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EA To Invest 80 Million In Next-Gen Consoles In 2013

EA has announced that it plans to spend an incredible $80 million in development of games for “Gen4 console systems” during fiscal 2013. This is further proof that both Microsoft and Sony plan to release their next generation systems in late 2013. EA also revealed that the company is in profit for the year ending March 31st.

56 thoughts on “EA To Invest 80 Million In Next-Gen Consoles In 2013”

    1. hmm, i really want the wiiu but i was planning on it being out at least 2 years bfore other consoles

      1. I’d say there’s a good chance of that. There likely will NOT be a reveal this year, so that leaves next year where the Wii U will be a half year or so old when those successors are announced, will probably hit the following year so it will be close to 2 years.

        1. hmm im thinking it could be bad if they came out to soon cuz they will be bttr graphics than wiiu and ppl will put it down again but who cares ima still get it haha i got the 3ds and all i want is some more games on it its a really good system. CANT WAIT FOR SMASH BROS 3DS/WIIU!!!!!!!!!

        1. Agreed! Always when you doubt about a Nintendo product, remember Nintendo’s philosophy, “Good Gameplay at Low Cost”. Some might say Wii U will be less powerful than current generation consoles like Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. But this time Nintendo just wants decent HD graphics to get the attention of the Hardcore market. They don’t care about making $600 dollar graphic monters. Nintento is making a “low cost” HD console that provides the best GAMEPLAY in the market. In my opinion if this is priced correctly, and is supported well in terms of software. Wii U will be the best next-gen console. Nintendo has good ideas and good exclusives, it just needs a push, just like it happen with the Nintendo 3DS.

          1. I’m not paying $600 but I know at $180 to make the system and $50 to make a controller. Ill be spending $350-$400 and that’s fine with me. The Wii U will be fine in the years to come, as long as it’s upgradeable. Technology doesn’t move that fast. I don’t see a SUPER jump in tech like the one we saw with HD and Bluray. Can’t wait to get mine!

  1. Hopefully a lot of that will be support for the Wii U. Even if the other bring their consoles to market, I think Nintnendo will still be at an advantage. We’ll have to wait and see. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I agree with you on that. Everyone counts Nintendo out every generation and they ALWAYS pull through. BTW counting from the original NES; isn’t this like the isn’t this more like generation 6? Or are they only deeming this for Sony? Just wondering because of the current three only they will be in their 4th generation, this will be ms 3rd gen.

  2. Hopefully the wii u will come out with colors other than white. Maybe a pink one like the picture? Or black?

        1. I’ll clarify that what I meant was sort of retro themed after the original NES sort of as a reminder of who’s the oldest and still standing! Leading the gaming way.

            1. :) I know. Maybe even if they used the SNES colors it would be just enough to stand out but not too much. Some people I heard say they wanted a bunch of colors like 3DS for it but IDK about that.__

  3. That’s a lot of money :P I don’t like buying consoles at launch anymore… a newer, better model is bound to be made within 2-3 years of it’s life cycle, and by then there will be lots of games to choose from.

    1. I rather buy a console at launch. I don’t like waiting years for anything. It’s chance I won’t be alive tomorrow, let alone in 2-3 years. It’s about the Now for me. Right now it might be PS3, because I hate my XBOX & regret ever buying it. In Novemeber it’ll be Wii U gaming for me.

    2. Wii U probably won’t come out with anything different, only separate colors, just like Wii. I imagine they may release some new controllers, like an updated “classic pro” that’ll work best for the Wii U (something with no screen, so four can easily be used on the system)

  4. Oh man, darn it. I’m guessing Sony and M$ will come in with these twice as powerful consoles, with the same remotes, more of the same games, and steal more business from Nintendo. Nintendo is the only company that pushes gaming forward, it’s the other companies that make it hard for Nintendo to do so.

    1. For the millionth time, sony has already stated their next gen console will appeal to the casual crowed, they’ve even gone far enough to say that it’ll appeal to the female gamer, and it wouldn’t be significantly stronger than the ps3.

        1. two seperate sentences. I said that they stated they would appeal to the casual crowed, and the female gamer. this came from sony, you could play WoW and as a female you would still be stereotype. its just the way it is.

          1. CoD is casual game, it takes almost no skill, my Girl plays it with me every now and then just to play, and she gets headshots like a mofo, fps are my least favorite games and I can destroy my cousins friends who are ranked in the top 100

            1. Yeah ut my sister had never played videos all that. I honestly didn’t know COD was casual hmph learn something new huh? I don’t play it so IDK

    2. Can we cut the whole “Nintendo is the only console that does stuff different” bullshit? Waggling a remote is not moving the game industry forward, if anything it moved it back with Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony now appealing to the casual market. Also, How exactly did the Gamecube innovate? Oh right, it took the idea of dual-analogue sticks from late PS1 and PS2. Nintendo didn’t invent the RPG, FPS, SpaceShip Shooter, or almost any other type of genre. Face it,
      Nintendo takes just as many ideas as Sony or Microsoft, that’s how the
      industry works. People take ideas that other people created and use their ideas to create better products.

      1. Well ACTUALLY a lot of those games were on the NES first lets not forget zelda ff and others that were on nintendo when sony was just figuring out how to “waterproof” the walman! So be realistic about this.

        1. Being on the NES is different than Nintendo creating the ideas. FF was Square, not Nintendo. I will concede about Zelda, however. I’m not saying Nintendo doesn’t create interesting ideas, I’m saying that Nintendo isn’t the only one creating ideas.

          Oh, and also, that classic controller pro looks eerily similar to a certain other controller…

          1. It looks similar but Nintendo INTERGRATED the joystick into a controler first. And it does resemble one of “those” but to me it looks like a fancy SNES controller the regular classic came before the pro.

            1. Exactly my point. This is how the industry works. One person comes up with an idea an another person uses that idea to create something better than the original with new ideas and features (ex. Playstations dual-analogue controller). Then the original company uses those ideas and so forth.

              1. True though nintendo is usually bashed for their ideas not appreciated when the N64 did the rumble pack sony said it was an annoying gimmick then wham duel shock when nintendo did the ds sony said it was a kids toy DS sold millions when the wii debuted sony said motion control wouldn’t catch on it too was a “gimmick” Then last year with the 3DS. A sony rep spoke at an interview stating he wouldnt be seen playing a 3DS and that the 3D and AR both gimmicks millions now we got the Vita with two (basically) and AR oh yeah and they thing we don’t notice NEAR is the same thing as Streetpass (which the rep for Sony also scoffed at) when or if Nintendo uses or someone elses ideas it’s not that big of a deal because they don’t dump on the competition. Remember “sega does what nintendont” we see how that went.

      1. They will be more powerful, but the difference in power won’t be so dramatic like this gen. It will be more like last gen, where the ps2 xbox and gcn were pretty equal

      2. The PlayStation 4 won’t be that much more powerful than Wii U. Sony isn’t in a condition to sell another system at a loss, and they won’t price another system at five hundred and ninety-nine U.S. dollars. I wouldn’t be surprised if PS4 only beats Wii U because it’ll be one or two years newer. Next Xbox probably won’t be too different.

          1. By a very small margin, though… Depending on when the systems are discontinued, the PS3 might die having sold a bit more than the 360…

            And, even after that, there will still be people buying PS2s. O.o

  5. Gen 4? as in the 4th Generation?

    kool, I’m glad to see them make games for the SNES and Sega Genesis :l

          1. Dont forget the loner sitting in the corner all by itself *wisper* the TurboGrafx16

            oh and the kool rich kid lol the NeoGeo XD

            1. Ikr I didn’t know a single person who could afford those wasn’t one of them like $700 or something with $80+ software titles?

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  7. Hmm, I don’t think this is necessarily further proof that both Microsoft and Sony plan to release their next generation systems in late 2013. Microsoft, sure–they’ve already well-indicated they’re coming out with one. But Sony…I don’t know. Sony’s still in a bit of a hole here.

    They lost $3 billion last year (perhaps due to the lot of expensive investments not selling as well as they hoped, including PS Move, Xperia gaming phones, VAIO computers, and 3D TVs). They’re still waiting to collect the 3-years-worth of money they invested into PS Vita, And they haven’t really even have a major game that’s tapped 100% of the current PS3’s power–God of War III, for example, was a major game that took 3 years and $44 million to make, and it only used about half the PS3’s total processing power.

    There’s been tons of speculation, and there’s still the possibility out there, but there hasn’t even been a single definite indication from Sony directly that they’re coming out with a new console anytime soon (or, at least, within a year). People keep assuming Sony’s coming out with a console next year, but we don’t even know if Sony will continue to do consoles–at least, not a traditional console, anyways. This is just a thought, though–I think personally they’ll probably do a PS4, but also that if they do, it might be closer to 2014, not 2013. 2013 just seems too rushed, and frankly, unless the Wii U just utterly surprises everyone and gets off to a start reminiscent to that of the original Wii, I don’t think they’re going to be intimidated by Wii U’s launch to rush their next move–they can’t afford another costly mistake right now.

    And finally, I should say that 80 million dollars really isn’t as much as it seems, when you consider that the average AAA console game costs about $30 million to produce (and that’s a conservative estimate). Next-generation console games will only go up in cost as game developers try to keep up with the extra horsepower. At least we have a good indication that the Wii U won’t be too expensive to develop for (Nintendo indicated at E3 2011 that lower development costs was definitely a priority for them with Wii U). But still, even between just Wii U and Microsoft’s next-gen console, $80 million isn’t a whole lot at all–especially for a multi-billion dollar company like EA.

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