Sega Reveals Pre-Order Bonus for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


Sega has revealed a pre-order incentive for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. Consumers who pre-order the upcoming action-adventure title through Amazon will receive a code to unlock exclusive luminous costumes for Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles. The offer will also be extended to all existing pre-orders. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is set to launch November 18 for Wii U.


    1. Well if your planing on getting both versions of the game you could pre order the 3ds version from gamestop and get the toy, and then pre order the game from amazon and get the costumes

    1. Are you really implying that Pre-order costume was first made by Nintendo?
      *cough*cough* stupid…

      1. Not even Nintendo… More like Omega Force… It’s a common DLC practice among most of their Muso/Warrior games.

      2. No, it’s just your Nintendo fanboy instincts ticking in and thinking it was an attack at Nintendo.

  1. That’s an odd preorder bonus.

    They remind me of the (incredibly hard to unlock) multiplayer costumes from Sonic Adventure 2.

  2. am really on the fence of getting this game. i hope it wont be as bad as sonic lost worlds because that game wasn’t even playable.

    1. How was it not playable? Granted it wasn’t very good, but I never came across anything game breaking like glitches.

      1. i couldn’t even control sonic properly. the movement controls felt wacky and awuful.

  3. *sigh* Pre-order this..”Not so Sonic” Sonic game and get a “Tron” neon glow? Sorry but its pathetically not enough to entice me to buy a game that literally showed nothing interesting.

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  4. These are cool although I’d like nintendo themed costumes, like rayman legends and lost world did with Sonic as Mario, Tails as Luigi, Knuckles as Wario and Amy as Peach.

      1. Hyrule warriors is a zelda game with zelda themed costumes though so it doesn’t really count

  5. What if they had the modern Sonic (not Boom) designs as full on skins for this game? I’m fine with the redesigns but still.

    1. Well whoever made that fake really is pissed at the Ridley 4 Smash supporters. Oh well. The little shit can keep crying, because we’ll never give up & we’ll never… surrender! RIDLEY 4 SMASH! Oh wait. My name is Ridley 4 Smash, so it’s kind of redundant to say that but fuck it. I said it anyway & I’ll say it again: RIDLEY 4 SMASH!! xD

  6. Those look so awesome! Let’s hope I can afford it in November. If not, there goes those nice looking outfits. I hate store exclusive content like this, though. I’d gladly buy it if Sega released it as paid DLC down the road.

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