party character, not even Nintendo character, but I could be wrong in that fact because rareware was also 2nd party until Nintendo sold their asses to Microsoft and conker went with them.



      1. i think he has no issue there, its those doing that stupid shit need to get hold of there facebook mindless selves totally agree with the post and think its funny

        facebook is full of chavs doing that shit,likely own ps4 too,mindless fucks

    9. I’m honestly disappointed with the roster. Dr. Mario should just not be in Smash anymore, Bowser Jr. should’ve had the paint brush from Sunshine as a weapon instead of the Koopa Clown Car. At least Shulk is confirmed.


    10. I still call this fake until OFFICIALLY proven true. There would need to be some kind of confirmation or deconfirmation. Seeing as how close it is until the game is out in Japan though maybe we’ll here something soon. Until then I’m still calling this fake.

    11. Wow, I have to say, that I’m a tad but upset with the roster. Not only does it look like brawl2 but it was predictable as well.

    12. PLOT TWIST!
      Sakurai himself, created these images and videos in an effort to make everyone think this was the real roster. Then…on release, everyone finds out it wasn’t true.
      The perfect trolling!

      …maybe lol

    13. its the im core i demand better vib here thats so ZORG bullshit

      if it was the best reveal even you would fake complain on the net retards

    14. This doesn’t confirm the roster is real, this could simply be Nintendo getting rid of false rumors too close to the games release. How would you feel if your favorite character was confirmed from a false rumor only to play the game and it not be there. Nintendo is protecting us from LIES. O.O

        1. didn’t like 3 seperate leakers reveal duck hunt though? and where the hell did the updated model come that’s just the same quality as the other smash chars

      1. Sigh… Alright, I watched it and saw some of their attacks and stuff. I change my mind. I’m convinced it’s real. ._.

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    16. Nintendo commander Quadraxis slut

      I hate leaks want can’t people just leave things alone and just wait for the game to come out why ruin the surprise for everyone and you’re self

    17. Sure are a lot of idiot humans believing this leak is “real.” xD “Oh Nintendo took them down so they MUST be real!” Or they took them down because the leak is fake as hell & they are trying to keep it from damaging the game’s reputation when it finally releases & none of those characters in the leak are on the bloody game! But nope! That’s not true! The leak has to be real if Nintendo removed the videos! *facepalm* Idiot humans will believe anything they see on the internet or TV. I bet they believe every thing positive Fox News says about the party they support & every thing negative they say about the party they don’t support. lol

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