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EA Announces New Need For Speed And Dead Space

EA has revealed that it’s busy developing a brand new Need for Speed game which is due to be released later this year. The company also announced that its working on the next instalment in the critically acclaimed Dead Space series. Platforms weren’t mentioned for either titles, but I’m certain we will hear more at next months E3 event.

44 thoughts on “EA Announces New Need For Speed And Dead Space”

    1. Nope. You killed it and no one say ‘you’re not first until you take your dick out of my ass’ ’cause that’s just sad and gay.

    1. Steam has sales every day. I bought Dead Space for $5 last summer; it’s completely unrelated.

      If they go on sale on Origin then it’s likely related, but Origin sucks
      donkey dick

    1. I dont know why a buch of nobodies always desire to be the first… is it exciting? will you win a prize or sth? just grow up…. you suck!!!!

  1. need for speed? meh, its like one is made almost every year…

    dead space on the other hand, it doesn’t matter what console its for. bring it EA!!

    1. Correction. There were TWO Need for Speed* games last year!

      … Yeah, it needs to take a little break. I guess this means there won’t be one this year?

      * Shift 2 Unleashed didn’t have Need for Speed in the title, but it’s a sequel to Shift, which had.

    1. Man I remember when I was a kid playing underground 2 for gamecube all the time… such a badass game in its time.

  2. i do own Dead space 1 and 2 on my xbox 360. i would defiantly get it if the 3rd installment (Dead Space 3) made it on Wii U.

  3. If Dead Space is an Origin exclusive, I’ll definitely get the console version, Wii U, preferably, if not PS3.

  4. Its a long shot…near impossible
    but how about a Dead Space side game for 3DS
    but with the graphical quality of Revelations?

      1. And also that’s a great idea kudos.

        My game-gasm cleared up. But the wall is completely white now. Gross.

    1. Its actually possible! A Dead Space spin-off game was made for Android and Iphone featuring the similar gameplay. I’m pretty sure 3DS can handle the graphics.

      1. As much as I love my Wii and 3DS I’m not buying anymore games (exept Last Story L.E and LM2) until the Wii U comes out! I gotta make sure I not only have the $350* for the system, but another $300-$400 for at least 6-8 games.

        *my guesstimate

  5. Sounds like these will be on Wii U or at least one of them. I’m noticing most of these games that are “can’t talk” or “unspecified platform” for 2012 are partially or wholly gagged by Nintendo (and for good reason, everyone steals their ideas)though it looks like some companies like Ubisoft don’t care, they wanna make sure we know about RML for Wii U! And yep; I’m getting that game too now!

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